#NewLaunches: Coming Closer to You With Three New Workspaces In Your Locality

See, we told you.

Our quest has been to make your work feel fuss free, non-chaotic and basically, not a lot of work. We hate when our offices make us waste time and money in travelling the distances and suffering the jams. In this time and age where we can hardly breathe the deadlines, who’s got time for that? Not you, we are sure!

This is why, with now over 40+ locations in Delhi NCR, myHQ workspaces is coming to three more localities near you. Say yass?

1. Wall Street Cafe & Lounge

Located in the inner circle of the heart of Delhi, a.k.a Connaught Place, Wall Street Cafe & Lounge is here with an exclusive coworking space to get your work avatar kick some asses. Ample sunlight, comfy seating and beautiful ambiance are just few of the things which make working here a breeze.

Moreover, a curated super-economical myHQ menu gives you all the reasons to have a productive work day without burning a hole in your pocket. Also, this space is open on all Saturdays, so hey hustlers, we’ve got you covered!

With a myHQ subscription, you get to enjoy all myHQ perks along with:

  • exclusive noise-free work zone
  • economical, healthy food menu
  • 15% cashback on A la carte
  • 1+1 on your Lattes and Cappuccinos (because coffee is life!)

Location: F Block. Inner Circle, CP

Book your a seat today.

2. Motoziel Cafe and Brewery

A stunning biker cafe right on the Golf Course Extension, working at Motoziel is bound to give your work an adrenaline rush and a dose of power packed energy. With its eclectic food menu, biker themed ambience and an open space, your work day will never be dull.

With a myHQ subscription, enjoy:

  • free blazing wifi, easy concierge
  • bucket loads of stationery
  • 15% cashback on food menu
  • 1+1 free Cappuccino and Latte Chai

Location: Sector 50, Gurugram

Book your seat today.

3. L’Pause

Who doesn’t love a work desk sprinkled with delicious shakes and refreshing mojitos on a hot day? Located in the middle of a corporate hub, L’ pause can become your cozy den to work, connect and network from, especially being placed in such a strategic location.

The place offers a diverse and economical menu to keep your taste buds busy while you whisk away your hours in work mode. In fact, you’d be happy to know that this space comes with a garden too, hence making your work time super breezy.

With a myHQ subscription you get:

  • free blazing wifi
  • bucket loads of stationery
  • 15% cashback on your food bill
  • Your first Latte Chai on us!

Location: Huda market, Sector 32, Gurugram

Book your seat today.

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