10 Best Travel Affiliate Programs in India

We’ve already covered the basics of affiliate marketing and shared the best affiliate program in various niches. This post introduces some of the highest-earning offers for travel bloggers and webmasters in India. You might think that focusing on travel doesn’t make much sense right now, as the niche is still struggling due to the pandemic. However, as countries around the world are introducing safety measures to protect tourists, the travel industry is starting to recover. Now might be just the right time to explore the travel niche and be prepared for when it fully rebounds.


1) TripAdvisor Affiliate Program


Affiliate programTripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel site with 795 million reviews from users. By partnering with TripAdvisor, you will be able to provide your audience with over 1.4 million accommodation options and make money online. For the time being, TripAdvisor only pays a commission on hotels, while other travel products (such as restaurants, car rentals, etc.) are not commissionable.


Who can become an affiliate?

The TripAdvisor affiliate program is open for blogs with any amount of traffic, as long as they align with the company’s brand. The management team will check the overall look and feel of affiliate sites and decide whether they’ll be a good match for TripAdvisor.


Affiliate commission

Affiliates can earn a 50% revenue share. The precise amount per click-out is based on the booking platform, hotel, season, and duration of stay. An actual booking is not required, as you’ll get paid for each click-out to one of TripAdvisor’s booking partners. There is a 14-day referral window, meaning that, if the user returns to TripAdvisor within this period and clicks out to one of the booking partners, you’ll still earn your commission. Here are a few examples of partners’ monthly earnings:


Affiliate program


How to start

You can partner with TripAdvisor via the affiliate networks of Awin, CJ Affiliate or Travelpayouts, which are free to sign up for and offer similar program terms. Upon registration, you’ll need to apply for the TripAdvisor affiliate program and wait for the approval. Then, simply generate an affiliate link and add it to your blog. You’re good to go!


2) OYO Rooms Affiliate Program


Affiliate program

OYO Rooms is a global hotel network, offering rooms in over 23,000 hotels and homes across 800 cities. The OYO Circle Affiliate Program was started in December 2018 in order to create an international community of brand representatives. Today, it accounts for over 600 partners. At the moment, only bookings within India are commissionable.


Who can become an affiliate?

OYO is constantly searching for partners with engaged audiences, significant traffic, unique content, and frequent posts. Access to your site should be open to the public and not require payment.


Affiliate commission

OYO Circle claims to provide the highest commission per conversion within the niche, which depends on the volume of successful bookings and room rates. The more bookings you generate, the more you earn. Here is an example of affiliate earnings:




How to start

  1. Fill in the application on the OYO Circle homepage and wait for an invitation from the OYO team.
  2. Create an OYO Circle Account and share details about your project. Wait for an approval within 24 hours.
  3. Start earning!



3) Agoda Affiliate Program 



Agoda is one of the leading booking platforms within the hospitality industry and offers 925,000 properties around the world. This affiliate program is particularly suited for websites with global audiences, as Agoda’s content is translated into 38 languages and supports multiple currencies.


Who can become an affiliate?

The affiliate program is open to website owners and travel agents. There are no restrictions on your site’s size or geolocation. Travel blogs targeting hotels are especially welcome. All applications are manually reviewed by the Agoda team.


Affiliate commission

Commission rates are progressive and can go as high as 7% on the revenue. For instance, you can earn a $10 reward at a rate of 5% for a $200 booking.


How to start

Getting started is easy. Fill in the application on the affiliate program’s homepage and wait to be approved by the Agoda team. You’ll then receive an affiliate link and can start promoting.


4) Travelpayouts



Travelpayouts is the world’s largest travel affiliate network. Featuring over 60 brands (including the ones described above) in different travel sectors, such as flight tickets, hotels, insurance, car rentals, tours and activities, transfers, and more. By partnering with Travelpayouts, you’ll provide your audience with a full range of travel products and won’t have to sign up for each brand separately. Today, the network accounts for over 240,000 affiliates worldwide. Travelpayouts offers transparent statistics and a set of advanced tools from banners and widgets to API and White Label (all available in 60 different languages). You can check which advertisers accept traffic from India at this link


Who can become an affiliate?

The network is open to travel site owners, bloggers, SEO experts, travel agents, and basically anyone willing to make money on travel online. You are not required to have a website in order to join the network. You can also have a social media page or any other platform on which to share your affiliate link.


Affiliate commission

Travelpayouts offers up to a 70% revenue share for bookings, though the exact commission rate varies for each program and is never inferior to the direct affiliate programs. It is especially convenient since you can manage all transactions in a single interface and cash out your monthly earnings in a single transfer.

How to start

  1. Join Travelpayouts at this link and get your account instantly approved.
  2. Apply for the affiliate programs of your choice. Note that some advertisers review applications manually, while others automatically approve all affiliates. 
  3. Add affiliate tools to your site or platform to drive conversions.
  4. Get paid for each successful booking.




5) Expedia Affiliate Program



Expedia is one of the world’s leading travel brands, ranked first in the 2014 Travel Weekly Power List. Today, Expedia features direct access to over 260,000 properties and 400 airlines, while providing clients with exclusive rates. Marketers can sign up for Expedia’s affiliate program on the CJ Affiliate or Awin networks.


