12 Best Apps For Freelancers To Stay Productive And Organised

A quick search for the best apps for freelancers on Google shows a thousand listicles. So many apps and so many listicles, and yet we all have those unproductive days that end in feelings of guilt and heaviness. At times we have to-do lists that run into pages but we just can’t organize ourselves to get to business.

Keeping this in mind, we’ve put together a list of the best apps for freelancers that can actually increase productivity and help you get organized.

1) Wunderlist

True to its name, Wunderlist is one of the best apps for freelancers that helps them organize, everything! To-do lists, deadlines, grocery lists, invoice dates, or meeting schedule – the app organizes everything. Most importantly, it easily syncs between your phone, laptop and tablet, which means you can access your to-do list from any device. What is more, the app has features that help collaborative work by sharing with colleagues, clients, and team members.


2) TopTracker

One of the best apps for freelancers who travel a lot, TopTracker can help you stay efficient and organized. The app has features that let you invoice clients, request for payments for work tracked through the app, and even make free payments for any external help that you might have hired for the project.

Apart from this, the app has interesting features that can surprise you. Wondering how many minutes or hours you spend on your emails? TopTracker will tell you. So the next time you’re on a holiday between two projects, your app can send the pending invoices to clients. Smart, isn’t it?


3) Otter – freelancers’ note-taking assistant

best apps for freelancers otter

Freelancers whose work involves taking notes during meetings and pitches, often spend a lot of their precious time on scribbling notes on a notepad or transcribing recorded conversations before getting on with the actual work. Not only does it require time, but it can also get annoying and tiring.

Otter is a note-taking and transcribing app that combines voice, speaker and transcribing. Wondering how it works? It has the ability to distinguish between your voice and the interviewee’s voice. The app saves your time, meaning you can focus on getting the actual work done and increase your productivity.


4) Flipd – for social media addicts

Are you on social media every few minutes? You need help. “Most people spend between one and four hours on their phones each day—and many far longer”, reveals Adam Alter, author of Irresistible: The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping us Hooked. Worrying, isn’t it? Just imagine how much you can get done in four hours!

Flipd is an app that controls your social media addiction by blocking time-wasting sites from your phone and computer for a preset specified period of time, or if you wish, for good! The result: you will spend about four-plus hours a day doing something else, which would definitely be more productive than social media.




5) Invoice by Wave – get paid on time

The biggest pain for freelancers – getting paid on time. Either the client delays payments, you have forgotten to send the invoice or your invoice has some errors, which need to be rectified. With Invoice by Wave, there is no forgetting to send invoices or sending incomplete invoices.

The app can be installed on the phone or desktop. Besides that, the app has a number of professional, easy and smart invoice templates, and also help in scheduling invoices, recording payments received and sending reminders to clients in a professional way.


6) Boomerang – for freelancers who use email a lot

Some freelancers prefer to have all communication through email. This is a smart way to have a record of all important information and discussions with the client. But depending heavily on email can backfire. If you have the habit of responding to every email as and when you get the notification, it can eat up a lot of your time and focus.

Therefore, there is Boomerang. The app helps you “focus on what matters”. It is a comprehensive app that manages all your email tasks:

  • Schedules emails to send at an optimal time
  • Snoozes messages
  • Sends you reminders


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7) Evernote – for the multi-tasking freelancers

Unlike people who work in offices with teams, freelancers work all alone and have to manage all the small and big tasks on their own. From scanning handwritten notes to sharing information with a co-freelancer, from discussions to jotting down ideas, there a million different and small tasks that freelancers need to shift to tackle.

This is where Evernote helps. On the phone or the desktop, the app helps organize all your notes, syncs between devices, helps you share ideas, plan events, meetings, create agendas and more. Experts consider it to be one of the best apps for freelancers to stay organized and increase productivity.


8) Instasize

Instasize - best apps for freelancers

With Instasize, you can create visually engaging photos and videos to grow your audience on social media. With a network of over 500k content creators, it is one of the most prominent platforms to create eye-catching and interactive content.

You can also get exclusive tips and tutorials from expert influencers to up your social media game. Download Instasize here.


9) Focus Booster

Time is money for freelancers- especially for those who get paid on an hourly basis. Ever heard of the Pomodoro technique of working?  It is a time management technique developed in the 1980s. It breaks down work into intervals of 25 minutes, separated by short breaks.

The benefits: improves output, increases focus, eliminates burnout and helps achieve more. The app, Focus Booster comes with built-in time tracking and helps work in powerful and focused intervals. Among the plethora of time management apps for freelancers, FocusBooster stands out for its efficiency in boosting productivity.


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10) RescueTime

RescueTime is an app that not only helps you get more productive but also helps you change your bad habits too. How? The app gives you insights into the time you spend on your desktop and on the phone.

It shares real-time alerts of your screen time prompting you to build better habits. Furthermore, the app also shares detailed reports, which you can use to analyze your bad habits, and change them to better habits, leading to increased productivity.


11) MindMeister

An important part of freelancers’ work is to brainstorm and come up with ideas. One of the best apps for freelancers, whose work involves creativity, is MindMeister. It is a mind-mapping tool that helps put ideas into visuals, in an easy, digital format. These visuals can then be shared with co-freelancers or clients.

best apps for freelancers Mind Meister


12) Pocket

Whether you are a freelance writer, designer, researcher or analyst, almost all kinds of work involves research, reading, listening to podcasts for ideas or watching videos. We stumble upon brilliant articles, videos, and ideas online, which we think about referencing, in future.

But because we don’t save them, they get lost. Pocket is an app the functions as your bank of interesting online resources.  Pocket helps to save all these online resources in one place for current and future projects. How easy is that?

Amp your productivity and get organized with these best apps for freelancers. It isn’t all that difficult if you give them a try.


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