A Network Marketing company in India (also called Direct Selling Companies in India) provides individuals an opportunity to earn more, mostly as a side hustle. That is because it allows them to earn money in their free time. Plus, the field doesn’t require much background knowledge or experience. So if you’re looking for network marketing companies in India that you can work for, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’re going to list the top Network Marketing/Direct Selling companies in India. But before doing that, let’s understand what Network Marketing is and how a Network Marketing company works.

What is Network Marketing Or Multi-Level Marketing?

Also known as direct selling, Network Marketing is multi-level structured marketing. It represents a business model wherein individuals design a network with other individuals to sell an organisation’s goods.

A network marketing business may expect you to assemble a network of sales personnel or business partners.

They’ll assist with lead generation and help bring deals to a close. In a way, multi-level Marketing is the movement of a service or product from several consumers to the final consumer.

The primary goals of Network Marketing are to boost the sales of a company and to create a sizeable network of individuals willing to sell the products. The field of Network Marketing usually doesn’t have an age, location, or education bar. That is why many individuals in this industry work from home. Such organizations gain more credibility when they become Government approved direct selling companies in India.

In India, Network Marketing companies form a pyramid-like sales structure. Such a structure provides them commission-based income. Read on to know more about the functioning of this structure.


How Does a Network Marketing Company In India Work?

As mentioned above, a Network Marketing company follows a pyramid-like structure. In such a structure, a particular product or service gets sold by several sales personals. Unlike other jobs, this chain of sales individuals does not have a fixed income. On the contrary, they get a commission on each product or service they sell or provide.

That said, there isn’t a fixed commission for everyone either. The commission of individuals depends on their position or structure in the company’s pyramid structure. So, naturally, the people at a high designation of the pyramid get a higher commission.

Sales personals in the Direct Selling industry are also encouraged to enrol in their own networks of salespeople. That is because the creators of upline or another tier not only earn a commission on their own sales but also on those made by other individuals in their tier. With time, more tiers are formed.

This subsequent formation of tiers offers more commission to the individual at the top tier and centre tier. People who get into Network Marketing early and are in the top tier tend to make the most money.

Now that you know how Network Marketing works, let’s discuss some of the best Network Marketing companies in India that you can work for.


Top 20 Network Marketing Companies in India

1. Amway

Amway India Network Marketing company in India

Amway is one of the leading multi-level marketing companies in India. With over 150 workspaces in the country, this organisation sells over 140 world category items. This Network Marketing company in India is one of the oldest ones, with warehouses in 34+ cities and is also a government approved network marketing company as of 2022.


2. Eazyways

Direct selling Network Marketing company in India

This Network Marketing company in India is one of the most trusted and profitable ones. The two major brands that this company holds is Natural Antioxidant and Aarogya Vatika. Since its inception, more than 50 Lakh users have joined the organisation. This direct selling business is based in Delhi and is also a government approved direct selling company in India.


3. Vestige

Vestige reviews | Vestige business plan | Vestige marketing plan

With millions of distributors spread across the country, Vestige has made its way to the top in the last decade. They have recorded phenomenal sales with their health, personal care, and luxury products. Vestige provides 5% to 11% as a cumulative performance bonus & is a true value-add to the Direct Selling industry in India.


4. Herbalife

Herbalife Nutrition Network Marketing company in India

This Network Marketing Company in India has made a substantial network of nutrition and health supplements since its inception. They have their head office in Bengaluru and provide products at exceedingly competitive prices. With over 100 products in their portfolio, Herbalife covers almost every segment in daily nutrition and lifestyle.


5. RCM Limited

RCM Business Network Marketing company in India

Famously known as RCM, this Network Marketing company in India has a network of over 10 million people in the country. They have over 150+ products in their portfolio in segments related to lifestyle, healthcare, agriculture, and more.


6. Modicare

Modicare Limited Network Marketing company in India

Modicare is one of the fastest-growing direct selling companies in the Indian market. Their core philosophy is to engage, enlarge, and enhance the lives of the customers and workers. Like numerous other direct selling companies in the country, this network marketing company in India also follows the pyramid structure approach.


