Blogging has become a prospering online marketing and brand tool for businesses in all sectors. The results from a recent survey revealed that more than 75% of internet users follow blogs, which implies that blogs are read by 346 million people across the globe. Going by the figures, it’s not surprising that there has been a rapid increase in the number of food bloggers worldwide. In India, the F&B industry is booming and food blogging has become a lucrative profession for food connoisseurs. These top food bloggers in India bring in more business by reaching out to the target audience and enhancing customer engagement.

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So here we take you forward into a salivating experience by sharing the top food bloggers in India along with eye-candy images of their scrumptious preparations.



Uma Raghuraman is a passionate chef and doting mother. Her passion for food and healthy eating urged her to start her blog Masterchef Mom, nearly two decades ago. Her blogs are full of appetizing recipes with plenty of images that will instantly make you hungry. Using her recipes and cooking tips, you can easily cook healthy food that even tastes heavenly. Undeniably she is among the top food bloggers of India and is also conducting Indian Home Cooking workshops in India and abroad.



Natasha had to face serious medical complications owing to an eating disorder and she could only overcome it by making a switch to healthy eating habits. Organic And Happy is all about healthy eating and through her blogs Natasha shares easy-to-prepare vegan recipes that are healthy yet tempting.




Food blogger junctions “Passionate About Baking” like are making us fall in love with food all over again and if you have a sweet tooth, there could nobody be better than Deeba Rajpal. An avid food writer and recipe developer, Deeba is a passionate baker who loves to curate new delicacies while emphasizing the use of only seasonal ingredients. Cooking for Deeba Rajpal is therapeutic and allows her to bring out her creative best. The recipes and photographs on her blog, Passionate About Baking is so innovative and tempting, you couldn’t possibly get your mind off it.



Richa Hingle is an inspiring food blogger who encourages her followers to adopt healthy eating habits through her blogs. At Vegan Richa, she shares gourmet recipes that are 100% vegan and made using organic ingredients. Richa loves experimenting with her food and her blogs will enthuse you to make vegetarian and healthy food, with a twist. Her Vegan Thai Pizza is worth a try.




Saffron Trail is one of the most followed food blogging site conceptualized by Nandita Iyer, a food expert and nutritionist. In her blogs, Nandita simplifies the at of cooking while at the same time mastering her art in molecular gastronomy. Her recipes are an ideal mix of good taste and health. Through her blogs, Nandita educates her followers on the benefits of healthy eating and good nutrition. Saffron Trail is a blog to-be-followed ardently by health freaks.


If you are looking for good food content, simply start following Shailu’s Kitchen. It was started by Sailaja Gudivada and her blogs specialize in Andhra cuisines, reflecting her place of origin. The presentation of her scrumptious recipes is a visual treat for the eyes. Sailu is a passionate food blogger and photographer who recently turned into an organic gardener. She loves to grow her own produce and encourages her followers to do the same. During the time of varied Indian festivals, her rare and mouth-watering recipes are simply amazing.


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If you are a real foodie, this one is for you. Nidhi Kandari is a passionate food connoisseur who started Papi Paet to take food lovers on a gourmet journey trying out cuisines from across the world. At Papi Paet, it’s all about food and only food. Nidhi shares plenty of Insta photos, live-cooking videos and honest reviews for her followers. Through her blogs, she also shares her experiences to help newbie food bloggers to make a mark for themselves. Her blog, Papi Paet exuberates her love for food and she’s definitely among the top food bloggers of India you should follow.


If you are a die-hard Biryani lover, this one is definitely for you. Hailing from Hyderabad, Karthik’s love for biryani comes as no surprise. His blog, Gastro Hogger is all about biryani, right from sharing authentic recipes for reviewing places that serve the most awesome biryani in town. Karthik Gandhi’s love for biryani will surely give some of you serious biryani goals.


Divine Taste is a blog for pure vegetarians. Anushruthi is an expert food writer, nutrition advisor and recipe creator. Through her blog, she educates the need for saatvik cooking that follows the ancient ayurvedic cooking principles. At “Divine Taste” you will find mouth-watering recipes curated without using onion, garlic, eggs, meat or wine, yet they will delight your senses.


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A foodie herself, Maria hails from Mumbai and swears by the city’s flavourful and appetizing street food. Her blog aptly titled as Flavour of Mumbai shares street food recipes, regional recipes, spicy Goan cuisine as well as eggless baking recipes. Maria’s blog also has a separate ‘Budget’ and ‘Low-fat’ section where you can get recipes that can be prepared quickly with minimum expenditure and to shed off those extra kilos, respectively.


Anubhav Sapra is a food connoisseur who started his blog Delhi Food Walks in 2011. Through his blogs, Anubhav takes his followers on a culinary tour of Delhi’s rich food culture. In his blogs, he shares myriad of local recipes that are enough to satiate every palate. Delhi Food Walks is all about the incredible food culture of the capital city of India and is a paradise for food enthusiasts.


What a salivating and tummy-tickling experience indeed! These top food bloggers in India are rapidly gaining momentum and assist in bringing in more business.

The food bloggers chosen in this post were based on the following parameters.

  • Quality of blog with reference to recipes and images
  • Blog optimization
  • Novelty of recipes
  • Social media following
  • Bloggers who primarily focus on sharing Indian food recipes only
  • Frequency in blogging
  • Innovation in preparing dishes


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