How To Think of YouTube Channel Name Ideas That Work?

Marketing as a field is shifting towards video over static content, and a key player in this change is YouTube. Worldwide, YouTube has got more than 2 billion users. Not only that, but it also has got more than 30 million daily views, making it a great marketing tool for video content. Almost 500 hours of video are uploaded to the web every minute, with over 2,400 channels surpassing 1 million subscribers.

For a diverse range of industries, video is highly engaging and useful. Creating a YouTube channel for your brand provides your audience with a single forum to access and communicate with your content. Although locking one YouTube channel name suggestion may just look like a tiny cog in a massive machine, it should be carefully considered and not ignored.



YouTube is a Platform for all Types of Content

YouTube channel name ideas for diverse purposes

Since its foundation in 2005, YouTube as a website has evolved tremendously. Today it’s the third most visited website on the Internet. YouTube has proved to be the most entertaining medium of content, and through innovative and offbeat videos and snippets, this has actually given a platform to a variety of people displaying their abilities and talent.

From traditional concepts such as beauty and health to out-of-the-box ideas such as pretentious film reviews, music covers, and animated football videos, people are resorting to YouTube to showcase their talent, giving rise to a whole new breed of YouTube influencers.

If you’re looking for some help on how to change a youtube channel name, skip right to the end of the article for a detailed tutorials.

Growth of YouTube Influencers

YouTube channel name ideas

YouTube has become a forum for storytellers and creators to share content in multiple languages and reach an enthusiastic audience in rural areas and major cities alike. For many You Tubers such as ‘Mostly Sane’ who uses YouTube to address social issues such as mental health and more recently Priyanka Chopra, who chose YouTube to expand her audience scope with a new show ‘If I could do just one thing’, it has become a success story.

Brands from different categories partner with YouTube influencers to engage with young clients who spend a lot of time streaming content The Indians’ average time viewing online videos in 2020 has increased from just 2 minutes in 2012 to 5 hours a day. This has led to a new set of global influencers, who are transforming the way brands communicate digitally with customers.

Also, the promotional cost on YouTube is low compared to conventional advertisements. Brands not only get more impactful returns and interaction through YouTubers but they also able to save a lot of money.


The Growing Importance of YouTube channels

YouTube is an excellent platform, be it for promotion of your brand, establishing yourself as an influencer, or even sharing your passion or knowledge about a specific topic. Not only does it have a diverse user base, but it is also extremely active as well. The platform, therefore, deserves the effort.

It’s crucial to take the time and effort to optimize your profile in order to reach your audience efficiently, increase your exposure, and build your subscriber base. This means making the video titles keywords specific, attractive YouTube cover images, interesting channel art including video thumbnails, and, obviously, a major YouTube channel name which we are going to discuss today!


YouTube Channel Name Ideas

YouTube channel name

YouTube channel names are a significant component in creating a base on the web for potential success. A great channel name not only helps viewers to find your channel using major search engines but also helps them recommend to their friends.

Your YouTube channel’s name also helps you set the tone of your channel, help users to find you, and get connected with it. However, when you start trying to come up with ideas for a YouTube channel name, you can find it’s not that easy. Here we’re going to discuss in this post some of the best YouTube channel name ideas.

How To Change a YouTube Channel Name?

If you have already picked a name of for your YouTube Channel that does not fit your content plaaning, delivery or target audience, there is an easy way to fix it. All you need to learn is how to change a YouTube channel name. Accomplish this in these easy steps:

Step 1: Sign in to your YouTube account with your registrated email addresss and password.

Step 2: On the top-right corner will be your account icon, click for a drop-down menu. Next, click on ‘Settings’.

Step 4: You will see your current YouTube channel name on the new pop-up page, click on the ‘edit on Google’ option next to your current YouTube channel name.

Step 5: Replace your current YouTube name with your new name then click ‘Ok’.

You can now use your new YouTube channel name for all your videos. This will be the new channel name that wiill appear for all future searches of your videos. You might have to wait for a day or two for the changed YouTube channel name to start reflecting.

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The Essential Steps to Follow for An Optimum YouTube Channel Name Suggestion

Unique YouTube channel name ideas

1. It should portray the Image of your Brand

A big part of setting up your channel on YouTube is personal branding. If your audience does not know you personally, people do not have an idea about who you are. That’s why it’s important that you, the owner of the channel, portray a picture that looks familiar and gives your audience a chance to interact and remember you. Whether that’s your channel name, profile picture, or logo, your identity should be present in everything related to your channel.

It is much easier to produce content for a channel that is closely related to the audience. So, you should choose the name accordingly. So, if you set up a technical review channel, choose the name featuring a suitable technical concept, and so on.

2. Your YouTube Channel Name Suggestion should represent your Category

The name you choose should reflect the niche in which your channel is operating. In case you have just started your channel, it will be hard to compete with some of the bigger channels. This is why you should aspire to be special to the subject you have selected and to become the best in content production.

Select a name that will be quickly recognized and remembered by viewers. If it’s relevant to your niche, then it will ensure far better reach for your channel.

3. The Channel Name should be in tune with your Target Audience

The target audience of your channel can be a very critical aspect while choosing your channel name. Look at other platforms in the niche that you have selected, and read through the feedback on their videos. Find out what the audience enjoys and what they don’t like about it. A clear cut idea about the requirement of your audience will help you come up with a name that they will accept.

4. Go for a Short and Unique Channel Name

YouTube allows you to have a channel name of up to 60 characters. However, you should not come close to that count and should make it as short as possible. Long channel names are needless and can be frustrating for your viewers. A short and unique channel name can create a positive impression in the mind of your target audience.

5. Channel Name should be Simple and Easy to Remember

There is a huge competition on YouTube who is vying for attention. So a generic name will not able to generate the ideal response from the audience base. Your YouTube channel name suggestion should be simple to learn, remember, and easy to scan. On YouTube, plenty of people won’t sign up right away. You need to make your channel name easier so that when they come back they remember the name.

 6.  Align the Channel Name with your Goal

Choose the right YouTube channel name suggestion to set the tone for your audience. You can pick any type of YouTube channel name ideas be it cute and fun, hyper-professional and serious, or something else. However, it needs to be smart, straight-forward, and out of the box. Whatever you pick, you need to make sure that it aligns with your goals and the videos you’re going to post.

7. Channel Name should be simple to Locate

Your YouTube channel name should be easier to locate for the target audience group. You can use either your name or brand name or a name combining both. However, you should also check possible keywords that people will search for your category.

Chose a proper YouTube Channel Name and Grow your Channel

Small things start with all great ideas, and the same thing is true for the YouTube channel name ideas. The naming may be a one-time exercise, but it’s an important part of the puzzle when it comes to the creation and development of a YouTube channel.


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