How To Start Your Career As A Freelance Web Developer In India

Gone are the times when wearing a tie and going to a reputed office to work were considered signs of success. Twenty-first-century definition of success is a lot different. Job satisfaction with what one loves doing and the subsequent happiness with what one’s choice of career is, has become primary. The respect for off-beat careers has gradually and steadily grown in society over time. One such career choice is being a freelance web developer.

While there are successful web developers out there who work for one particular organization as full-time employees, freelancing has become equally lucrative today. With time the mindset of society has also changed and freelancers are given equal regard.

At the same time, freelancers have the comfort of their homes while they work and the freedom to work with a self-developed work schedule. The most important factor is that with the rise in globalization and advancement in technology, vast opportunities have opened up across a number of avenues.

To begin a career as a freelance web developer, a few preliminary steps need to be taken and followed like the Bible:

Knowledge base

Sound knowledge of programming languages is a must. While knowing as many languages as possible is important, keeping oneself abreast with new developments in technology is equally significant as it makes your profile better and your chances of landing lucrative and innovative projects brighter.

One needs to have the expertise and a certain experience in the industry. Make sure your profile has impressive credentials. Enrolling in a few courses or subscribing to some good blogs is never a bad idea.


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Keep your samples ready

One extremely important aspect of being a freelancer is having quality samples of your work to show prospective clients. Create a portfolio with your past work if you haven’t already. It gives you a professional reputation showing you are really serious for your work.

You can also alternatively build yourself a website with details of your work. It can prove to be one of the best options when looking for clients or pitching new ideas to them as a freelance web developer.

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Devise a marketing plan

While skill in your field of expertise is necessary, having a good marketing plan is an equally important thing to do as a freelancer. Having an approach inclined towards making your skills sell and sell to the best possible is extremely important if you wish to be paid handsomely for your hard work.

Beginning with people and places that do not have active websites or any internet presence at all, like small businesses, NGOs, etc., is a great idea to begin creating a profile for yourself while beginning to make profits already.

Start creating profiles on freelancing websites like Craigslist, Upwork, and many more.

At the end of the day, freelancing also comes down to business. Read this article to get deep insights into marketing as a freelancer.


Start networking

And last but definitely not the least, network. Network as much as you can. Meet people from the same field, share and discuss ideas. Linkedin is your haven for networking professionally but don’t underestimate Facebook.

Facebook has plenty of groups where people network and post opportunities. A good example of this is the several groups on Facebook by the name of ‘Freelancer’, ‘Freelance Web Developer’, etc., where clients post requirements and contact information which can further be used by freelancers to make deals and deliver work.

Another good way of connecting with clients is through word of mouth. Let your friends, acquaintances, family, extended family, relatives, friends or relatives know that you’re a freelance web developer and that you’d be available for assignments in case anybody they know needs you for projects.

Become a part of a coworking space to network locally. Dig events, workshops, seminars happening around you. Be good in reaching out to people who interest you as potential clients. In no time at all your freelance practice will shoot and prosper.


Stay motivated

It’s easy to give up when we are working all by ourselves. But it’s so important to have our motivation going. Keep your goals right in front of you and do not let yourself be caught in the monotony. Remember why you started.

Watch inspiring videos, read insightful articles, keep educating yourself more and more. Follow some notable names like Mike Kus and Shane Mielke to fuel some inspiration right there.

Get set, the world is your oasis.

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