12 Best Affiliate Programs In India That You Must Try In 2021

With the advent of digital media, a lot has changed when it comes to how a user interacts or transacts with your brand. With a lot of content available online, customers in the present age make a very informed decision by comparing sites, reading reviews, asking for recommendations and more.

This is what typically makes affiliate marketing so interesting. The idea here is to reach out to potential users via a mediator which is well known or trusted in that community. Research shows that a referred customer is 4 times more likely to talk about your brand and has 37% higher conversion rate.


What is Affiliate Marketing?

The world is no longer relying on the conventional model of learning, with the much-needed technological revolution happening on a global level. Digital marketing, coding, design and marketing among others have become hot cakes in the market, and the list also includes Affiliate Marketing, which any corporate professional must not miss out on.

This is widely known to be performance-based marketing, wherein an affiliate is rewarded for making a customer visit, buy or subscribe to service/product through the affiliate’s efforts. 

It is, what you can call, revenue sharing – you gain a commission for promoting another person or company’s product and gain a small share of profit from the sale made.


How is Affiliate Marketing beneficial?

The cycle of affiliate marketing goes through four stages or four kinds of people rather – the merchant, the affiliate and the consumer and subsequently moves into a vast network of people.

The biggest benefit, however, goes to the two initial parties namely the product creator and seller and the affiliate marketer. 

The merchant or creator is responsible for giving birth to the product. It could be a company producing refrigerators or a person selling his book or an online course. It does not matter where the product is coming from, it should be eligible enough to be sold and viable in the market.

The affiliate marketer, also, can be both a person or persons involved in marketing and promoting of the said product. They can be publishers, influencers or even agencies who can go on from demanding a few thousand to lakhs and crores as commission. They can also simultaneously market several products through their channel/platform and convince and attract potential customers into buying the product.


For example: A mobile application which is a huge hit among audiences can manage to showcase the advertisements from various other companies in exchange for a hefty commission. Newspapers featuring a special ‘advertisement’ section does it precisely for this reason – they charge all their clients for displaying their product/service on it. 

Alternatively, there are myriad ways of marketing a product. 

The consumer and the network, on the other hand, are the ones responsible for providing a boost to this cycle. Without any sales, no revenue will be generated, no commissions are handed out and no marketing needed. Therefore, the affiliate must pitch the product to the consumer through every possible channel – social media, digital billboards, blogs and more. 

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The network serves as an intermediary between the affiliate and the creator as involving a huge network as one’s marketing strategy helps the promotion go deeper and broader, and puts more emphasis on one’s affiliate marketing. It possesses a database containing multiple products and the affiliate can then choose which one to promote.

While you can become both a merchant or the affiliate marketer – either be a creator of the product and gain shares from overall sales or become the latter and get a fixed commission, which is a convenient path to make a meaningful income.



Top Affiliate Programs in India

Planning to become an affiliate marketer? Here are the top 12 affiliate programs in India that you must sign up for.

1) Amazon Associates

Top affiliate programs to try - Amazon AssociatesA leader in the Indian e-commerce segment, it boasts of both high commission rates and high website conversion rates. An Average Order Value Amazon is an affiliate marketers dream!

All you need to do is sign up for this affiliate program using your current Amazon account, post which you will be presented with a set of tools. These tools will help speed up the affiliate marketing process concerning product research and link creation. The SiteStripe toolbar will help you create an affiliate link to any page on Amazon.in, which you can further share on Facebook or tweet. 

You also have a list of desktop and mobile-optimized banners at your disposal which can be used in promoting your blog, generating product links with images and for embedding the code within the post to boost click-throughs.

This program is one of the best affiliate programs in India and allows you to secure a commission for other products purchased by the consumer as well. For example, it is highly likely that a consumer buys the mobile phone promoted by you and a tablet as well, post landing on the affiliate link created by you. In such cases, you would end up earning commission for both since you sent converting traffic to Amazon.

You can make a commission of 0.3% to as high as 12% through Amazon’s affiliate programs, depending on the product bought. 

For more details, check out: https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/


2) Flipkart Affiliate Program

affiliate programs

One of the earliest e-commerce players offering one of the best affiliate programs in India, it requires zero fees to sign up for the same. All you need to do is to generate and drive traffic from website/mobile site/mobile apps to Flipkart and earn commission on each purchase.

It is recommended that you add good customised content to spruce up your website in a way that the low-risk and high-reward environment compels both the parties to give in. 

You can earn up to 15% every time a user clicks on the banner/link and makes a purchase on your site. One of the earliest adopters of affiliate marketing as a promotional channel,  it has diverse platforms like accurate tracking, broad product categories, competitive fee and on-time payment, which makes it one of the most sought-after programs in India. 

For more details, check out: https://affiliate.flipkart.com/


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3) V Commission

Top affiliate programs to try - V Commission

vCommission ranks among one of the top Indian affiliate networks delivering performances on both web and mobile to top Indian brands through a growing network of 17,500 affiliates.

It is also one of the earliest CPA networks in India catering to multiple marketing objectives. It allows you to earn money through lead generation, driving app installs or generating e-commerce sales. Also, it boasts of having numerous top clients in its kitty including eBay, Myntra, Snapdeal and HomeShop18. In case you have coupon website, you can upload your Coupon CSV, and use the same deep link for creating a link to any product registered in the inventory.

The network brings together  CPS, CPI, CPC and CPA offers which helps the affiliates generate more sales due to the expertise. Notably, the minimum payout for this site is $100 which is timely deposited in the affiliate’s bank account.

