To our hustlers, fighters and go-getters,

myHQ is always striving to find ways to encourage you, motivate you and fully support you in your ever-evolving roller coaster ride . It’s challenging, but nevertheless worth it, no? Especially when you are passionately working while grooving to hashtag hustle playlist, you know you are doing something you love. And when you do something you love, you know you are at the right path.

So our beloved myHQers, to make life easier (easier than waiting for Youtube ads!) and fun (more fun than scrolling through a sea of music to find the perfect work playlist!), we have curated three exclusive work playlist for you.

  • Make your morning super-kickass, super-motivating with this work playlist. It never hurts anybody to shake off your previous day goodbye and welcome a new one with all this enthusiasm.

  • Roll up your sleeves, it’s gonna be a long day. So sit back, open a chill beer and work off your task list on a smooth ride with this Chillout Work Mix. We know what it takes to make work chill so that you can #Lovewhatyoudo!

  • Let’s get our work vibes desi and indulge in a mix of peppy chill Bollywood and Indie Pop Jam to wake up our sleepy heads, middle of the day. Revive, my friend! Chak le!

So now that you’re work jam is set, go and punch on some bags, make some noise and let your work make tomorrow’s headlines.

PS: We’ll be soon on Wynk and Saavn. So stay tune!

Your humble cheerleader, always