Grow Your Twitter Followers Using These 8 Easy Steps

Businesses in today’s time thrive majorly on social media. Worldwide these platforms are accessed by over 2.8 billion active users and it is therefore not surprising that businesses, both big and small, have started incorporating social media into their marketing mix. Social media platforms like Twitter are looked upon as your golden ticket for success. Twitter is a great means to build your customer base, promote your business and also connect with prospective clients globally.

For start-ups, right marketing is extremely crucial. The job can be even more challenging if you are short of money as well as time. So how can you ensure good marketing for your startup? Well, the simplest way is using Twitter to boost startup marketing. Twitter can help to build your business’s credibility and expand your audience base worldwide. To achieve the aforesaid, in Twitter terms, it implies having huge (quality) followers for your company’s Twitter account. Sounds easy? But it can be arduous if not executed with planning.

Read on to enlighten yourself with these 8 quick steps to get more twitter followers and grow your business for the long haul:


Any successful business implementation requires cautious planning, and the same holds true for your Twitter account. Therefore in order to get more Twitter followers, you first need to layout your Twitter strategy, the area of expertise and potential audience. Set realistic goals for reaching the targeted audience, and eventually retaining them in the long run. Goal setting keeps you motivated and helps to maximize the use of your time and other resources.

Also, a good research on the way your competitors are using Twitter and other social media accounts for business can be particularly beneficial. Find out who they follow, and you can even start following them too if you like things they are doing. Learn to identify influencers in your business niche and follow them to get interesting tips, visuals, and comments.

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Quality content is very important if you want someone’s attention. The content in your tweet must give away valuable information to your existing followers and probable customers. Also, make occasional conversations with your followers to acknowledge their tweets and ensure that your Twitter account content should never seem like an automated process. Try to include more visuals in your content as they tend to attract more re-tweets, likes, and shares. Use images that grab the user’s attention, and post content that hooks them completely to your tweets.


You have worked immensely hard on your content and done the job pretty well. But to get more twitter followers for your business, you need to be consistent with your efforts. Another thing to notice here is – staying focused. Tweeting about everything, in general, will leave followers confused about your products and speciality. Henceforth, talk on topics that are relevant and hold some relation with your products. Staying consistent and focussed in your tweets will definitely make you a leader in your niche and eventually bring you good business.


Hashtags for your Twitter account function very much like the SEO. The results from a recent survey highlighted that tweets with hashtags get more engagement (about 12.6%) than those that are without them. Be selective in choosing hashtags for your post and try to incorporate more industry hashtags and community hashtags for your professional content. However, you will even need to learn to harness your hashtags to refrain from going overboard. Too many hashtags in your content tweets can be distracting and make it look spammed.


Most importantly if you desire to get more Twitter followers, you must tweet all the time. It’s pointlessly futile if your last tweet was somewhere in 2017. Tweeting often from your startup’s account does not imply hiring social media experts to do the job for you. Smartly use apps like Buffer to get things done for you timely. You can easily create quality content for about a week and then schedule it to be tweeted on time. Get your tweets coming out regularly and see the difference in the number of Twitter followers yourself. It’s tried and tested!

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If you go by the advice of social media experts, the best way to promote yourself is by promoting others. Sounds confusing, right? But the saying “notice others if you want to get noticed” holds 100% true if you want to grow your Twitter network. Re-tweeting to your startup’s account will only happen if you take genuine notice of other people accounts, in your same niche. Remember that the tweets must show genuine interest in their content and don’t just tweet for the sake of tweeting.


Communicate with your Twitter followers often. The easiest means to do so is to foster re-tweets, ask for feedback and participate actively in Twitter chats. To sum up, maintaining a Twitter account for your startup is more like creating positive relationships with others and harnessing these as opportunities for your business. Connect with your followers and thank them personally for showing interest in your content. Calling out your followers will instigate them to re-tweet loyally.


After every time you tweet, acknowledge every new follower and start following them. But try to refrain from spammers here. While you are trying to get more Twitter followers, remember that you only want quality followers for your business, who are much more than a group of random people. Such followers should show genuine interest in your startup and the content that you tweet regularly. It is indeed a great achievement to have a huge number of followers for your Twitter account, but do question yourself, if they are your valuable followers. Do not just mindlessly look for ways to increase your Twitter followers, instead target to build and retain valuable followers.

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Getting business for your startup through twitter is no rocket science. The best way to get more twitter followers is to tweet regularly with relevant and helpful content. This simple maxim can get you most followers, clicks, and retweets for your startup. Start tweeting now!

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