20 Best Work From Home Jobs In India That Pay You Well in 2023

An increasing number of people are ditching the 9 to 5 drill and the gig economy is undeniably at an all-time high. The question no longer swings between to do or not to do. It has rightfully shifted to – what are the best work from home jobs in India? And hence this article. 

The power of the internet is higher in magnitude than what we can collectively imagine. There’s the internet to bring you resources to learn and upskill yourself, then there are the social media platforms to market yourself as an expert in the said field. And finally, there’s the internet again to find you jobs that fit you the best. 

The earnings from these best work from home jobs in India depend on you. As it is in direct proportion to your capabilities, you know where your focus should be. 

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Top 20 Highest Paid Work From Home Jobs in India

The top 20 highest paid work from jobs in India are given below:

1. Content Writer 

Content writing in India

Content creation/writing has rightfully made its place among the best work from home jobs in India. The straightforward reason for this is the demand for work.

Businesses necessarily need to educate, inform, or entertain people through content and that is what will make people choose their brand. You can be pretty sure that the industry will not have a dearth of work from home options in India. A beginner can expect something between 15k to 20k in India. 

Tip: Continuously work on enhancing your writing skills. Take projects that pay you well. And keep pitching your writings to the biggest publications of the country.

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2. Digital Marketer / Social Media Manager 

Become a remote digital marketer

This one is the most obvious when it comes to best work from home jobs in India. Digital marketers deal in building and expanding a brand’s presence online doing jobs ranging from SEO, email marketing, and mobile marketing to social media marketing.

A social media manager is expected to run campaigns on the platform, promote the content, control the posted content in any format, study analytics, and aim to expand the brand’s reach. A beginner can expect around 20-40kk in India.

Tip:  Experience in the industry, a strong portfolio with evident results, and working with brands you connect with can skyrocket your career. 

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3. Website Developer

Develop websites & mobile apps

In 2020, you cannot afford to miss out on this while looking for the best work from home jobs in India. Brands need website developers to build websites that attract, inform, and entertain.

Understanding of CSS/HTML, basics of coding and markup language, JavaScript, SEO, and photoshop is required. Earnings range from 10k to 1 lac a month.

This depends entirely on your skills, and how big a project you’re able to bag. 

Tip: Make your projects stand out because every project is a sample for your potential lead. Specialization and establishing yourself as an expert helps you to charge more. 

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4. Graphic Designer 

Become a graphic designer

Here’s the reason why a graphic designer fits the list of best work from home jobs in India. 2020 is an age of marketing through visuals. With powerful content, brands need appealing visuals whether as a part of their website, logos, pictures, or designs.

And graphic designers are experts in that. The scope of earning in the field is vast and at an intermediate level, you can easily make 35k per month with no upper limit. You can even take on smaller projects on a freelance basis.

Tip: Leverage Social Media to showcase your skills to the world and establish yourself as an authority in the field. Bank on platforms such as Behance, LinkedIn, dribble and Instagram.

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5. Blogger

Bloggers Work from home jobs

I cannot name a better source of passive income. If you’re really passionate about a particular subject ranging from food, travel, fitness, fashion, gardening, or even philosophy, you must start a blog of your own.

Now is the time where you can even start microblogging through Instagram. The amount you get is really handsome. And the elements that add to your income are Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, and influencer marketing. 

Tip: To maximize your earnings you should know your short-term and long-term blogging goal. For example, decide whether you want to drive sales or increase traffic on your blog. 

coworking spaces

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6. Data Entry

Data Entry Jobs in India

Often mistaken as too easy, the job demands smooth and efficient processing of large amounts of information.

The work, in brief, is to enter data into a computer system or into some type of a secure file system.

You can charge per project or per hour in these kinds of jobs and earn a decent amount. There’s no dearth of work in the market and that’s the reason you can earn well. 

Tip: Leverage freelancing portals to find projects. And maximize earnings by gaining accuracy and speed.

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7. Translator 

Being a translator is both interesting and fruitful. For this, you need to be fluent in at least two languages which can be any, ranging from English, Hindi, Tamil, to Marathi, Bengali, Malayali, etc.

