Everything About Facebook Watch Party and How To Host One

The social networking giant Facebook has recently debuted its new interactive feature known as ‘Facebook Watch Party’. For all those not-so-tech-savvy people, here we tell you exactly what it’s all about and also how to host one of yours.

Wasn’t it always fun to watch movies together with your buddies? Sadly with time people move out and settle in different parts of the world. Wouldn’t it be fun if you could still watch videos with your friends, even when you are not in the same city?

We are not talking about watching videos in your respective phones and later chatting about it. Itching your heads? That’s exactly what Facebook Watch Party does.

Facebook watch party - 1

With Facebook Watch Party, you can now easily share videos with members on your group, watch and comment on them in real time. Moreover, you do not need to install an app on your phone, it’s right there on your Facebook app.

With Watch Party being available to users worldwide, it gives another reason to get together (digitally) with friends, share fun videos and chat on them, almost like the way you did when you were sitting together in your favourite café.

Facebook watch party - 2

Just like you in real life parties, in a Facebook Watch Party, a host creates a party and invites members to join. The host then uploads videos that members of the group can simultaneously view, react and comment real-time on the video. There can also be another co-host to upload videos in the group.

With the launch of Facebook Watch Party, live videos have become the real game changers. This new feature is being used by startups and budding entrepreneurs to build their brand and engage customers.

Statistics reveal that people enjoy watching live videos 3X more than pre-recorded ones. It is also confirmed that Facebook live videos generate 222% higher reach than merely sharing the video link on your profile page. Moreover, you are likely to generate more comments on live videos and grab user attention.


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Sure, after reading all this you want to host your own Watch Party and we will definitely help you get started.

Here’s how you can host your own Facebook watch party:

Step 1:

To host your Watch Party, tap on the hamburger icon located on the top-right side of your profile window. Select the ‘Groups’ option.

Facebook watch party - 3

Step 2:

Choose a desired group and tap on the ‘Watch Party’ tab at the top. Now create your new post in the usual manner and the ‘Watch Party’ tab with popcorn icon will be clearly visible.

Facebook Watch party - 4

Step 3:

Choose a befitting name for your Facebook Watch Party and start adding videos to it. you will find an ‘Add Video’ button at the bottom of the page, click on it and start adding desired videos to the queue by just tapping on the video.

Facebook watch party - 5

Step 4:

The ‘Watched’ tab shows all the videos that you uploaded or viewed recently. To start your Watch Party, click on the ‘Play Now’ button to instantly view video with your friends.

The ‘Play Next’ and ‘Add to queue’ tab may not be functional right then, but you can easily click on them after you finished playing your first video.

Facebook watch party - 6

Step 5:

After selecting the videos for your Watch Party, it’s time to add your friends. Click on the ‘Invite’ button and start adding your friends. Once you are done adding, you can sit back and enjoy watching videos with your buddies real-time.

Facebook watch party - 7

Step 6:

You can easily add more videos to the party by clicking on the ‘Add Video’ button. You do not have to wait for the video to get over to add another one, you can do it anytime. The videos are added to the queue and played one after another.

Facebook watch party - 8

Step 7:

Starting your Watch Party is easy, isn’t it? Pretty much in the same way you can put an end to it. Click on the three vertical dots, just at the right of your Watch Party’s name. A small ‘End Watch Party’ window appears and click on the red ‘End’ button to finish it.

Facebook watch party - 9

The global launch of Facebook Watch Party has enabled small businesses to generate more business by the means of customer engagement. The feature is still in its testing phase, and new functionalities are to be added soon.

With its live-video streaming, Facebook intends to generate a healthy and positive form of social networking and we are all so excited about it. How did you like it, do mention us in the comments.

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