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Over the last few years, videos have become excessively important on every platform. They are no longer a small piece of the overall marketing plan. Instead, they’ve become the central piece for campaigns and social strategy. 

Video marketing reduces the customer’s hesitation in making an online purchase. That is why there’s been a significant growth in the number of content creators, YouTubers, and digital entrepreneurs using the best video editing software in India. From Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat to Facebook, video marketing is being used by creators and brands everywhere. 

Creators are using it to increase their engagement by making entertaining videos. On the other hand, brands are utilising it for driving their sales and popularity. Here are a few ways in which video marketing is being used today. 

best video editing software in india

  • Brand Videos 
  • Expert Interviews 
  • Explainer Videos 
  • How-to Videos 
  • Event Videos 
  • Demo Videos 


In order to make a strong impression in today’s age on social media, there’s nothing like using moving images with sound. That said, audiences today don’t engage with below-average video content. That is why your videos need to look slick and professional. But how do you assure that?

The answer is by using a potent software enabling video editing for PC. The good thing about living in 2022 is that there are tons of options in the market. However, picking the right video editing software can be overwhelming. To help you guide through the decision-making process, we’ve made a list of the questions you must ask before finalising the best video editing software in India.  


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1. What are you Planning to use it for? 

Different video editors are designed for different users. If you’re looking to carry out basic editing, you can do your video editing on Mac’s in-built editor iMovie. Windows users can use the Photo App. However, if you plan to use it for professional work, editors like Adobe Premiere Pro or Davinci Pro are viable options.  

2. What are your Required Editing Tools? 

No two video editors come with the same set of tools. So before finalising a software, check out the features it has. Some of the features you should look for include Multicam support, colour correction/ grading, blurring, and format support. 

3. Is it Compatible with your Device? 

Numerous softwares designed for video editing for PC in India require a powerful device to run effectively. Plus, having an operating system that’s compatible with the software is essential. So you must check the availability and compatibility of your preferred video editor before finalizing it. 


4. What’s Your Budget? 

Considering your budget is foremost when looking to use softwares for video editing for PC. If you’re going to edit a video for fun, spending a fortune will be foolish. There are numerous free editors like VideoPad and OpenShot that you select. Meanwhile, professional video editors can vary in price. 

Now that you know the different questions and the factors to consider while looking for a video editor, let’s get into the diverse options available in the market. 

If you’re a Freelancer or a YouTuber looking to create or edit videos, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best video editing software in India that you must consider. 


Pick The Best Video Editing Software in India For Freelancers and YouTubers 

1. VSDC 

content creator editing video on her laptop working from homeOne of the best video editing software in India for applying audio effects to videos is VSDC. In addition to that, it supports the customisation of 3D diagrams as well as charts. Using this video editing software, you can easily share your videos on social media. 

2. iMovie 

iMovie is an easy to use video editing software with some excessively robust features. It is available on iOS and uses a drag and drop interface. It is one of the best video editing software in India for YouTube. Some other features include 4K support, cloud store functionality and stylish in-built filters. 

3. WeVideo 

If you’re looking for the best video editing software in India that you can use online, it has to be WeVideo. What makes it ideal for businesses, students, and consumers is the fact that it’s cloud-based. So people can access it from literally anywhere. Some of its other features include unlimited cloud storage and rich editing tools like green screen and screen recording. 

4. Blender 

Blender is one of the best video editing software in India for the 3D creation suite. It is free and has features to render 3D animations. Moreover, it can easily tackle complex edits like video masking, amongst others. Blender also offers an advanced character animation tool and extensive media library with vignettes and visual effects. 

5. Open Shot 

If you’re an intermediate editor, Open Shot is the best video editing for PC software in India for you. It has a minimal design and intuitive editor that is impeccable for simple editing. Plus, you also get the drag and drop functionality along with customisable title card templates with this editor.

6. DaVinci Resolve 

The fact that DaVinci Resolve combines visual effects, colour correction, audio post-production with professional 8K editing makes it the best video editing software in India for advanced level editors.

7. VideoPad 

If you’re looking to create high-quality videos economically, VideoPad is a safe bet. In this video editing software, you’ll find easy to use features like a sound effect library and 3D video editing. Some other features include video optimisation tools like stabilisation and social media sharing. 


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8. Lightworks 

As Lightworks comes with detailed video editing tutorials, learning how to use it becomes super easy. Plus, it offers a stock of original music clips and videos, allowing you to give a polished look to your work. Some of its other functions include speed optimisation and Multicam editing.

9. HitFilm Express 

HitFilm Express combines the best of both worlds. It is a simple editor that also comes with professional video effects. That is why it’s one of the best video editing software in India for beginners and professionals. HitFilm Express allows you to edit video transitions without composite shots. Plus, it also offers an auto-stabiliser that makes your video look smoother. 

10. Shotcut 

Shotcut is one of the best video editing software in India for Audiophiles. It comes with an extensive collection of tutorial videos, is open source, and supports numerous formats like 4K, ProRes, and FFmpeg, amongst others.

11. Movie Maker 10 

Movie Maker 10’s auto preview tool, animation tab, and customization options are what make it one of the best video editing software in India for Windows.

12. Magisto 

Magisto uses AI to create content. It offers an expansive variety of themes, professional audio-editing ability, and unlimited HD movie downloads. This free editor is the best video editing software in India for Chrome OS. 

13. Filmora 

This video editing software is easy to use and has been built especially for beginners. Filmora supports 4K and offers tools that allow you to adjust audio and video settings and meticulously crop footage.

14. Adobe Premiere Pro 

How can we forget Adobe Premiere Pro while talking about video editors? It allows Multicam editing and supports 4K as well as 360 degrees VR content. Moreover, you can easily integrate it with other apps and services. 

15. InVideo 

What makes InVideo one of the best video editing software in India is that it’s easy to use, affordable, and quick. You can make a video using this editor within 10 minutes. Moreover, InVideo offers plenty of tutorials, has an intuitive UI and comes with over 2000 templates. 

16. Introband Animation Video Maker 

Introband Animation Video Maker is one of the best video editing for PC software in India for startups and enterprises. That is because it packs numerous features in one place. From animation, customisable templates to easy text-to-video conversion, this editor provides everything.  

17. Pinnacle Studio 

Another easy to use video editing software that comes with an intuitive interface is Pinnacle Studio. It allows you to choose from over 1500 templates and offers features like split-screen and multi-camera video editing. 


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Finding the Best Video Editing Software in India

Compared to pictures or text posts, videos tend to get more engagement across platforms. A slick and professional-looking video is an effective storytelling tool that you must take advantage of in today’s world. And good video editing software will help you do that.

All the video editors mentioned above are notable options that come with their own merits and demerits. What’s vital, however, is that you chose the one that fits your needs and requirements. The right tool can take your video marketing game to the next level by maximising your ROI and holding your audiences’ attention. So take your pick and create awe-inspiring video content.  

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