Combispace: Shared Workspace in Indirapuram for Entrepreneurs

COVID-19 has negatively impacted many businesses and many of them don’t have the necessary funds to run normal operations. As a result, they are looking for cutting their costs as much as possible. The one thing that tops most of the cost-cutting list is the rental for the big workspaces.

Not only that, due to the social distancing normal, nearly everybody working either from their home or remotely. Companies see this as a means of saving their fixed rentals. Traditional workplaces are more costly and the rent is exorbitantly high. This is where the concept of coworking comes into play. Coworking spaces can offer suitable amenities and enhanced facilities at a lower cost compared to conventional office spaces. This gives way to increasing demand for coworking spaces across Delhi NCR including one of the most prominent business hubs, Ghaziabad.



Why choose shared workspaces in Indirapuram?

Combispace in IndirapuramRemote jobs and work from home have become a buzzword in the current situation as businesses across industries are far more willing for remote working model to cope with the social distancing norms. Coworking spaces provide the perfect solution for this situation with their cost-effective and value-added facilities.

Also, coworking spaces are hubs for startups and lead to major community bonding. The startup community will play a vital role in reconnecting people, creating new connections and building credible networks.


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Combispace: Shared workspace in Indirapuram

shared workspace in IndirapuramIf you’re looking for a fully-serviced shared workspace in Indirapuram, then your first stop should be Combispace. Combispace offers affordable and flexible plans to those working out of Ghaziabad. A combination of a business atmosphere and coworking convenience, this space is an ideal venue for remote working and working with peers.

Equipped with excellent facilities and contemporary décor as well, Combispace has been sworn by many upcoming businesses for boosting productivity. The coworking and shared office spaces offer a hybrid way of working that essentially helps you to break your monotony and encourages you to work for a longer duration.


Combispace is located in a premium commercial location of Indirapuram, Ghaziabad. They are functional 24X7 and are easily accessible via metro. Vaishali Metro Station is just 1.9km away from the space.

CS, 12, 2nd floor, Commercial Market, Gyan Khand II, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad (Get Directions)


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  1. Free fast wifi- Connectivity is one major aspect of our work lives. Combispace gives you access to super-fast internet and other technologies that will help you to address all your networking needs.
  2. Free printing services- No matter how prevalent laptops, smartphones, and tablets become to save and share documents, sometimes you still need to print and copy your documents. Combispace provides an in-house printing and copying facility. So you don’t need to go out every time you have a printing or copying requirement.
  3. Free office stationary-Apart from the network connectivity, Combispace also provides you free office stationery as part of your space package.
  4. Meeting room-With Combispace, you can also get state-of-the-art meeting rooms. You can use it for your important client meetings, brainstorming sessions, and team reviews.
  5. Parking space-This shared workspace in Indirapuram also offers ample parking space for your vehicle. So, in case you are planning to travel in your own vehicle, you don’t need to drive around to find a suitable parking space.


Combispace Virtual office: Shared workspaces in Indirapuram

shared workspace in IndirapuramYou can avail all benefits of a physical office by availing the world-class virtual office solution provided by Combispace. Taking a Virtual Office will help you to start your business immediately with no waiting period. Under the virtual office service, they will provide you complete support for business registration & all in-office services along with prime location addresses.

They also have flexible virtual office plans to match your different needs. The coworking and flexible office spaces works amazingly to help all individuals and companies to adapt to the world of remote working. With improved capacity planning and high-quality support services Combispace is all set to become the most sought-after shared office space in Indirapuram. So whether you are a freelancer or startup owner Combispace enables you to coordinate, co-generate, and realize your dream company. Make a visit to this wonderful coworking space to get a first-hand experience.

Networking and Community at Combispace

Offering off-the-charts solutions for scaling teams and businesses, Combispace has become a hot favorite for businesses and individuals in Ghaziabad. As such, the space witnesses a heavy footfall of self-starters, sharp entrepreneurs and go-getters. As a productive individual yourself, you would want to network and boost your brand image by connecting with like-minded, growth-oriented people.

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Startup Handbook: Build A Business From Scratch
Get instant access to this ebook on building a business from scratch worth $19 absolutely FREE!
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