How Facebook Messenger Helps You Grow Your Business

Marketing today is an extremely significant function in positioning any brand in the mind of consumers and it was not a long time ago when Facebook started remodeling messenger from a friends only, entertainment platform to a powerful marketing tool.

With 1.3 billion people using Facebook messenger everyday, it has certainly become one of the most convenient go to marketing tool where one can bring their brand on the map with almost no investment.

Messaging, if done correctly, can work wonders for any business. Understand the following marketing efforts with messenger to strengthen your brand communication.

Deliver your content 

Entrepreneurs, smart marketers and even the highest selling brands are shifting their professional communication platform from Emails to Facebook messenger. In a study conducted by the HubSpot team, it was found that users were happy to receive content via messenger rather than divulging their email addresses and unwillingly signing up for content updates.

Communication via Facebook messenger is much more responsive. Probably half the people out their don’t even open the mails they were unwilling to subscribe for in first place. Facebook offers a chat box features where businesses and brands can directly ask their user if they want to receive updates of a certain content or not. This helps in filtering your target audience and maintains a crystal clear direct communication.

Allow user to find you

Facebook offers a feature of Facebook messenger bot that allows people to search for required content themselves. With bots the communication is instant, interactive, proactive and personal. For example, with Whole Foods’ Facebook Messenger bot, a person can easily look for recipes ,food items and shop for products without leaving messenger. Create your own specialized bot and allow people to look for your brand category themselves. The bot is and extremely responsive feature that gives variety of options from browsing items to buying products on one click. 

Make use of ads

Facebook offers two kinds of advertisement strategies. The Click to Messenger ads directly takes the user from its Facebook feed to the messenger conversation with the brand whereas Sponsored messages are directly send to the users who messaged them earlier or visited the site or product disseminating more information and updates on the product.

Offer excellent customer service

Messaging is the number one means of communication today. People prefer contacting brands via messaging and not over phone calls and emails. Your customer service team has to be efficient in responding. Delayed responsiveness will force your potential consumer to go on competitor’s website. Provide an excellent customer service to your customers and answer every query with great deal of clarity and patience.

Encourage more and more people to communicate with you on messenger. Filter your target audience and make relevant conversations only with people who actually are interested in your product or service.

Make all the efforts to re-engage with your potential customers.Invest time and energy in strategies that reciprocate benefits.

More than 900 million people are using messenger as a platform for marketing right now. It now has the power to completely re-create your brand name. Work smart with Messenger. 

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