17 Best Influencer Marketing Platforms In India For A Successful Campaign

The word ‘Influencer Marketing’ has been causing a buzz in the world of digital marketing of lately and is rapidly catching up with brands as well!

A lot of western companies are leveraging this strategy of marketing and a lot of Indian companies are also following suit, with having come up with a lot of successful influencer campaigns during the past 2-3 years.

But, before we dive headfirst into what ‘Influencer Marketing’ is, let us understand who an Influencer is, why is influencer marketing both popular & effective and what top influencer marketing platforms in India are. 


Who Is an Influencer?

An influencer is an individual who has garnered a certain following in a specific niche they actively engage with. The reason behind their influence is the fact that their work and opinions for that particular niche are valued by their followers.

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Influencers are real people who are viewed as friends with who audiences feel a connection, want to emulate and buy into in comparison to glamorous ads. 

An influencer must have the right kind and the right amount of audience. 


What Is Influencer Marketing and How Can An Influencer Marketing Platfrom Help Your Brand? 

It is a term which has risen from the realisation of brands about power, peer influence and customer recommendation over other forms of marketing.

Since social media is quite in vogue these days, and consumers have flocked to it in huge numbers and are vocal about their views regarding brands and products. This is where brands leverage the realisation that people have been heavily influenced by second-hand information from opinion leaders.

This has led to many brands identifying top influencers in their fields and connecting with them so as to reach their audiences better. 

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Once brands identify influencers from their respective domain, it is important that they reach out to them properly with a well thought out plan which is not too commercial but helps connect with audiences. A lot of brands are outsourcing this job to various influencer marketing platforms in India.



Here are the 17 best influencer marketing platforms in India:

1) Ainfluencer

Ainfluencer is the only 100% free, Do-it-Yourself marketplace for Instagram influencer marketing that connects small businesses such as eCommerce shops with all types of influencers or creators at scale. It is absolutely free of charge to start your campaign and as a business, you never pay anything directly to Ainfluencer.

This free-to-use and smart influencer marketplace simplifies the workflow for businesses and makes smart connections between you as a brand or business owner and niche-relevant micro-influencers who are passionate about promoting your products or services to their audiences. Ainfluencer’s smart algorithm has a deep understanding of influencers’ audience (location, gender, interests) and matches your product with them while suggesting to you what the best price is to be paid to the influencer.


With Ainfluencer you can invite as many influencers as you want, and close deals with them. When the deal is closed, you escrow (hold in trust) the funds for a given influencer’s fees, and when your ad/content is published and verified by yourself and the platform the funds get released to them. So you will have one place to dump your funds and release them to all sorts of influencers around the globe. No more dealing with so many payment methods.

Join the Ainfluencer marketplace now as a brand or business here.


2) Confluencr

Confluencr is India’s leading influencer marketing agency with a robust influencer network of around 15000+ creators on all social media platforms. With sharp strategies, careful influencer curation, and optimized reports and analytics, Confluencr helps brands in driving exponential growth through influencer marketing.

By allowing brands to connect with influencers across various platforms and drive fruitful, worthy collaborations, Confluencr has shaped influencer marketing strategies for more than 500 brands. Their clients include Kotak, Paytm, Carmesi, Groww, Kotak, and Mudrex, Flipkart, Ola Foods and more. 

Catering to the unique requirements of the brand, they help place brands in front of the right audience through the right influencer and then scale campaigns across multiple social media channels. You can check out their work here.


3) OPA

OPA is the new wonder that has taken digital brands by storm. With the lowest pricing and the largest network of over 50,000 influencers, it has become a hot favourite in less than a year’s time. OPA has transformed influencer marketing for brands like Lakme, Marico, Godrej, Wow, Plum, Sugar Cosmetics, The Man Company, and more.

opa reviews


OPA specializes in activating thousands of macro and micro-influencers at the cost of just 1 celebrity influencer and works with influencers on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Blogs, Facebook and Twitter. Influencers register on their app and receive invite-only collaborations. The drivers behind every other campaign on social media, they model their marketing like a grassroots word-of-mouth movement around products. Check out their work here @opareviews.


4) Plixxo 

Plixxo is one of the biggest influencer marketing platforms in India with over 26,000 influencers. Launched by POPxo founder Priyanka Gill, it caters to both influencers and brands alike. Bloggers, YouTubers, celebrities, Instagram influencers and campus influencers can sign up on the platform for accessing paid campaigns.