Who can become an affiliate?

To join Expedia via CJ Affiliate, you need to have an active website and know enough coding to insert tracking codes into your platform of choice.

Affiliate commission

The affiliate reward varies for each product but can reach up to 6% on each completed booking. 


How to start

To start earning with Expedia, sign up with one of the affiliate networks that the advertiser is presented in, such as CJ Affiliate. Generate your affiliate link, share it on your site, blog, or webpage, and start driving conversions!


6) TravelGuru Affiliate Program



TravelGuru is one of India’s top hotel networks spanning over 11,000 hotels within the country and even more worldwide. With TravelGuru, affiliates can earn commissions on hotels and vacation packages while benefiting from 24/7 online reporting to monitor their traffic and commissions.

Who can become an affiliate?

TravelGuru’s affiliate program is open to individuals and businesses with their own websites that meet the criteria of the program


Affiliate commission

Affiliates can earn on all hotel transactions that originate from their sites. Commission rates are progressive: the more bookings you drive per month, the higher your income will be

Price list

How to start

Join the program on the company’s website or get in touch with the management team at affiliates@travelguru.com.


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7) Yatra.com Affiliate Program



Yatra is an award-winning business and one of India’s largest online travel companies. It offers a full range of travel services inside the country and abroad, including flight tickets, hotels and homestays, vacation packages, bus and train tickets, tours and activities, cabs, and cruises. Yatra helps affiliates provide their audiences with access to over 83,000 hotels within India and 800,000 properties worldwide. 


Who can become an affiliate?

To join the program, you need to have a web property, such as a website, blog, etc.


Affiliate commission

Kindly contact the Yatra affiliate team at affiliate@yatra.com about the current commission structure.


How to start

  1. Sign up on the program’s site.
  2. Place an affiliate link on your blog.
  3. Start earning by encouraging users to book through your link.


8) RedBus Affiliate Program


Red Bus

RedBus is one of the world’s largest booking platforms for bus tickets, offering tickets for over 2,300 bus operators in different countries. Founded in 2006, RedBus boasts over eight million happy customers who have benefited from a fast, easy booking experience and transparent prices with no additional fees. The affiliate program offers real-time analytics to track all bookings and expenses, as well as different payment options for cashing out. 


Who can become an affiliate?

For more information, kindly sign up on the program’s page or contact RedBus’ team at partner.support@redbus.my 


Affiliate commission

Commission rates are based on the volume of bookings. Below, you can see an example of the base rate:


You can learn about the current commission structure upon registration for the affiliate program.


How to start

  1. Register for the program on the company’s website.
  2. Receive your affiliate link and other marketing tools.
  3. Share the link on your webpage and get paid for each completed booking it generates!


9) CheapFlight Affiliate Program


Cheap Flights

Cheapflights is an international online booking platform for flight tickets, hotels, and car rentals. The company helps users find the best travel deals through their innovative technology. The company boasts over 120 million annual customers. Affiliates can earn money for each click-out to a partner’s website. Under the products such as flight tickets, hotels, and car rentals. To assist in promotion, Cheapflights provides tons of creatives from text links to search boxes to widgets to banners. 


Who can become an affiliate?

To learn about eligibility criteria, kindly contact the program management team at affiliates@cheapflights.com.


Affiliate commission

The reward depends on the user’s device. Thus, affiliates can earn $ 0.25 per click-out on mobile devices and $ 0.45 per click-out for desktop and tablet traffic. Projects with over 200,000 unique monthly visitors are eligible for tailor-made solutions.


How to start

  1. Sign up for the program on CJ Affiliate.
  2. Add affiliate links to your webpage.
  3. Earn money for each user click-out to a partner’s website.


10) Admitad India



Admitad is an international affiliate network that helps advertisers and marketers cooperate more efficiently. Today, the network accounts for over 600,000 publishers around the world. There are currently 38 travel affiliate programs accepting traffic from India, including such brands as Aviasales Worldwide, Omio, Hotellook, Trainline, Kiwi.com, etc. 

By signing up with Admitad, you’ll access multiple advertisers all in one place.


Who can become an affiliate?

Signing up with Admitad is easy, as you are not required to have a website. You can also promote links via Telegram, Facebook, search engine marketing, etc. Most often, Admitad’s affiliates are:

  • Owners of blogs, websites, price comparison platforms, cashback services, social media groups, or messenger channels
  • Media buyers
  • Vloggers


Affiliate commission

The reward varies for each advertiser, be sure to check the exact commission on the program’s page.


How to start

To start earning, sign up with Admitad, manually apply for programs of your choice, share the affiliate links on a webpage, and get paid for each completed booking made through your link!


Wrapping Up

Due to the constantly growing influence that the internet has on almost every niche today, it might be just the right time to reap the advantages and start earning money online. Travel has long been one of the most profitable niches for marketers, and while it is facing challenges now, there might not be a better time to join the industry. Take a look at the affiliate programs and networks in this post, relate them to your audience, choose the best options, and start your promotion. With the right attitude and effort, success won’t take long to achieve!


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Get instant access to this ebook on building a business from scratch worth $19 absolutely FREE!
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