How myHQ helped Motion Advertise scale its business.

From The Horse’s Mouth

“Efficiency in creativity cannot be defined in work habits and contained in a workspace, it has to break free of constraints and limitations to work out. For a digital advertising agency like us, myHQ workspaces simply unshackled these bounds and restraints. It helped us re-channelize our creative juices to flow seamlessly. It provided a chain of opportunities to graph out and grow our organization out to unaltered productivity”

 Ankur Dubey, Co-founder, Motion Advertise



Digital Marketing At A Glance

Digital Marketing, is the new rampage in the advertising world all across. With more and more people from all walks of life concocted on the social web, this concept has become one of the most efficient ways to put your thoughts across. Given this new-age personification of marketing, a number of businesses are seeking its course of action. Using this, a number of brands have developed an unrivaled stance in the market. Social media campaigns, blogs and a number of new ways help you attain the goal. Contrary to conventional marketing traditions, these new methods have paved more effective modes of product communication. 

Making the most of which are the digital marketing agencies that provide facilitation to these strategies for a living. Using technological support and creativity, these agencies work out the dullest of business models into working, living, breathing entities in the world of communications.  


Motion Advertise – Conceptualisation Of A Dream

Motion Advertise is not just one of the leading digital marketing names in India, but it has shown exponential growth in a rather short span of time. Formulated from a concept into a structured organization in 2017, they intend to provide simple, clear and effective marketing solutions to the masses. 

Started on a shoestring budget, they accumulated immense industry expertise and market presence over multiple overseas locations in the meanwhile.

From a single office in Gurgaon, Motion Advertise expanded to one of the biggest markets like Dubai in no time.


Working Out Of myHQ Workspaces

Providing critical housing logistics to Motion Advertise, myHQ workspaces have been a pillar of support in their developmental stage. From workspace requirements at convenient locations to offering a nurturing and stimulating work environment, working out of myHQ spaces has been fruitful for Motion Advertise.

There were a number of issues and concerns that loomed over Motion Advertise at the elementary stage. Catering to which was always an added responsibility, but if the journey isn’t rough enough, the summit won’t come up to be such a joy. And making sure that the agency could sustain through the hardships, myHQ proved its salt at any given point.

The Challenges

Working with a corporate entity in a metropolitan like Delhi poses a number of challenges for employees. From long travel time to the hustle and bustle of city life, just about everything conspires to keep your creativity from efficiency.

Also, these creative resources are critical to the operations of any given marketing agency. If not manicured to yield utmost productivity, this may result in bilateral damage to the organization and the employee.

Moreover, seeking a perfect candidature comes with its own set of issues and concerns. Reluctance to commute, lack of infrastructure, discontent with amenities offered, there can be a host of issues that stand in the way. And which were also the issues that the management of Motion Advertise faced in the process of acquiring new assets in the past.

Adding to the challenges at hand, Motion Advertise was a bootstrapped venture. The founding members were shelling out personal savings to frame up this digital marketing firm. Hence taking up several cost-cutting measures in the elementary stage was inevitable to their need. Moreover, spending on relocation to anywhere else in the city was simply foolhardy for such a budding venture it was back then.


The Perfect Solution

A perfect solution is not always possible, but a plausible support mechanism is more practical an approach to such requirements. Similarly, Motion Advertise came across the myHQ Flexi plan as a suitable bridge to the gaps in their structure. 

“The idea of multiple office spaces was intriguing enough, but the final nail in the coffin was the option of affordable housing logistics for the team. Imperatively, I decided to try out their services for a while. Exceeding my expectations, the product was a perfect fit for us. Cutting short to the chase, it came out that we have been using the Flexi services for the past two years now.”


The Chase

myHQ Flexi plans allowed the Motion Advertise team to work from shared office spaces that were closest to their homes. The team members based out of Delhi could work from a myHQ space on most days of the week. They would come to the Gurgaon office only for monthly discussions and meetings. This not only saved a significant amount of travel time, but it also allowed them to work from premium coworking spaces and work cafes. Places that are tailored to foster creativity and provide an enjoyable work experience for creative profiles. Eventually, yielding better productivity in every nook of the agency’s domains.

An Era Of Newfound Opportunities

In addition, Motion Advertise could also start serving clients from unexplored territories in Delhi. With myHQ workspaces serving as satellite offices for the firm, the team members could conduct meetings and serve business requirements from locations more convenient to their clients. For their customers also preferred hiring an agency with a nearby office, it resulted in a broader clientele than before.


Expansion & Reformulation

When in 2019, myHQ launched the Corporate Flexi plan for bigger enterprises, Motion Advertise was one of the first names to join hands in this journey. Adding to the benefits of the ongoing Flexi plan, the corporate plan offered single invoicing for the entire team. They got access to the myHQ Corporate Dashboard, which allows the admin authority to add and remove team members. The dashboard also offers an option to track invoices and make reservations at their ease. A seamless experience for Motion Advertise team, this new ensemble of convenience worked wonders for the marketing agency.

“Along with a philosophy of keeping the customers first, the Corporate Flexi Plan by myHQ was priced at 12% lesser than anything else. It all made Motion Advertise choose myHQ workspaces over any other name in the market.


The Perks Of Working In A Community Based Approach

myHQ’s ever-growing community also helped Motion Advertise acquire many new clients while saving them substantial expenditure on workspaces. Networking within their workspaces and at the community events, the digital marketing agency scaled their brand’s presence in the market. Further, they could now introduce their services to a potential clientele that was untouched before. 

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myHQ Flexi Plan offers the following benefits:

  • Access to over 150 coworking spaces and work cafes across Delhi-NCR, with new spaces being onboarded every week.
  • Standardized office spaces with all sorts of work specific amenities such as the internet, stationery, tea/coffee, and an ambient working environment
  • Affordable pricing at only INR 200 per visit
  • No security deposits or hidden charges

Added Benefits

Working out of myHQ workspaces, Motion Advertise could now solve their office space inefficiencies to quite a bit. From space requirements to an employee’s productivity quotient, these coworking spaces scaled Motion Advertise in unchartered directions and possibilities. 


The Future Of Motion Advertise

Now a stable business with several clients across the nation, the company aims to explore its horizons beyond Delhi-NCR. With an evolving overseas presence in Dubai, they are looking forward to expanding offices in several major cities across the nation including Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.


A Final Word

“myHQ workspaces have been instrumental in our growth. We hope that such solutions continue to inspire more startups and help them achieve a larger scale.” – Ankur Dubey, Co-founder, Motion Advertise.


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