Working at myHQ | What should you know?

myHQ is on a mission to revolutionize the way millennials work.

We provide alternative workplace solutions to people stepping up to challenge the status-quo with out-of-the-box ideas, creative thinking and an inner drive to excel and achieve their personal best without having to worry about where they work from.

myHQ has been a major force in driving conversations around the viability of owning physical offices, economic alternatives to office real estate and fostering a sense of community among high-achieving millennials to help them network and grow.


How do we do it?



myHQ partners with coworking spaces, cafes & restaurants and shared office spaces across major Indian cities to provide hassle-free, flexible and productive workspaces to the new workforce. The professional community of myHQ users is strong and diverse- from young disrupters and entrepreneurs to industry experts and seasoned professionals. myHQ is also home to digital nomads and freelancers who set their own tune for the way they work.

As an aggressively growing start-up, we deal with challenges every day and encourage creative decision-making among our folks. If you are considering to be a part of the myHQ Team, here are certain things to weigh in on before you make that decision.


myHQ is an early-stage startup!


myHQ teamThere are tons of opportunities and also many unanswered questions. Whatever team or department you are eyeing at myHQ, its constantly changing and growing. We are directed by our mission to revolutionize workspaces and a lot of processes and projects change as they progress. If you’re looking for an opportunity where your work is formally structured to the T, myHQ might not be the right fit for you.


  • Loads of Opportunities: As a growing start-up, whatever your role may be, your work is cut-out for you. There are a lot of projects waiting to take flight and with you coming on board, we hope many such ideas will be implemented with a lot of enthusiasm.


  • Cross-Department Interaction: Like any other start-up, you will be working in tandem with other teams and departments and a lot of discussions, meetings and collaborations will be the order of the day. myHQ is full of people providing creative solutions to everyday problems and we have a policy of every idea being heard, so we do promise an inclusive work culture where your contributions will be valued.


  • Active problem-solving: There might be days you hit a snag in your workflow. Since some processes are still in a very nascent stage of development, it is possible you might encounter a blank slate in some areas. myHQ is the right fit for you if you believe in pitching in to solve those problems. You can grow and excel if you identify and brainstorm solutions to eliminate problems in your department or workflow.


  • Teamwork: We have built an amazing team at myHQ and are constantly looking to expand. We don’t believe in sitting on information or keeping people out of loop. We encourage everyone to hustle and find ways to make things work. If you feel uninspired, you can always reach out to our stellar team of experienced problem-solvers and discuss ways to better execute your projects.


myHQ team


Here are some things we are looking for in you:

  • Ownership: At myHQ, you’ll find people who are excited to work and dedicate themselves to the work they do. myHQ team owns their contributions and commits to projects till successful execution. This sense of ownership and accountability is very important if you want to grow in a start-up environment.


  • Hustle: The myHQ squad is full of go-getters. As a growing company, we also have a lot of single-person teams. The onus of delivering great work is on you. Of course you will have plenty of help from the mentors and management but the drive to see your work succeed should come from within.


  • Go above and Beyond: We’re not rigid with work hours and looking over shoulders. We believe people who want to do good work, will go above and beyond to get things moving. If you are looking for limited, defined work hours, myHQ might not be the best option for you.


  • Solution-oriented: We love to see things from a different perspective. If you join us, you should understand the problems we are trying to solve for our users. Once you are aligned with the solution-based approach, you will be able to come up with a lot of ideas to make your team and workflow better. We believe great synergies are created with as many perspectives onboard as possible.


  • Ability to connect:  At any point, myHQ team is brimming with energy and optimism. The culture is amazingly inclusive and warm and we look for people who fit this picture easily. We’re not pushing you to achieve extrovertish social skills but we do believe in celebrating and cherishing our work and team. myHQ team is all smiles and chit-chat at the end of your working day, and what better way to unwind than that!


myHQ team


We are very proud of the work we do. We are looking for people who can commit the same spirit. myHQ gives you opportunities to learn and grow everyday. You will get immense exposure to network and work with sharp, experienced people in the industry. If you can see yourself working at myHQ, write to us at



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