9 Top Travel Bloggers In India That Every Travel Freak MUST Follow

Travelling and blogging is something that almost everyone has wanted to do at some point in life. And we always wonder how the top travel bloggers in India manage to do what they’re doing.

How do travel bloggers sustain? Are there any challenges? What are the challenges? Where does the money come from? These are some of the most common questions that come to mind when one thinks about travel blogging.

Here are 9 top travel bloggers in India who will give you major vacation goals:

1) Monkey Inc

From van-life essentials to how to deal with periods while travelling to staying safe in strange new places, Ankita Kumar’s (one of the top travel bloggers in India) blog, Monkey Inc, is all that and more.


Monkey Inc’s Instagram account is full of breathtaking landscapes punctuated with a punch of colour from the blogger’s vibrant clothes.

Postcard-like images of the mountains of Ladakh with the blogger in a bright orange jacket, or the intricately ornate interiors of Bangalore Palace with Kumar in a bright pink dress – her travel photos have a cohesive distinct style.

Going by the intro on Money Inc’s social media accounts and the blog, expect all things colourful, strange food, hair raising experiences, insights on the everyday life of people in different parts of the country, crazy adventure stories and little nuances that Kumar has a knack of capturing.

2) Bruised Passports

The duo Savi and Vid started their travel blog, Bruised Passports, after seven years of travelling together while they were dating and after they got married. What keeps the bloggers travelling? They are one of the top travel bloggers in India with huge following both in India and abroad.


They are determined to “question convention, chase true happiness and phasing out the negativity and clutter that define modern life.” And that’s what their Instagram account is synonymous with – images of serene landscapes, minimal visuals, and a luxurious vibe.

The blog features articles, listicles, itineraries, weekend getaways in India, luxury hotels in different parts of the world, and more.



3) Breathtaking Postcards

Breathtaking Postcards is photographer Arindam and writer Neha’s blog. Both digital marketing professionals, the focus of their blog lies in managing and featuring work-life balance.


From travels around the world to cuisines from around the world, shopping in different cities in the world to “breathtaking” scenic landscapes, their blog features all that and more.

From itineraries to how-to guides on photography, to blogging do’s and don’ts, Breathtaking Postcards shares everything in short text on Instagram.


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4) Isa Khan

Isa Khan’s blog explores the nuances of life through travel. Weaving personal stories with breathtaking images of landscapes, children, dogs, sites, and the wilderness, his blog is full of poetic phrases and thoughts.


The Instagram account gives a vibe of marrying the images and thoughts through words. Ladakh, Himachal, the Himalayas, Uttarakhand, among others, the blog features the mountains from the North and East of India.

5) Radhika Nomllers

With a bucket list on the homepage of the blog, Radhika Nomllers keeps striking out the “travel things” that she accomplishes, among them, are quit corporate life, trek on Zanskar – Chadar trek and get certified as a skydiver. She is one of the top travel bloggers in India with her followers increasing exponentially.


With posts from both, India and abroad, her Instagram account features picturesque landscapes from all her travels.

Her style of writing leans to a more thoughtful and personal approach, poetic, full of personal feelings and thoughts, prompting viewers to feel and absorb each post in a deeper manner.


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6) Lakshmi Sharath

As colourful as India is, Lakshmi Sharath’s travel blog features Indian and International destinations, itineraries, blogging tips, food, resorts, architectural sites, scenic landscapes, people, cultures, among other insightful posts.


Sharath weaves her travel experiences through her personal stories on the Instagram account. The blog features long-form articles on specific places and topics. From in-depth itineraries to listicles and things to do in places, the blog has a dynamic mix of content.


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7) Shivya Nath

Shivya Nath’s blog, The Shooting Star, tells the story of how she became a travel blogger, her aspirations and achievements. Mindful and thoughtful, one can read posts such as ‘Responsible Travel in Ladakh’, ‘How I Fund My Travels’, and ‘Solo Travel – To Go Or Not To Go’.


Being one of the top travel bloggers in India, each of her blogs shares insights and information gathered from her travel experiences. A backpacker at heart, her posts features images of serene landscapes, herself enjoy small joys of life like cycling, watching the sunset from a hilltop, and reading a book by the river.

Each of her blogs focuses on topics and issues that urge one to pause and think about.

8) Anuradha Goyal

Anuradha Goyal’s blog, Inditales, features an eclectic mix of Indian and international destinations, reviews of hotels, products and restaurants, travel tips, experiences, stories, video blogs, and even a section dedicated to the Unesco World Heritage Sites.


Along with practical travel tips and reviews, her blog also shares information about heritage tours and walking tours in different parts of the country.

9) Arnab Maity

Arnab Maity’s blog, The Wireless Wanderer, features photography and travel writing from India and abroad. Motorcycling, luxury travel, culture, photography, story, and tourist trails, the blog is designed to feature different sections dedicated to these topics.


Through his blog, Maity tries to busts myths about being a traveller – that it’s expensive, that one has to quit fulltime jobs to be able to travel, and that there’s never going to be a right time to travel.


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