For more details, check out: https://www.vcommission.com/


4) Optimise

Optimise - get paid on sale

Also widely known as OMG India, it is one of the leading affiliate networks in India with global coverage in 30+ countries.

Backed by excellent client service and performance and equipped by disruptive technology, it has its roots deep into categories like retail, travel, automotive, Telecom and Finance.

Few popular Indian advertisers of Optimise include PayTM, CitiBank, Yatra, Redbus, Vivo, and Airtel. Currently, they support 1,400 premium advertisers across 30 countries. The URL age for this program is 8.10 years and the affiliate program is free to join.

For more details, check out: https://www.optimisemedia.com/products/affiliate-network


5) eBay Affiliate

Top affiliate programs to try - eBay AffiliatesThis affiliate program is ideal for people looking to earn money real quick, for it allows anyone to subscribe and is also free of cost.

An affiliate marketer just has to promote products and he/she will earn commission on every sale initiated by them. All one needs to do is Find, Share and Earn.

The key highlight of this affiliate program is that it allows both individuals and business organizations, and the payments are both high and quick.  Notably, an affiliate can earn a commission of up to 12%. The URL age in this program is 1.0 years and the tools used include APIs, ad groups and Pixels/Postbacks.


[optin-cat id=5314]


6) HostGator Affiliate Program

HostGator - affiliate network

Hostgator is a renowned web hosting company and a top affiliate marketing company. With a wide customer base, it allows affiliates to earn passive income through the promotion of their products and is great for people in the web designing, blogs or hosting services for earning money.

One of the best affiliate programs in India, it has its own office and caters to Indian audiences. 

Its affiliate program pays a commission of Rs. 1250 per sale, which increases with more sales. Overall, Hostgator is a trusted platform and can easily convert users into buyers. All you will need to do is sign up as an affiliate and employ the high converting banners provided on your blog.

For more details, check out: https://www.hostgator.in/affiliates


7) GoDaddy Affiliate Program

Godaddy Affiliate programWorld’ leading domain name registrar, GoDaddy, has an India specific affiliate program, for which you can sign up either through an affiliate network like Zanox or Commission Junction.

Here, you can earn by simply sending your customers to GoDaddy’s website and place one of your banners with your contacts. Notably, you will earn cash on every single sale that qualifies through your ad. GoDaddy’s affiliate program can be set up easily and is free of cost.

With skyrocketing commissions of 100% and its wise range of plans, this is one affiliate program to sign up for. It also provides you with a complete suite of tools needed for a webmaster to launch and grow his business online.

For more details, check out: https://in.godaddy.com/affiliate-programs


8) DGM India

Top affiliate programs to tryOne of the best affiliate programs in India, it allows its affiliates the chance to earn a considerable amount of commission by promoting the products from Indian websites.

Besides offering attractive commission rates for all its programs, it also offers rewards and bonuses to its top performers and is free to join as well. Also, the payments are made directly through direct deposits.

DGM India is a digital ad network – all you need to do is join it as a publisher, and choose it as a campaign and voila! You start earning money right away!


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9) Bigrock Affiliate

Top affiliate programs to try

One of the top domain and hosting sellers in India, they have an affiliate program with high commission payouts. The big advantage of this affiliate program is its deep portfolio of products which add on top of each other.

You can earn from this website in only three steps – you must first sign up (for free), refer customers and start earning. This platform is recommended for people interested in web hosting, blogging and web designing. 

You can choose to sell any of the Bigrock products and services like Domain Name Registration, Website Hosting, Email Hosting, DIY Website Builder Tool and Digital Certificates. A reader, who has bought a domain using your affiliate link, might also be looking to buy a web and email hosting. You can sell these plans to the same reader to generate more commissions.

For more details, check out: https://www.bigrock.in/affiliate


10) Planet Express

affiliate program - planet express

Planet Express is a leading freight and courier company which also runs a successful affiliate program. Some of the salient features of the program include – (a) $5 for every referral that uses their service, (b) unique affiliate links, (c) affiliate commission can be redeemed as cash using PayPal or redeem it as their shipping credits.

Planet Express’s affiliate page also has tips and tricks on how to get the maximum return from their affiliate program. Some of their good affiliates make $1000 every month with a huge potential to earn more.

For more details, check out: https://planetexpress.com/


11) Cuelinks

Top affiliate programs to tryThis one is for people who want to monetise their content, but cannot see themselves going through the hassles of picking the right product to promote and monetising it. Through the Cuelinks Javascript code, you can monetise your content with the help of affiliate links.

When you write an article with a specific keyword, Cuelinks picks it up and links it to the Amazon product page with its affiliate link. So when a user buys it, you earn a commission.

For WordPress users, Cuelinks has a plugin for making a job easier. It has about 400+ advertisers with several offers and products.

For more details, check out: https://www.cuelinks.com/


12) Nearbuy Affiliate

Nearbuy affiliate program

One of the best affiliate programs in India, it is also a famous local Indian discovery platform – all you need to do is to create a content plan, for promoting your Nearbuy affiliate links.

There are attractive commissions to be earned on CPSs. Signing up is for free and you can earn a commission from a sale coming down from your link.

For more details, check out: http://affiliates.nearbuy.com/



Marketing, be it of small things such as groceries to fancy cars and real estate, is indispensable. Good sales is always a result of aggressive and efficient marketing, with companies taking the leverage of more leads, traffic and of course, sales.

Since the internet is our new God now, marketing through it, known as affiliate marketing has fast gained momentum and will be the pinnacle of marketing gigs also in the years to come.

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