How To Create The Perfect Freelancer Profile On

Creating a freelancer profile is easier than ever before. However, there are some critical steps that freelancers must follow in order to be compliant on the platform. also has some SEO based strategies that freelance professionals can employ.

Additionally, is the preferred resource for a variety of projects from IT to marketing services.

Freelance workers represent more than 50% of the workforce in developed nations, with greater proportions in millennial populations. Research from across agencies shows that there are significant advantages to having a robust profile on Freelancer, Upwork and other platforms.

Creating a freelancer profile is the first step to your journey, the real work starts when you have to optimize your profile and reach out for projects.

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“ is the largest freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace in the world used by a number of users with even a greater number of jobs posted, so the depth and breadth of data we are able to draw upon to uncover global online employment trends are unparalleled.

This rich insight offers invaluable information to freelancers who want to maximise their skills and ensure they remain up to date and in step with the broader business market, which can be dynamic, with demand changing over time.”- CEO and Chairman Matt Barrie.

1. Make sure that you brand yourself well

It’s important that all freelancers brand themselves correctly. The perfect freelancer profile uses your real name and professional photo. This also includes your skillsets being adequately laid out on the platform. When choosing your skills from the drop-down menu, it’s important to choose the right ones that have market demand.

You want to focus on combining your core skills with what is in demand right now. You can search for a few key projects in your search area and find out what specific keywords are highlighted. Then you can create a freelancer profile based on that metric.

2. Have a unique headline and introduction

For any given popular skill, chances are that there are hundreds of profiles available. There are many options for project managers to choose from. Additionally, freelancer profile options are also available outside of the platform. It’s important to have a unique headline and introduction available so that you can personalize your profile better.

You can also stand out from the crowd and be a leader in a certain industry. It’s important to showcase your strengths in any particular projects that you’ve done as well.

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3. Connect your social media & projects

Your online presence should speak a consistent message to the project manager. They should be able to review your LinkedIn or your portfolio on GitHub or Behance. This is a great way to showcase your personality outside of Freelancer and demonstrate the complete array of your work.

This can also help you differentiate yourself in how you market yourself. You can go above and beyond when it comes to creating that perfect freelancer profile. You can also highlight the projects that you are most proud of and start reaching for potential work in those areas.

4. Strategize for creating the perfect Freelancer profile ranks its users on a basis of 4 critical areas.

  • The first one is the connectivity of the profile to that job. If your skills match closer to the job requirement, then you will rank higher for that keyword. This includes any niche skills that only a handful of people may possess. It is important as you can scout for keywords and get a deeper knowledge on the categories of skills most relevant. Additionally, the quality of your profile is also critical. If you haven’t uploaded relevant work or you’ve used a generic headline and image, then your profile will get rooted out.
  • Reviews & Feedback is another metric that is important. You need to ask for positive reviews anytime you complete your project. You can request your project manager to use specific keywords pertaining to your job. They can craft a review like – “Great work on Graphic Design for AI systems. Thorough professional!”. The algorithm will pick up the keywords and rank you higher for that specific domain. That’s why it’s important to create the perfect freelancer profile outside of just your profile.


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  • Responsiveness is an important factor that is considered as well. takes into account how you communicate with the project leads. It also takes into account the quality of the conversation, in which case you want to provide as much detail as possible. Additionally, responsiveness extends to the time taken to revert. This is important as you want to keep the client in the loop at all times.
  • Size, quality and project scope is a factor as well. What work you’ve done in the past reflects in what work you will get. That’s why it’s important to portray it front and centre. It’s great for the SEO ranking for particular keywords, as well as looking at how well you fit into a project requirement. From a freelancer perspective, it’s important to have a holistic approach to project management.

Creating the perfect freelancer profile takes a bit of effort, but it pays off multi-fold in the end. You want to focus on optimizing all aspects of the project journey, from review to final results.

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