10 Online Tools To Generate Online Invoice For Your Next Freelance Project

There is no HR, accounting or marketing department for your convenience, it’s a one man show!

Working as a freelancer, there are a lot of things that a person has to handle themselves. Amongst the most essential things is your freelance invoice. Thankfully, existing in the age of the internet has its benefits, one of them is the online availability of tools and software that make everyday tasks easier.

If you don’t particularly like making your freelance invoice manually or usually end up losing old invoices, check out these easy online portals and tools that are made to generate online invoice easily!

How To Generate Online Invoice Easily?


ZOHO is a multipurpose online office suite containing word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, note-taking, wikis, web conferencing, customer relationship management (CRM), project management, invoicing, and other applications. You can create, save and send your freelance invoice directly from this platform, it is easy to use and free to generate online invoice.

2. Freshbooks

It is a cloud accounting software package, suitable for freelancers, small-sized businesses and offer cloud-based accounting applications that manage and pay bills, and payroll functions. It has an easy, step by step interface which makes sure you don’t forget to enter any details.

generate online invoice on freshbooks

3. Invoiceto

It is a simple yet powerful tool to create invoices. You can create unlimited invoices, free of cost and the user interface makes it a fun process. You can also save your invoice in the PDF format, send the invoice through emails directly, accept credit cards payment online, accelerate time to cash and so on.

4. Simplybill

It is a simple, free website which helps you create your freelance invoice, keep track of payments that are due, includes tax details and comparisons to previous year’s payment details all in one place with a simple, free sign-up!

5. Canva

Canva is an online graphic design tool which can be used to design anything from an event poster to a wedding card! lucky for you it can create invoices too, visually pleasing ones at that! You can choose from a variety of colourful templates.


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6. Shopify

A no-nonsense to the point, simple bills, and invoices for those who like it quick and hassle-free. Shopify sends you the link of the invoice to your email account from which you can download the PDF of the invoice.

Shopify- generate online invoice

7. Free Invoice Builder

Simple, quick and neat. Generate online invoice by just filling in the details in the template, add tax, VAT, discount, currency etc and download PDF. It doesn’t ask for any sign-ups, just visit the website and start editing!

8. Invoicely

It is a great tool for freelancers and small businesses. It helps you create your freelance invoice, track hourly billed tasks, expenses etc. Online payments through various payment channels are also accepted and can be used easily on a smartphone as well.

9. Invoice Simple

Just visit the website, fill in the details in the given template and edit necessary fields according to the nature of the invoice and voila! your invoice is ready to download or even be sent in the mail.

10. Wave

Create professional invoices in a matter of seconds, track and accept payments. It is quick and simple and is available on mobile as well.

We’ve listed down the most convenient online portals which help you avoid the pain of manually creating an invoice.


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