5 Reasons Why Work From Home Is A Bad Idea

Just started freelancing OR landed at a job that allows you to work from home? 

Well then, among your reasons to rejoice should be the fact that you can now work from our cool HQs! Because working from home is a concept and not a literal thing. We did away with the boring ‘home’ part and got you fancy cafes to work from instead.

Still, think work from home is a better option?

Well then, read on to find out why working from home is such a big mess …

1. Each Time An Idea Knocks You Someone Knocks At The Door.Bazinga!

Everyone, from the plumber to the electrician to the courier guy make a beeline for your doorbell just when you sit down to work. It’s almost like an evil master plan by the universe!









2.You Type Your To-Do List While Mommy Writes Her Grocery List.
She’s Faster, She Wins, You End Up At The Grocer’s. Game Over!

Because you are at home, all errands lead to you. It’s hard to make people around understand that just because you are home doesn’t mean it’s goodbye to work too!


3.The Bed Turns Into The Greatest Seductress Ever!

Who can ignore the softness of that quilt and the super comfort of that mattress, ESPECIALLY when you have an important assignment to submit. You could certainly give sleeping beauty a run for her money!



4.You Feel Like A Cow That Eats, Sleeps & Shits In The Same Place, E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y. Yikes!

Working from home limits you to one single place all day and night long! No inspiration= no creativity= douche work!


5.A One Hour Tv Break Turns Into A Movie Marathon.
Pop Goes The Work!

You promised a one hour TV break to shake off the work monotony and ended up watching the entire Rambo series! Perks of not having a boss?



So what do we do?

Ditch your home, keep the pajamas, perhaps, and we will take care of your coffee at any of our assorted myHQ zones. Check us out for more details 😉

That’s right, you can now walk in to your nearest myHQ smart café (your regular coffee shop which has now been turned into a work optimized space) and work freely. What’s more, besides the perfect work environment, you get pocket-friendly food options, blazing fast free internet and of course a chance to connect with other professionals like yourself.

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