Introducing Fillr | Send substitutes to work, in place of you

Work stress is no unfamiliar concern of today. Leading to other forms of challenges such as physical & mental fatigue – employees are expected to solve the same through means that are external, such as yoga or meditation. Be it the pressure to request for a holiday approval or strict walk-in hours  – ‘flexibility at work’ has been the predominant factor behind the same.

Although there are abundant services solving concerns around team management & the look and feel of workspaces – there’s scope to introduce something that looks at solving the predominant factor we mentioned formerly i.e work flexibility.

Understanding the employee side of running out freedom to take leaves as they please and the what companies derve in terms of commitment & deliverable showcase – myHQ in collaboration with 500 companies has launched Fillr; a new age service that allows employees to take more offs/paid leaves at work, by simply booking a suitable replacement for themselves via Fillr. Backed with high maintenance on company privacy – the choices in substitutes and freelance profiles leave no stone unturned, both in terms of quality of work & commitment to deliver.

In a span of 3 months, we’ve managed to test the beta version with over 5000 people & the results have been amazing. Similar to any other booking service, the app is an easy-to-use product. After the user is done signing up, he has the option to be a substitute or book a substitute. Bringing the key feature forward – the replacements can be booked on demand. After a user is done filtering through industry type, skill set & experience requirement – he or she can send a booking request that takes 30 to 40 seconds of confirmation.


Overwhelmed with the response we’ve gotten, one user said,

I like how I don’t have to wait for my weekends specifically to create space for other things in my life. I’ve been using Fillr time and again when I feel I need to be somewhere else, be it for a family scene or a quick trip to hills.” Akash Singh

Another user said,

I was pretty doubtful about giving my work to someone else, but when I saw the output of the task list, I was pretty surprised to see the efficiency of Aakriti, my substitute. The way she’d communicated her doubts and deliverables over emails was so professional.” Seerat Agarwal

Looking at i.) the boom of coworking spaces, ii.) the growth of the freelancer market, iii.) increase in small mediums businesses & iv.) mostly a ‘to each his own’ attitude in the air – selling a flexible model such as this, has been convenient. Companies we’ve boarded have been cooperative and susceptible in testing the product.

Overwhelmed with the support we’ve been receiving from the companies, our founder Utkarsh Kawatra said, “We feared a sense of hesitation from companies in the beginning – but seeing the industry already reach a flexible space where they look out for freelancers so often, they didn’t seem to have many concerns in absorbing the Fillr model.”

We’re opening registrations for the first 1000 users to try out our open beta version.
Register now to maximize your chance of receiving early access and await the magic of stress-free work life.

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