21 Amazing HRMS Software in India For Small Businesses

The biggest asset for any organization is its employees. To achieve better business results, it needs to hire the top talents and manage them effectively. Regardless of the size of the organization, managing the workforce is an intensive task and requires some of the best HRMS software in India.

From recruiting the required talent and managing employee data to building a culture and devising organizational-wide strategies, the human resource team is always on its toes. Consequently, having tailored HR Management software reduces the burden and ensures that as the organization grows, the task of managing more number of employees does not become complicated.

Today, most firms provide universal access to HR services through web-based applications and other technology. This transformation has significantly changed the practice of human resource management.

HRMS software in India offers several features for small businesses. These include workforce planning and employment, strategic management, policy formulation, training and development, onboarding, and more.


Benefits of Implementing HR Software

According to research, organizations that invest in sophisticated HR technology tools surpass those that do not. Here are some big benefits that must convince you to invest in the right HR tools.

1. Reduces Paperwork

As HR software standardizes processes related to employee information, it reduces a lot of paperwork. Besides, it stores all the information in one place, allowing you to easily access it.

2. Streamlines Processes and Work-flows

HRMS makes it easier for organizations to define hierarchy, permissions, and roles. Consequently, users know what they need to do, and internal processes are better streamlined.

3. Payroll System

HR software provides a more secure way to pay out salary. This is because employee information and other confidential data are secured with password authorization. Additionally, the software is a complete payroll and expense management system, right from onboarding to full and final process.

4. Employees Efficiency

Using an HRMS, organizations can provide and receive feedback in real-time. When employees know that their performance is continually monitored, it impacts their performance positively.

Top 21 HRMS Software in India

With so many different options for HRMS software in India, it can be difficult to choose the best one for your company. We make the task easier with our comprehensive list of the best HR software:

1. Namely

NamelyNamely is a full-service people operations platform that connects and empowers employees. The product covers time tracking, performance reviews, payroll and benefits administration, and also the management and recording of all your employee data. Moreover, it keeps you tax compliant and ensures that employees are paid accurately and timely.

2. JazzHR

JazzHRJazzHR allows you to post jobs directly to sites like Glassdoor, CareerBuilder, and Indeed and leverage the built-in SEO tools to ensure that you use the right title and job description. Managers can also screen applications, manage the interview process, and add stakeholders with varied permissions and privacy levels. The HR solution is designed for specialized use, such as interview management and applicant tracking.

3. 247HRM

247HRMAs an all-round HRM software, 247HRM eases the payroll and HR management process. Companies can use the solution to customize workflows as per their requirements. Some of the top features of the software include the management of attendance, leave, asset, grievance, and also employee documentation. Additionally, it offers employee self-service and letter generation.

4. Beehive HRMS

Beehive HRMSBeehive is a cloud-based HRMS software in India. Its range of features includes management of leave, attendance, performance management, and more, which guarantees efficient HR functioning. With incredible user-friendliness, the software allows companies to configure it as per their procedures and policies.

5. Cezanne


Suitable for smaller companies, Cezanne offers comprehensive HR management tools. It is available for a monthly subscription fee depending on the number of users and the modules implemented. The principle module, People Management, simplifies document management, disciplinary actions and grievances, training and development, reporting, and also health and safety compliance. With additional modules, companies can benefit from time tracking, applicant tracking, absence management, and performance management.

6. BambooHR

BambooHRThe web application is ideal for the administrative needs of small businesses. It acts as a central repository of employee information, including role, salary history, training, and benefits. Moreover, it lets employees request time off, access company documents, view and manage their personal data from within a dashboard. While BambooHR doesn’t have powerful features like its competitors, the user experience is simple, and the pricing is hard to beat.

7. Zenefits


The main functions of Zenefits are HR management and benefits administration. However, the product has evolved in recent years. It now also offers time tracking, built-in payroll, impressive integrations, and native mobile apps. The pricing is decided based on the features you require.

