Your Must Haves For Working In A Cafe

The formal office setup as we know it is gradually giving way to more innovative and youthful spaces. And what could be more apt for this generation than working from cafés? After all cafés are the hallmark of our times and their relaxed ambiance is ideal to get some creative juices flowing.

So when choosing a café that will serve as your future workplace, here are a few essentials that cafés must be equipped with:

1.The Quintessential Internet Dongle

This one is a no-brainer really! An internet dongle along with a high speed internet connection is the most basic requirement if you are working outside the office. Reliance Jio works? Isn’t that fast or reliable yet; preferably carry two dongles.


2. Noise Cancelling Headphones

No one likes to be disturbed by crying babies or loud aunties when working. And cafés do tend to get noisy at times, so a pair of noise cancelling headphones would be the perfect antidote to all the clatter.


3. Power Bank 

Your boss is certainly not going to like it when he/she tries to reach you for some urgent work and your phone is switched off. Most cafés have limited plug points! So either come early to get your favourite seat with plug points or carry a power bank.


4. Stationery

Even in the age of laptops and iPads we do need the humble pen and paper sometimes. And most cafés are never equipped with these basics! So if you do plan to work, do remember carrying your pen, pencil, stapler, etc- the minimum necessities.


5. Bonus Add-Ons

Besides the above listed essentials, it doesn’t hurt to know if the cafe has ample parking space nearby, exclusive work zones, a separate smoking area and a printer. Just a few extra bits that would make the entire experience more organised and efficient.


With our expert checklist, you can now find the perfect work cafés.

Or wait, instead of all the running around you could just subscribe to myHQ and work from one of our cafés! Needless to say, we have all the above requirements and more covered, so you can simply walk in and get started. Sounds right? Do give myHQ smart cafés a try and change the way you work. We promise you will never go back to working out of a traditional café, business centre or coworking space again!

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