7. Oriflame

Oriflame- Network Marketing company in India

This Swedish based beauty company has more than 100 products in their portfolio. It offers mainly skincare products and has a humungous presence in India. Unlike Herbalife or RCM, this Network Marketing company in India isn’t a sole Multi-level Marketing company. Consumers can purchase products directly from their website without contacting a direct dealer.


8. Safe Shop

Safe Shop Direct Dil Se - सफे शप Direct दिल से - Apps on Google Play

Safe Shop provides an opportunity to individuals to earn through selling the products marketed by them. While it is a relatively newer Network Marketing company in India, Safe Shop has witnessed immense growth in the last few years. If you’re looking to start as a marketer, you must consider this company.


9. Forever Living Products

Forever Living Products Network Marketing company in India

Another foreign-based organisation that follows the MLM structure to sell its products and services is Forever Living Products. Following a pyramid structure, this Network Marketing company in India sells several bee-derived supplements and products.


10. 4Life

4Life - The Immune System Company

This Network Marketing company in India offers food enhancements while ensuring their customers stay healthy. The distributors of 4Life can purchase merchandise or construct their own business as a 4Life distributor to earn.


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11. Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited - Profile, Business-income plan, Top Leaders, Products: Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Pvt. Ltd. - पुरे भारत की नंबर वन डायरेक्ट सेलिंग - नेटवर्क मार्केटिंग - MLM

Established in 2013 in Chennai, this Network Marketing company in India sells various healthcare and lifestyle-related products. With over 200 products in their kitty, Mi Lifestyle is one of the fastest-growing companies in its field.


12. Avon Products

10 Avon Products For The Always-On-The-Go Woman Under Rs. 999

This Network Marketing company in India manufactures and markets cosmetics and beauty products. In terms of revenue, it is only second to Amway in this industry.


13. DXN India

DXN Asia Official Site

DXN India is another Network Marketing company that you can consider joining as a beginner. It provides unique products in the line of health supplements, Ayurveda, personal care, and food. You can earn anywhere from 15-25% as retail profit and 6-21% as group profit when you join as a member.


14. Tupperware India

Tupperware- Network Marketing company in India

This MLM company has a network with the highest number of women in the country. The company’s direct selling business uses the party-plan network marketing concept. Tupperware India releases new and enhanced products regularly to meet the demand of its customers.

Many women who wish to earn full-time or part-time should definitely consider applying to this organisation.


15. Asclepius Wellness Private Limited

Asclepius Wellness- Network Marketing company in India

This Network Marketing company in India promotes herbal ayurvedic products from the personal care and wellness categories. Starting in the year 2014, Asclepius Wellness has witnessed expansive growth in the last seven years.


16. Biosash

Biosash Business – Network Marketing company in India

Biosash made a good start in the direct selling business with its Seabuckthorn-based health products. They offer bath & body products, cooking essentials, business tools, healthcare products and much more.


17. Winfinith

WINFINITH - Apps on Google Play

This Network Marketing company in India is a reasonably new one. Its business plan is similar to one of the other MLM companies in India. You can become a direct seller by registering yourself online. Much like other Network Marketing companies, you’ll have to carry out purchasing and selling of the products with them as well.


18. Tiens

Tiens Group - Wikipedia

Tiens is a Chinese direct selling company that also operates out of India. Any citizen of India can join Tiens India as there is no bar on age and qualification. After entering the organisation, you’ll get a 1 star that you can be used to purchase Tiens products at distributor prices.


19. Naswiz Retail

Naswiz Retails Pvt. Ltd. Network Marketing company in India

This Network Marketing company in India serves the beauty, health, and wellness marketplace. It does so by penetrating markets with the best quality products. Direct sellers of this organisation are assured flexible schedules, financial freedom, personal development, and much more.


20. MyRecharge Private Limited

My Recharge Private Limited | LinkedIn

This company is a unique direct selling organisation with digital services and Ayurveda products. It has been working relentlessly to empower women, unemployed youth, and individuals who want to become something in life.


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Network Marketing is a business model that relies upon individual-to-individual sales by free representatives. Companies in the Network Marketing industry regularly create tiers of salespeople. As there is no age, location, or experience bar in this field, individuals from all walks of life get an opportunity to make a living with this business model.

All the Network Marketing companies mentioned above are the top players in the industry. They’ll provide you with extra income, personal growth, work-life balance, and much more!