8. Zoho People

Zoho People

Zoho People is an essential component of Zoho’s online suite of productivity solutions for businesses. Mostly focusing on administrative functions, the app offers leave management, time and attendance tracking, employee self-service, and custom forms and permissions. Besides, if you want to streamline ATS/recruiting, the app can integrate with Zoho Recruit. Similarly, while Zoho People does not provide for payroll management, a user can integrate with Zoho Books, an accounting software, by the parent company.

9. Effortless HR


Designed to solve the HR problems of small as well as medium-sized companies, EffortlessHR offers time tracking, PTO, and personnel management. Moreover, it provides an employee self-service portal. Applicant tracking is also available as an additional service.

10. SumHR

SumHRSumHR is built upon the SaaS cloud platform. With its flexible and robust features, it allows you to simplify your workflows and automate regular HR tasks. Additionally, employees can track and update data using their smartphones. The software’s latest updates support geofencing and also biometric attendance.

11. Darwinbox

Darwin Box

Darwinbox is an agile end-to-end HRMS suite that makes enterprises future-ready. From talent acquisition, workforce management, payroll and expenses to talent management and people analytics, it unifies your entire employee lifecycle on one platform. They also have a voice-bot, known as Darwin, to enable a voice-first approach in HR.


12. eliteHRMS

eliteHRMSWith the highest possible standards, eliteHRMS fulfils the management needs of HR. Its features align with the primary requirements of the industry, and therefore, reduces the demand for customization in the future. It is the proven and tested HRMS software in India for different verticals, including food and beverage, production, IT/ITES industries, and more.

13. Facto HR

FactoHRThe software allows you to streamline your payroll tasks. It helps you improvise and automate the salary process. What’s more, the cloud-based software is designed to eliminate errors related to payroll calculation and send the payment to the employee’s bank accounts with the least human intervention.

14. Keka

KekaKeka follows an employee-centric approach to simplify complex HR processes. With a supportive UI experience, the software is easy to adapt. Its features include payroll processes, talent management, talent acquisition, talent nurturing, and also productivity tracking. You can choose from their flexible pricing plans and pay monthly, quarterly, or annually, as per your convenience.

15. Kredily

KredilyKredily empowers enterprises to streamline HR workflows. As a result, you don’t need to shuffle between spreadsheets. You can easily manage payroll, engage with employees, track performance, and also optimize your business expenditure.

16. PeopleWorks

PeopleWorksA new-age HCM software, PeopleWorks, uses cloud-computing. It makes HR workflows faster with its best-in-class user experience. A list of its features includes the management of leaves, attendance, workforce, payroll, employee lifecycle, recruitment, and also learning.

17. Freshteam

FreshteamFreshteam, by Freshworks, is leading software for growing businesses. It allows you to manage your hiring, employee data, onboarding, time-off, and also HR workflows in one place.


18. Paycor


Paycor has more than 30 years of experience in the industry and provides a wide gamut of services. These include components like employee benefits management, employee surveys, and also wage disbursements. The use of these features eases the long HR work processes. As a result, the software is used by many small and mid-sized companies.

19. Workday

WorkdayWorkday is cloud-based software, popular for its intuitive user interface and impressive features. The comprehensive HR software covers accounting and finance, revenue management, succession planning, project management, as well as spend management.

20. Rippling

RipplingRippling allows you to automate your HR and IT. As a result, you can effortlessly manage your employees’ benefits, payroll, devices, apps, and more in one place.

21. peopleHum

peopleHum is an end-to-end AI and automation driven Hire to Retire HR software for Human Resources to drive business results. It’s cloud-based platform is an intuitive and affordable way for growing companies to track and manage essential employee information.
peopleHum aims to create seamless employee experiences that goes beyond the HR silos and whether it’s hiring, onboarding, or performance, peopleHum helps in centralizing that data and automating transactional tasks in order for HR to keep pace.

Final Takeaways

The market is full of affordable HR software for small businesses. If your requirement is only tracking time off and digitizing employee records, even then, it is recommended that you use a centralized HR system. This is because the system helps you to complete tasks more accurately and efficiently.

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