Brands can also invite thousands of influencers through Plixxo for joining them in their marketing campaign. In short, Plixxo helps in simplifying running influencer campaigns for brands.

influencer marketing platforms in India - Plixxo

For influencers, Plixxo is a platform which verifies their profiles, reach and stats. This proves that they are bonafide influencers and that Plixxo is an effective business generation tool which allows them to pick up paid brand campaigns. Also, it also enables influencers to boost their audience through social media posts.

For brands, Plixxo makes searching for influencers easy and verifying their reach numbers. It also allows them to launch campaigns comprising of a thousand influencers and makes running influencer campaigns easy and hassle-free.


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5) Influencer.in

Boasting a base of over 25,000 social media influencers and bloggers, it helps you find the right influencer for your brand. Through ‘Influencer Discovery,’ you can get a hawk-eye perspective of an influencer and decide if they are the right match for your brand.

influencer marketing platforms in India - Influencer.in

It also showcases a blog on its official website and runs live campaigns too, including brow-raising campaigns like ‘Would your dad do this too,’ and ‘Update Azhagi.’ The clients who keep Influencer.in going include Hike, Himalaya, Axis Bank, Livon, Snapdeal, Kalyan Jewellers, Nykaa, SHAREit and more.


[optin-cat id=5314]


6) PulpKey

PulpKey is an influencer marketing platform based out of India, where brands and creators collaborate to tell stories. Here, you may either login as a Brand/Agency or as a Creator/Talent Manager.

influencer marketing platforms in India - PulpKey

In order to log in as a Creator or a Talent Manager, you either need to have at least 2,000 followers on Instagram or a minimum of 500 subscribers on YouTube.

PulpKey also wants to address and solve problems pertaining to the promotions carried out by influencers and the lack of trust between consumers and brands. Their decent roster of renowned clients includes Wego, HelloDhobi, Hypstar, Amazon, ZARA, Bombay Shaving Company, Happn and many more.


7) Winkl

Bengaluru-based Winkl helps bloggers, influencers and content creators in creating their own media kits, for showcasing their work to their peers, receiving feedback and connecting with brands to work on brand collaborations.

influencer marketing platforms in India - Winkl

It intends to become the most sought-after influencer marketing platform in India and to be the preferred marketing channel for brands to help them unlock the power of influencers for achieving their business outcomes. Top clients include Flipkart and YGL. 


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8) BrandMentions

BrandMentions is a social media monitoring tool that can help you find top influencers and top websites to collaborate with. The platform allows you to search for any brand, product or keyword and it shows you a list of top influencers on any social media channel (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and more).

BrandMentions - Influencer Marketing Platform

Knowing your or your competitors’ influencers are highly important. You can use them in targeted influencer marketing strategies and campaigns for your brand. You can outrank your competition and reach new people to fulfil your goals (get more website traffic, build brand awareness, increase sales and many more). Some of their happy clients include Techhub, Aureon, eToro and more. 


9) Eleve Media

Eleve Media helps in ideating brand campaign strategies and backing them with effective advocacy solutions so as to deliver high-quality engagement for the brand. It performs multiple functions like identifying the right people according to location, niche, reach and other metrics.

It also enables the brand in leveraging content across platforms, scaling influence, effective measurement and analysis of campaigns and providing consulting services as well.

Brands who trust Eleve Media include giants like Amazon, Coca-Cola, Chevrolet, Lays, Citi Financials, Honda, Bacardi, Airtel, and Philips among 25+ other top brands.


10) StarNgage

StarNgage is a global influencer marketing platform with a presence in India as well and helps brands in analyzing, customizing, managing and measuring the word of mouth marketing campaigns on Instagram.

influencer marketing platforms in India - StarNgage

Through StarNgage, brands can partner with Instagram influencers for attracting and engaging customers by delivering relevant, helpful and personalised visual experiences. They also track, analyze, and benchmark thousands of Instagram profiles which ensures the success of Instagram campaigns. 


11) Qoruz

Qoruz Influencer marketing platform

Qoruz is a one-stop influencer marketing platform featuring a highly customizable influencer search mechanism, a data-driven campaign planning interface, and robust, real-time reports.

Here are some unique features of Qoruz: (a) the largest database of Indian influencers, (b) direct access to the influencer’s contact info, and (c) paid vs organic campaign analytic dashboard.


