Top 8 Instagram Analytics Tool That Every Marketer Should Use In 2020

If you’re a brand, you most probably have an Instagram account and use Instagram analytics tool. If you don’t do either or one, you’d benefit by reading this blog further.

One billion people use Instagram. The app has two million monthly advertisers. The top three countries that use Instagram are USA (110m), Brazil (66m) and India (64m). These are just a few incredible facts about Instagram’s popularity and reach.

Let’s look at why Instagram has become so popular and the app’s potential as an advertising platform. A study by Forrester Research revealed that when compared with Facebook and Twitter, Instagram users are 58% more likely to share, comment or like brands’ posts. The obvious reasons for this?

  • It is a visual, image-based tool
  • It is “instant”
  • It creates instant engagement
  • Instagram’s Stories feature has caught on like wildfire
  • It is a platform that mostly has only happy and positive images
  • More than 70% of its users are millennials and those in the age group of 17 to 30

A) Key features of Instagram

A huge part of this popularity is the different Instagram features. Let’s look at some of the key features.

1) Stories:

Research shows the Instagram stories are growing 15 times faster than newsfeeds. Stories are a great way to supplement posts.

Some ways in which brands use this feature: While posts are promotional and brand-building in nature, stories are used to give a more behind the scene picture to the audience. A number of brands also use stories for live tutorials. Instagram Stories takeover is a favourite among many.

2) IGTV:

IGTV is a video application that is a part of Instagram. It allows for longer videos compared to the videos allowed on Instagram (that have a one-minute limit).

However cool the features, how does a brand assess if its efforts are bearing any fruits or not. That’s when Instagram analytics tool comes in. They not only help track the performance of marketing activities, they even have added advantages.


B) Advantages of Instagram analytics tool

  • Target the right audience
  • Post with the right frequency
  • Drive the right audience to your webpages
  • Engage with potential clients of the future
  • Post during the most optimal hours of the day
  • Don’t miss any opportunity to find new clients

C) What kind of analytics should you care about?

  • Profile analytics
  • Followers analytics
  • Individual posts analytics
  • Stories analytics
  • Overall analytics


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D) What metrics should you measure on Instagram?

1) Likes and comments

Most brands strive for the maximum number of likes and comments on Instagram posts. It is one way of knowing the reach and engagement level of the audience. More than likes, comments are meant to suggest a higher level of engagement. Why?

If your audience took the time and effort to leave a comment, it means they are engaged at a deeper level. Their comment could be a question, which means you have an opportunity to respond. It could be a few words of appreciation or a complaint. Every comment is a chance for the brand to get closer to their audience.

2) Engaging hashtags

This metric is important to measure as it can tell you which hashtag to use. Hashtags have many uses and advantages. The biggest one: it makes posts discoverable. Apart from that, it’s a way of making posts more engaging. It’s also a way of telling more about a product through the hashtag. Here’s an example of one of the most successful Instagram campaigns: Adidas #MyNeoShoot

This campaign received 71000 mentions and added 41000 new followers to the Instagram account of Adidas. The idea behind the campaign was simple – get the audience to share their Adidas-inspired photos on Instagram. The hashtag #MyNeoShoot not only engaged the audience at the start, but it also kept the engagement going for a long time.

3) New followers

The number of new followers that a post of a campaign brings to an account is an important metric to measure. It can help you understand and decide what kind of posts and campaigns are working for your brand.

Instagram Insights is the apps inbuilt analytics tool that provides insights such as reach, profile views, website clicks, email clicks and the number of impressions. Advanced Instagram analytics tool provides much more.


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Here’s a list of top 8 Instagram analytics tool:

1. Owlmetrics

Instagram analytics tool - Owlmetrics

The most popular and innovative Instagram analytics tool is Owlmetrics. It allows users to track growth in terms of followers, engagements and gives reports on hashtag activities.

It is also helpful in monitoring competitor activity. It has several key features such as reports on metrics such as language, region, gender, and demographics.

2. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is not just any analytics tool. It allows you to manage your account through the app, too. You can schedule posts, monitor the performance and activities as well as use its analytics features.

Instagram analytics tool - Iconosquare

This tool is especially helpful in providing metrics related to Instagram stories. This tool also provides hashtag and competitor tracking. It offers a 14-day free trial of the entire tool, which makes it a lot easier to first try it and then choose the plan. Among its key features are:

  • Planning and scheduling content
  • Reports on performance
  • Easy sharing of reports
  • Multiple social profiles from one dashboard
  • A free full Instagram audit tool

3. Sprout Social

Instagram analytics tool - Sprout Social

Sprout Social is one of the most used Instagram analytics tool by brands. This tool helps in tracking the performance of posts, hashtag trends, audience engagement, competitor data, group reports, profile reports, tag reports, and more. It provides customized reporting options as well.


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4. Social Bakers

Instagram analytics tool - Social Bakers

Social Bakers offers all the basic analytics features plus added features that help you analyze and benchmark your brand performance against other your industry, region or country. It provides AI generated follower personas and tailors your Instagram content accordingly.

What is more, it even helps in analyzing feelings and emotions that your audiences have towards your Instagram campaigns.

  • Provides a 12-month posts distribution chart
  • Lets you know if you’re a leader, spammer, sleeper or shy brand
  • Breaks down hashtags, filters and engaging posts

5. Quintly

Instagram analytics tool - Quintly

Analytics, reporting, data and API and integrations, Quintly provides over 400 metrics, automated reporting, and metrics coding. It helps brands track, benchmark and optimizes Instagram performance.

  • Instagram Stories analysis
  • Number of impressions, reach and exits
  • Data for expired stories

6. Squarelovin

Instagram analytics tool - Sqaurelovin

Squarelovin is among the popular Instagram analytics tool used by business accounts. It is a free tool that offers a multitude of features. The tool also allows managing your Instagram account from the tool itself, which means you save on time, as well as work efficiently.

It offers essential features such as monthly analysis of posts, history of posts, followers’ interests and the time when your followers are on Instagram.

  • Metrics on posts
  • Breakdown posts by year, month and week
  • Insights on communities’ preference and interest
  • Best and worst times to post

7. Union Metrics

Instagram analytics tool - Union Metrics

Union Metrics promises to turn data into strategy and a suite of comprehensive capabilities. It provides competitive analysis, research and campaign reporting, too. It does not offer a free version but what it offers free, is a monthly account checkup. The checkup helps in knowing the best hashtag performance, posts and the time to share posts.

  • Real-time monitoring and analytics
  • Adjusting search queries
  • New reports and features
  • Helps create the right content mix
  • Keyword listening

8. Instagram Insights

Last but not least, Instagram insights comes free with every business account. It is inbuilt and shows the number of followers your account has segregated by countries and cities.

It lets you know when your audience is on Instagram so you can share your content accordingly. Apart from that, you can gain insights about the posts that are most popular and your post reach. The only drawback, the insights feature is available only on the app, not on the desktop.

  • Compare a promoted post with a non-promoted post
  • Basic insights of each individual post and the whole account

You may be an influencer or a small business owner. You may be in the design, pet or entertainment industry, or an industry such as wholesale or IT, but not having a business presence on Instagram means you’re missing out a lot.

And if you’re new to Instagram or do not know how to make it work for you, these tips and Instagram analytics tools will help you out.

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