5 Successful Ways Of Using Customer Reviews in Your Marketing Strategy

A happy and satisfied customer always tells your success story. Most of the people make their purchase decision after reading positive customer reviews on the web.

When you share your buyer’s real-time experience on your website, social media accounts, blogs, etc. it shows brand promise and develops a sense of trust in the minds of users who are planning to use the product or service for the first time. It makes the brand more credible in the real world amongst other competitors.

According to the research by Nielsen, “92% of individuals will believe a reference from friends and family, and 70% of the individuals will rely on users they even don’t know.”

Customer reviews can make or break a brand reputation and boosting satisfied customers to share their experience online, specifically on social media channels can help businesses create social proof of their effective services.

You can use positive reviews as a powerful tool to attract customers. A lot of brands have started taking customer review strategy very seriously because it develops a connection with their users instantly.

In this article, we will cover tips on using customer reviews in marketing:

1) Post Customer Reviews on Social Media Platforms

The options are endless when it comes to sharing customer reviews on social media channels.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn are popular social media platforms for customers to discuss and share their experience or submit reviews related to your products or services. Assemble and influence positive customer reviews by sharing them on your business social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, etc.

You can retweet them, feature them on Instagram and Facebook feed or stories and create a post on LinkedIn.

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Including customer image and video will add believability and credibility to your business by expressing why people love you. This is a very easy and free strategy.

It is a great way to push customer reviews in your marketing efforts in the right manner.

For e.g. – myHQ allows visitors who have tried their services to post their experience or review on their official Facebook business page.

customer reviews on Facebook


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2) Set Your Customer Reviews on Your Homepage

This is a standout amongst the most widely recognized places you see businesses displaying customer reviews.

According to the research, 86% of customers want to see information about the product and services from real customers. Existing customers will tell you what they like the most in your product or service.

This is a direct, yet powerful approach to give your website visitors a reason to continue discovering your site, and at last, your products and services.

For e.g. – If you scroll down on the home page of Delhi School of Internet Marketing (DSIM), you’ll keep running into customer reviews.

Homepage customer reviews

DSIM has photographs of every customer, with a customer quote what they gained after using their services.

3) Make a Customer Review Page on Your Website

To prove the value of your brand and what you have to offer, the best people who can talk about your services are your happy customers.

A devoted customer review page on your website is a simple and best way to enable potential customers to understand feedback on your product from existing customers.

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It is a good way to trigger curiosity for some people to know more about your product and services just by showing why others love you.

Your customer review page offers a platform to display how others have profited from your product or service. This makes it a very powerful tool for setting up the trust and urging potential purchasers to make a move.


4) Share Customer Reviews in Marketing Emails

As per research by Unbounce, more than 294 billion emails are sent every day. A common individual gets 72 emails for every day and spends up to 30% of their working day looking at their inboxes.

At present, this is unarguably a big number. Along these lines, it’s significant that your customers love your marketing emails. Counting customer reviews in your special marketing emails may urge your customers to make a buy on your website. And they also expect the same email if they become your customers too.

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For e.g. – See how Naturopathica does this with their customer’s star rating and complete review:

Customer reviews in emails

5) Use Customer Reviews in Search Ads

Search indexes don’t simply rank you depending on how well you enhance your posting. They also monitor what other individuals need to state about you.

These reviews can help show prospects how you measure up to customers’ outlooks. Also, new content all the time can help you to get Rich Snippets and Google Seller Ratings, accordingly improving your reflectivity on search indexes.

The orange stars, the rating, and the total number of reviews show helpful feedback data to seek new customers. This encourages you to emerge from each other posting and build trust for your brand earlier in the sales funnel before customers even visit your site.

Wrap up

These are some successful way to leverage customer reviews in your marketing strategy. You can also use them in case studies, sale process, landing pages and advertising methods, etc.

Always remember that if you tell people that your brand is the best in the market, it won’t urge them to reach their pockets. But if your customers do the same, it will build trust, boost customer engagement and increase your brand credibility.

If you’ve not used customer reviews in your marketing strategies yet, it’s your chance to attract your visitors by showcasing your credibility to improve conversions, click-through rates, sales and revenue.

Be creative – go for the change.


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