7 Brilliant Ways To Use Facebook Groups For Marketing Your Business

It has now been over a decade since Facebook was launched and the social media platform over the years has grown a thousand folds with regards to its users.

While Facebook was initially used to keep in touch with people, today it is not only connecting people worldwide but also helping them grow globally with the help of facebook groups for marketing.

One of the key features that Facebook provides to its users is Facebook groups and all of us belong to at least one Facebook groups whether we like it or not.

While you currently might be one of the least active members on these Facebook groups, here are 7 ideas which would not only make you keen to be a member of these groups but help you use Facebook groups for marketing your business.

1. Try innovative challenges to stir interaction

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One of the most obvious point that one must remember is that Facebook has a massive online community. Millions of people actively use the platform at all hours. To grow one’s business on Facebook you need them to be constantly interacting with you so there is a continues interaction taking place between you and your target audience.

For this, you can start a challenge which will make them interact more and keep coming back to your page. Further, if you have a time-bound challenge, this will get people to immediately join the group and participate voraciously.

For example, some groups often have accountability challenges which are for a specific duration and ask people to form groups and keep a check on how their goals are being achieved. This could be fitness goals, business goals, personal growth goals, anything which resonates with your audience.

2. Provide valuable tips and information which will help you gain more customers

One needs to remember that to build your reputation in these groups you can’t just post random links to your website and spam the users.

This will not only get you banned from the group but ruin the reputation of your company as people will think you just want to sell and nothing more.

One must remember to reward their customers & make them feel special. For that, you also need to use these groups and help people who have questions and provide them with valuable tips and information that can actually help them.

This will help them trust you better in the future and when you recommend them to a certain thing they will actually take your advice.

This way when you recommend them to use a business or product they will know that you are a person of your word and actually take your advice.

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3. Use these Facebook groups to understand your market demands and gain leads and customers

When you answer people’s questions and have spent enough time listening to their problems, you will have a good idea about their needs and what problems they keep facing again and again.

Use these to your advantage and start new conversations based on these problems, get creative with these conversations and put your own spin on it.

Further, provide your own solutions (based on the previous answers) to these problems, which will make you their go-to-person for such problems and they will take your recommendations and suggestions without having any second thoughts.

At these conversations, you can also post and promote your content that is offering them solutions to such problems.

4. Conduct surveys and ask for help

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When you post questions and asks other people for help, they take you as one of their own and know you are like them. Further, they help you out and offer you different ideas to your problems.

Build a conversation with them and post your company as part of the solution. This will not only help you get a feedback as to what they think of your company but provide you views when they check the site and consider your page for future recommendations if they like your suggestion or solution.

5. Communicate and connect with other Brand Ambassadors

Facebook groups are a good place to not only market your business but also get to know about your competition and connect with other brand ambassadors who can help your business.

When you are part of a Facebook group, you can constantly keep in touch with your biggest fans and build a strong relationship with them.

These brand ambassadors will not only help you promote your business, but will also connect you with other like-minded people and thus are invaluable to your company.

These people will help you promote your content to others and share them on other groups of which you might not be part of.


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6. The best place to promote events and invite more people

As we mentioned above, Facebook groups help you segregate your audience and thus know what they are looking for and need. Thus, when you are organizing or are part of an event, these groups are really handy to not just organize it but also promote it to other like-minded groups who might be interested in them.

These groups, in turn, might also help you know which event is happening where and help you target your audience there accordingly.

7.  Use it as a testing ground for your product

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When you are part of a group and know what they are looking for, it is easy to test new products/ content and get honest feedback.

As we mentioned earlier when you know what exactly is the group looking for you cand provide them with a solution and see how they react to it. It is thus a good testing ground to see how people respond to your product or solution and thus have an idea whether to go ahead with the product or make few tweaks.

With regards to providing online content solutions, these groups provide a good sample to how people will react to it, and also provide you additional page views.

These will also give you a good idea about any kinks that might be left in your product or errors that you might have missed.

These are just some ways you can use Facebook groups for marketing. For more brilliant ways to grow followers on Twitter and to grow your business on social media, don’t forget to check our other articles on myHQ Digest.


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