6 Killer Ways To Successfully Improve Your Domain Authority

Have you ever seen a newborn baby call his mother and ask her to feed him? No right? The way the baby communicates is by crying. The moment the baby starts crying, it catches the mother’s attention. Similarly, your blog is your baby, and it needs attention from the audience. So what signal can your blog give out? It can’t cry or scream. It’s the domain authority that will bring your blog traffic or attention.

Let’s go in depth with what exactly is domain authority.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is a scale which is used for ranking a website. In simpler terms, Domain Authority rates a blog based on whether it is good, bad or okay. The ranking on the search engines is greatly influenced by the DA ratings of a website. It’s thus important to have a good DA rating.

As domain authority is measured on a logarithmic scale of maximum 100 score, DA ratings of 30-40 will have a lot of scope for improvement. If a website has a DA rating ranging from 70 to 90, the website is considered good enough. Thus it is a linear relationship higher the rating, better the website.

Why do DA ratings matter?

DA rating can become the online identity of a website, the rating by which its quality can be determined. However, it is not only about the quality; the DA rating score directly impacts the ranking of the website on any search engine. Thus, domain authority has a greater significance and thus is extremely important.

Lower DA can lead to a significant loss in website traffic and reduced chances of you showing up on top search page results.

What are the parameters which influence it?

Before we actually look at ways of improving the domain authority, let us first understand what exactly affects DA ratings. According to Moz, improving the DA ratings of a website is a long term slow process. There are more than 40 factors affecting the DA rating of any website.

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As per SEO Siren, the major parameters that decide the domain authority of any website are well-versed SEO implemented content, high-quality link attached and authentic content with optimum keyword utility.


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7 Ways to Improve your Domain Authority

If you ask any SEO expert, they will tell you that improving your website’s domain authority is no easy feat. It is a rigorous and time-consuming process which takes months to show any significant change.

It is easier to grow from 20 to 30 but growing from 60 to 70 will take a lot of time, money, effort, link building etc.

Here are some tried and tested ways of increasing your domain authority:

1) Get hold of the best domain name first

Domain name is the online identity of your website. It’s important that first, you get your domain name right. It greatly impacts the Domain Authority of the website. Here are some points you must keep in mind while selecting a domain name for your website.

  • The Domain name should be in sync with the purpose of the website: It is advisable to think of a domain name such that the name itself defines the purpose of the website or gives an idea of the services offered on your website.
  • Try avoiding short forms: It is not a healthy practice to use short forms in your domain name. Although, as millennial trends, it might seem to be cool to use short forms, it is a complete no-no.
  • Keep it catchy: The Domain name must be catchy enough to grab more eyeballs. It should strike a chord amongst the users and also be meaningful enough.


2) Think about domain name extension

While choosing a domain name, you should also give a thought about the domain extension you use. This should again be in sync with the domain name. Try using the common ones like: .com .org or .co, so that users can keep the mind. The most commonly used extension is .com.

Domain names play a significant part in DA ratings. The .com extension name is popular and helps in achieving better DA rates. Try not to be creative with the domain extension.

3) Create SEO friendly articles

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a method through which you will be able to understand the importance of keywords. It’s important to familiarise yourself with the new age SEO.

To go about this process and to yield an SEO friendly article, the following are some of the steps that you should follow:

  • Using the right keywords: Once you hack the code of using the right keywords in your content, you might just have won half the battle. Figuring out the right set of keywords is not the only trick you need to master. You also need to know how many times you need to repeat these set and which ones have a greater priority.
  • Making mobile-friendly content: Mobile-friendly content attracts users of Android and iOS. The crisp and easy access that mobile provides often fails in pc. So DA also takes into account the fact that whether a website works smoothly on the Android and iOS platforms as well.
  • Using internal linking: Providing high-quality internal links to other well-linked sites increases the Domain authority rating by a huge margin.
  • Working on loading speed: Loading speed is dependent on the time a Website takes to load on the pc or mobile. The loading speed is also one of the parameters based on which domain authority of a site is determined. By increasing the loading speed, either by using simpler designs or using better resources, the DA ranking can be affected too.

4) Write a lot about your niche

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The domain of your site needs maximum emphasis. The blog should contain every tiny detail about the main subject it focuses on. Thus, more and more content must be dedicated to the niche of the site.

The more information the site provides about the niche, domain authority tends to give more preference to it. Resulting in a better ranking of the site. The logic could be simple as the information provided by the site answers the queries of the user and also provides them with a solution.

5) More social media presence

DA ratings can be improved by increasing the social media presence of the site or the blog. The main social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn, must have signs of the site through some post.

Social media presence is highly accounted for the popularity of the site. It also ensures that the site has credibility. Both of these attributes affect DA rating significantly.


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6) Work on Link Building

Lastly, domain authority is greatly influenced by the link build-up of a site. This link build up can be done by:

  • Content marketing: Content marketing has proved effective for various sites. This allows a site to get wider exposure on the internet. Domain Authority prefers digital based content marketing. You can also use Quora to post answers, links and images!
  • Guest Posting: Start writing guest posts on 3rd party blogs and digital platforms, preferably the ones that have a better domain authority score.
  • Get some PR done: PR coverage involves some investment but has a great effect on the DA. The best way to create a well-linked site is to hire someone to deal with the public relations matter concerned with the site.

Domain Authority is as important as the services provided by your website. If your website fails to attract users, it won’t run for long. If you have the basic idea of how search engine optimization works, you will understand why you need to keep the points above in mind to increase the domain authority of your website or blog.

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