12) Blogmint

Blogmint is said to be Asia’s first product-based influencer marketing platform and one of the first influencer marketing platforms in India which connects brands with social influencers – Bloggers, YouTubers, Twitteratis and Instagramers.

Notably, this platform helps brands in identifying and engaging the targeted influencers to create powerful social and video content.

With over 29,000 influencers and 900 brands and agencies, Blogmint is ideally the preferred marketplace for influencer marketing. 

13) Upfluence 

Upfluence’s aim is to enable agencies and brands to convert their customers into brand ambassadors and to execute influencer marketing campaigns that are both effective and scalable.  One of the best features of this AI-powered marketing tool is its capability of sending mass messages to influencers and allowing the users to seamlessly connect with the influencers. 

It has worked with various clients throughout the years, their top ones being AXA and PayPal. 

14) Klear 

Klear was launched with the aim to help brands make meaningful interactions with their customers. They work with brands and agencies to develop and evaluate effective influencer marketing strategies. They believe in prioritising data, hence they put data on their platform which helps their users make decisions based on result-driven data. The platform is minimalist and easy to navigate. 

Some of the top-notch brands they have worked with include IBM, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Adidas and more. 

15) Grynow 

Grynow is a top influencer marketing platform in India that offers the best influencer marketing platform to assist brands in utilising social media influencers’ content for product marketing. The company has a creator base of over 2 Lakh influencers, content creators, artists and bloggers with a high following for executing remarkable influencer campaigns. They are trusted by a wide range of clients across the globe. 

16) Third Eye Blind Productions 

Third Eye Blind Productions believe in delivering content with the best quality and quantity. They are a service creative agency involved in providing satisfying influencer marketing services. They started out in the year 2016 and have expanded to 16+ countries with the only niche to be creative.  The platform handles end-to-end influencer campaigns that also includes target research and creating marketing strategies. 

Their clients include Mamaearth, KhataBook, Maybelline, Wow Skin Science and more. 

17) HypeAuditor 

HypeAuditor is an AI-powered social media analytics and discovery tool that helps users find trending influencers, research their audience and  increase advertisers’ ROI. With the database of over 50 million influencers, the platform offers one of the best fraud detection system that lets its users detect fake followers and engagement in real-time. The AI-powered software also allows brands to find top influencers that would best suit their promotional campaigns. 



Influencer marketing is estimated to be one of the fastest-growing and preferred online customer acquisition channels, which would also outpace organic search and email marketing soon. It also opens up more organic means for audience engagement and brand awareness.

Besides resorting to the best influencer marketing platforms in India, you should also follow the given measures:

  • Define your brand’s goals.
  • Dig influencers who share similar aesthetics and values as your brand.
  • Provide your influencers with the creative freedom to organically integrate your brand messaging in their content.
  • Stay smart with your budget and bear in mind the results you want.
  • Maintain transparency
  • Measure the success of your partnerships, and improve and improvise.

So, get started with developing your business’s plans for incorporating influencers in your marketing tactics NOW, so they can help you within creating blooming and lasting relationships among your target audiences.

Here are some global influencer marketing agencies that can help you reach out to a newer audience.

FAQs on Influencer Marketing Platforms in India

What is meant by influencer marketing? 

Influencer marketing strategy uses influencers to boost a brand’s sales and promote its products to a larger audience. Most influencers chosen for promotion by the brands tend to have a large number of followers, which they have garnered through trust-building, hence influencers are seen as trustworthy experts that share their opinion freely. This is why brands use influencer marketing over other forms of marketing more now because they realised that people are heavily influenced by second-hand information from opinion leaders. 

What is the benefit of using influencer marketing? 

40% of marketers use influencers to promote their products and use influencer marketing strategies to boost their brand reputation. It doesn’t only garner more attention but also generates a high percentage of leads. 

What are the types of influencers? 

The 4 types of influencers based on their follower count are: 

  1. Nano influencers (1K–10K followers)
  2. Micro-influencers (10K–100K followers)
  3. Macro influencers (100K–1M followers)
  4. Mega or celebrity influencers (1M+ followers)

How does an influencer get paid? 

Contrary to popular belief, Instagram doesn’t pay influencers, rather influencers get paid through paid partnerships, brand deals, sponsorships and promotions. 

Which influencer marketing platform is the best in India? 

Some of the best influencer marketing platforms in India are: 

  1. Ainfluencer
  2. Confluencer
  3. OPA
  4. Plixxo
  5. Influencer.in

 For more details read the article. 


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