How To Make Your Facebook Page Grab More Eyeballs

While Facebook on one hand is becoming one of the largest markets for small businesses to target their audience (precisely more than 40 million businesses), on the other hand we all have started detesting our Facebook feeds. Diplomatically controlling, Facebook says it now shows what it thinks you will you find interesting and entertaining.

We guess it looks something like this:


And so, even if creative content remains unflinched from its throne, your controlled Facebook feed can prove to be one of your biggest obstacle in communicating with your customers and audience. Further, if you’ve ever tried Facebook promotions, you’d know what an extremely short term solution it serves.

Well, being a third party platform, can we even do much about how Facebook controls our feeds (and our business)? No.

So let’s play by Facebook rules- without spending a penny of course.

Here’s how you can try your optimal best to feature your posts and page more often on your people’s feed.

The Basics of a Facebook Page

While we lay so much emphasis on SEO when it comes to blog posts, we hardly take it into consideration when it comes to our social media handles.

Your Facebook page name, its username, its ‘About’ section and its description play a key role in letting your page be found easily and effectively.

  • Use industry-specific keywords
  • Make sure your Page is “published’’ .
  • Turn off country and age restrictions.
  • Let Google index your page. Post your Facebook page link on your website, blogs and other social media avenues — except Youtube.
  • Make sure your Page is searchable in Facebook search bar. Ask a friend who hasn’t liked the page to check its visibility.
  • NAP: Your Name, Address and Phone number are key essentials to let search engines, as well as people, know that you are a real person.

2. Getting your Page to the Top

With a gigantic crowd of burgeoning startups, it’s not enough to simply make a page, schedule your posts and sit back with a chill mojito in hand.

While your creative ideas and interactive posts are the ones which can make your audience hook to you, there are some Facebook metrics which rule your page’s visibility.

  • Let 80% of your posts be beautiful, visually attractive pictures — simply because Facebook is designed to feature pictures more than the links.
  • Do Not Support your pictures with a link in a hope of getting attraction. Facebook has specified that pictures with links stand a lower chance of featuring than the ones without it.
  • Link your blogs and websites as a specific post rather than as a caption.
  • Talking about captions, shorter posts (those between 100–119 characters) do better on Facebook. Other research suggests keeping your character count to 40 characters or less for optimal engagement.
  • Keep your brand stories only 30%. Let 70% be the content which a general audience will engage with.
  • Keep experimenting. Introduce contests, giveaways, puzzles and some occasional unrelated memes too.
  • Don’t hesitate to engage with other brands through comment section, share buttons and collaborations.

You need to show Facebook you love it only so much to be stuck on it all day like the teenage you was, back in 2011.

  • Remain consistent, enthusiastic and absolutely patient — even when you receive zero response on your awesome giveaway. You always have a new tomorrow on Facebook.

3. Increasing Likes on your Facebook Page

Apart from the obvious of posting great content to get more likes, one needs to give ample opportunities to its audience to press that LIKE button.

People may like your content, share it too sometimes, but with no personal grudges, might just forget to LIKE it. So sometimes you may see your engagements rising but likes . . erm, not so much.

  • Use Facebook’s Page Plugin on your website or blog. Most of the websites have LIKE button, which is solely for the content shared. Replace it with a page plugin, which will direct those likes to your Page.
  • Post about your Facebook page on other social media handles. Do a little more than “Follow us on Facebook.” Talk about a specific discussion on your page and then direct them with your Page link.
  • Make an industry specific Facebook group, linked to your page to engage your audience in active discussions and build their trust.
  • Facebook will draw in more audience for you if you do a Facebook Live session. Once in a while, come out of your closet and let your audience see who they’re engaging with.
  • 42% of people say they like a brand page for the coupons and discounts. So keep them coming for an active Facebook audience as you also spread the news on other handles.

Here’s a Fun Fact:

Researchers have estimated that the average value of a single Facebook fan is at $174. While it may vary depending on numerous factors, we cannot deny the impact of Facebook on our business in this age. It’s a ‘News Feed’ of this generation in literal terms. Which is the very reason why you may have fans across the platforms, but on Facebook they become your official loyal customers.

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