6 Smart Ways To Use Explainer Videos In Digital Marketing

Explainer videos are a relatively new but powerful concept which helps organizations in enhancing their business awareness and outreach by catching the eyes of the viewers. There are no two opinions about the fact that explainer videos for business leave a positive impression and have a long-lasting impact on the minds of individuals. 

If you just stepped into the world of marketing, need not fret! Explainer videos will undoubtedly help you to compete with established video marketing companies and encourage users to purchase your product.

It will further escalate your revenue and build long term relationships with your customers. Once you are able to showcase your products or services to the customers by creating impressive explainer videos for business, you can easily streamline your services and forms.

Indeed, there is a specific way to reach the heights of the business. So, why not use the right video to reach your target audience and enhance your business growth in the right way.

Before choosing the right videos for your business, make sure you read different types of videos that are used by the companies to fulfil their desires. It will help you to choose the right video to target your right audience. 


Types of Videos Every Marketer Should Know

Now, let’s take an in-depth knowledge about some types of videos that are commonly used by the organizations to grab the attention of visitors and elevate their conversion ratio.

Image Source: MarketingCharts.com

1) Explainer Videos

It is one of the most prefered forms of videos as it helps the organizations to quickly express themselves and explain their services or products to their customers.

Explainer videos for business solve multiple problems – they will not only help you to attract the audience with quick services but also help them understand complex and virtual products. If it’s your first experience, then need not worry! 

There are various video marketing tools by using which one can create compelling explainer videos without any hassle. Also, video making tools will also make it easy for you to add 2d character turnaround images in your videos to make them more impressive and informative.

2) Customer Testimonials

Once your marketing team can solve the queries of customers, it becomes easy for you and your team to build customer’s trust and achieve the business goals. Customer testimonials are used by organizations to explain how problems are resolved.

Customer testimonials can be made in various durations. You can make it in the 10-second testimonial or even more than 2 minutes. 

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3) Corporate Interviews

These types of videos are expert interviews or talking about some exciting things that help customers directly or indirectly. Whenever you make these types of discussions, make sure the other person has excellent camera skills and has in-depth knowledge about the concept. 

4) VLog or Webinar

If you have good content and excellent quality of words, then Vlog or Webinar is enough for you to catch someone’s attention. The companies that are using these videos do not have to worry about whether their audience stays on their page or not.

The best part about creating VLogs is that you have to create it monthly or weekly to make your loyal customers. 

Nowadays, videos will not only help you strengthen your marketing goals but also help you streamline and optimize your business forms and website, respectively. Believe me; once you know how to integrate explainer videos into your digital marketing strategy, you can generate more leads, track your video analytics, evaluate the bounce rate of videos, and many more. 

To experience all such benefits in your business world, marketers can use explainer videos in various ways.


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How Can Explainer Videos be used in Digital Marketing?

If you are reading this article, then you might be familiar with the digital marketing strategy. I hope you also know why most of the organizations are using explainer videos in their marketing strategy.

As per the research conducted by Buffer, it is found that with video content marketing strategy, organizations have experienced 34% and 27% more conversion rate and click-through rate, respectively.  

Importance of visual - Explainer videos for business

If you also want to acquire tremendous results in business, then start enhancing your marketing attempts by creating and incorporating engaging explainer videos. It will not only help you to generate organic traffic but also accelerate your revenue.

Now, let’s take a look at some touchpoints where incorporating videos can act as a boon for both small and large organizations.

1) Videos on Landing Pages

Do you know why the bounce rate of organizations escalates with a single time span? It’s because the content added on the home page of the website is not up to the mark. So people exit the site and move to another. If you are facing similar challenges, then hopefully, your search should end here. 

45% of the organizations have added explainer videos on their home page of their site. Out of those, approximately 83% of the organizations found it useful. They experienced an increase in the number of potential customers and sales. 

So, if you also want to get more clicks and wish that your customers understand your products or services, then try to create and upload impressive and small explainer videos on the landing page of your site.


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2) Videos in Social Networks

In this contemporary era, most of the things are available on social media. According to the analysis of HubSpot, all the social media posts that incorporate videos are 48% more viewed by the people. 

So, why not post your business videos over social networks? If you develop the most appealing explainer videos and publish it over various social channels like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc., you will experience tremendous growth, especially in the number of your potential customers.

Always remember, stronger is the relationship; better will be your business productivity. Therefore, try to make short and live videos to catch the eyes of the individuals.

Video statistics & consumer behaviour

Image Source: Buffer.com


3) Videos in Emails

Most of the organizations face difficulty in converting their visitors into potential customers. If you are also facing similar challenges, then need not worry! Videos are the best way to increase click-through rates and generate the interest of the visitors.

There are no two opinions about the fact that email is the most boring and hardly read by anyone. So, if you want to improve your email open rate, then start adding informative explainer videos in your emails. This tactic will help you to share the information with the customers in a more interactive and communicating way. 


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4) Videos in Paid Ads

If you want to make the people aware of the new product or service, then advertising in the form of video ads is the most trending and effective way. By looking at the interest of the individuals, 93% of the marketers use videos to observe a positive impact on their ROI.  

Once you are successful in portraying your brand’s personality through informative and attractive videos, then it would be easy for you to engage the buyers and make them purchase the respective product or service.


5) Videos in Client Testimonials

Most of the organizations have a customer testimonial page on their website to build the loyalty and trust of the customers. Indeed, it’s not an easy approach, but if you want to increase your client testimonials, start making videos with your customers. 

By considering this tactic, organizations can easily make their loyal customers as they can share their personal and genuine experiences related to the organization. Always remember that more is transparency and authenticity; more will be the customer’s trust. 


6) Videos in FAQ

Addressing the customer’s problems in a demonstrating way will not only help you to make satisfied and euphoric customers but also takes your business to the next level. More fastly the customers will get the service or solutions; stronger will be your customer base. 

To achieve such goals, one can make effective explainer videos for business to support the customers and make them aware of the services by designing and uploading powerful videos over the web.


In a Crux

Indeed, videos are the best and most effective way to share information, build trust, and boost your sales and conversion rates. Hopefully, you get an idea about various areas in which explainer videos can be used to improve the performance of the business and escalate your revenue. 

If you consider all the above points while adding videos, then I assure you that you will see tremendous growth in your business and would be able to showcase your business personality quickly and without putting much effort. 

Furthermore, if you still have any doubts regarding how explainer videos can be used as a digital marketing strategy, then feel free to share in the comment section below. Also, do let us know your experience after using explainer videos as your marketing strategy.


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About the author:

This is a guest post by Chehak Wadhwa. Chehak is the creative head at Webdew and has an intensive 10+ years of experience in designing and creating animated explainer videos. She has produced 500+ videos with her team for some of the well-known brands in the market like UBER, Microsoft, T-Mobile, Calendar, etc.


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