Opportunities are found from Indian and Western businesses and authors who need content in a particular language.

All you’ve to do is bag the right clients, and you can earn an amount of 30k per month in the initial months. 

Tip: Cold and warm pitching to businesses and authors that might need your translation services can help you close some amazing deals. 

8. Online Tutor

Online Tutor Remote jobs in India

Internet usage has far-reaching benefits and one of them is access to affordable and convenient education. Online tutors are the ones who make it possible.

Teachers can earn up to 30k and beyond depending on the authority they’ve established. Businesses such as Chegg have made a significant mark in online tutoring paying you $20 per hour for all subjects.

Tip: Find reliable streams and apply them to acclaimed platforms of online education. Work smartly to increase your demand. 

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9. Business Developer 

BD jobs for remote workers in India

While talking about the best work from home jobs in India, we cannot miss out on freelance business developers. At its core, the work is all about increasing the sales of the product or service for a given brand.

If you can do that as an individual contributor, this job guarantees you interesting work and high pay. You can easily earn up to 25 -30k at the beginning itself. The key is to partner with brands that appreciate the collaboration and are willing to aim for mutual growth. 

Tip: Build your personal brand to start taking overseas projects. And leverage social media and job portals.

10. Travel Agent

Travel Agents Working Remotely In India

Freelance Travel agents book flights, travel packages, railway tickets, bus tickets, and hotels and do more for their clients in an efficient manner.

Top travel agencies are always on the lookout for talented individuals who’ll be able to convert their travel packages.

This business opportunity, along with great pay offers benefits such as free family vacations and holiday deals.

Tip: Specialize in a particular destination. Leverage social media to share travel-related content to position yourself as an expert.

coworking spaces

11. HR Recruiter

HR Recruiter Work From Home

Brands are never going to not need a human workforce to work with. And thus the need for HR recruiters won’t end too.

As a freelance HR recruiter, you’ll have to source applicants online, screen CVs, conduct interviews, refresh job ads and handle history checks.

You can easily earn a decent amount starting from approximately 22k.

Tip: Collaborate with big start-ups. Establish your personal brand. And gain recruiting knowledge to source a talented pool of individuals.

12. Virtual Assistant

By performing administrative duties and maintaining organisation, a virtual assistant assists in keeping track of a company’s data. In addition, you are in charge of managing blogs, websites, sales data, and other online properties.

Being a virtual assistant may bring in a respectable salary, assist with bill payments, and meet all of your fundamental needs.

Tip: Make sure that your set up is suitable for work environment.

13. Tiffin Service

If you love cooking and like hosting people, you can start a tiffin or dabba service with low-investment. It’s a clever approach to make the most of your culinary abilities while putting in the least amount of money. You need enough room for cooking and packing large orders if you want to set up a dabba service facility at your house. Many working people today don’t have the time to prepare meals frequently and are sick of always ordering food because it is both expensive and frequently unhealthy. If you can, take advantage of this chance to make it a tremendous success.

Tip: Obtain a food license from your local municipality and promote your business through flyers and word-of-mouth.

14. Youtuber

When people inquire about legitimate work from home jobs, this is always at the top of the list since being a YouTuber not only earns you money but also allows you to network with individuals who share your interests and with whom you may experience incredible career progress. If you are knowledgeable about any subject, you can create a tutorial or video about it, monetize the video, and you will be able to make a lot of money from YouTube depending on the number of views you receive.

Tip: Make sure that your content is original and the information should not be false.

15. Freelancer

One of the best work from home occupations is freelancing, which allows an individual to complete tasks in the comfort of their own home. You can offer services in accordance with your talents anywhere and whenever you like, and based on your skills, you can make an unlimited sum of money. There are many other types of freelance work out there, including data entry, web development, content writing, and web design.

Tip: You can look for various freelancing jobs on job websites specifically designed for your profession.

16. Animator

If you are someone who is good at graphics, illustrations, and drawings, then look no further and start thinking about being an animator. An imigator is a person who designs logos, cartoon characters, social media banners, and many other things.

The career of an animator is one of the most successful, since he or she will be able to work in a wide range of fields such as television, cartoons, video games, advertising, etc.

Any marketed brand requires a graphic designer, and this shows the demand for animators. Also, this demand results in one of the highest-paid work-from-home jobs in India.

17. Product Reviewer

A product reviewer is one of the highest-paid jobs if you wish to work from home. Many popular brands do hire product reviewers to use and review their brands before releasing them on the market.

For the users who review products, the brands provide free samples, money, and some expensive gifts and products. The best part of the product reviewer’s job is that you get expensive products even before they are released on the market and can use them for free.

18. Editor

Content editors are in demand these days. Writing and publishing quality content is very expensive due to the AI tools. Though AI tools appear to produce content more quickly, Search engines are not interested in AI generated content.Hence, the need for authentic and original content is extremely important if the websites want to impress the search engine.

Hence, editors are required to edit and proofread the AI-generated contents, and most businesses focus on organic marketing for their long-term success. And one of the best ways to increase organic marketing is through content generation. To edit this content, there is a need for an editor who can edit the content for search engines.

With the increased demand, the salary of the editor is also high. Hence, becoming editor in 2023 is not a bad idea.

19. Social Media Influencer

Becoming a social media influencer in 2023 is an ideal thing and also one of the highest-paid jobs. Having decent followers on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook is all it takes to earn you enough money.

There are many brands that approach social media influencers to promote their brands and, in return, pay huge amounts of money for them. Hence, becoming a social media influencer to earn money by working from home is the best thing you can start right away.

20. Resume Writer

The demand for resume writing is increasing all the time. There are many people who are good at their education but bad at designing. Having these in mind, you can simply start designing resumes for these guys and make enough money through this profession.

coworking spaces

FAQs on Best Work From Home Jobs In India

How to avoid work from home job scams?

Well, there’s no definitive way to filter what’s a scam job and what’s not. However, keeping a few things in check before getting to any work from home option in India helps you. Including thorough research about the employer, not shelling out a single penny from your end and asking questions and doubts right away if you have any.

What are the best websites and apps to find work from home jobs in India?

Well, there are a number of places to go to for options. These include Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, etc. Check this list for more details.

Which is the highest paying work from home job?

There’s a relative answer to it, for compensation depends on a number of parameters in any given domain. If you have enough expertise and experience to back it up, you would be earning exponentially better than in any high-paying field in the world.

What work can be done from home in India?

Some of work from home jobs include:

  1. Data Entry Agent
  2. Content Writer 
  3. Freelancer
  4. Online Tutoring 
  5. Digital Marketing
  6. Dropshipping  

Do online jobs pay well? 

Contrary to popular belief, online jobs do pay well. It has a wide range of options and salaries. Some of the skills acquired while doing work from jobs can also tremendously help you out if you decide to do a traditional job. 

Which Indian companies have work from home policy? 

Some of the India companies with work from home policy are:

  1. Hike
  2. TCS
  3. OYO
  4. IBM
  5. Swiggy
  6. Razorpay

How do I get a work from home job? 

It is easy to get a work from home or remote job in recent times, as thousands of jobs offering WFH are available on job websites such as LinkedIn, Naukri.com and more. Make sure that your resume and CV are typed out perfectly, and apply for remote or WFH jobs. 

Wrapping up

So, this was the list of best work from home jobs in India that can help you incorporate freedom, flexibility, and high payments in your work life. 

Having said that, it would be unfair to not address an aspect that can prove to be a hindrance to your journey. And that is – doing these jobs from your home. Here’s why.

You can work on the aforementioned jobs from anywhere in the world but you shouldn’t choose your home to do that. The reasons are simple. Though these jobs do not tie you to office space, they require precision, focus, attention, and unbridled passion. And it is hard to bring all that to your home where you unwind and laze around. 

The best way, therefore, is to go to work cafes or coworking spaces where you not only get to work from a dedicated workspace but also open doors for meeting like-minded individuals who can help you stay inspired. 

One such space is myHQ which you’ll find at 150+ locations in Delhi NCR. This space will make sure you channel your creativity in the right direction and bring your best to the table. 

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