7 Best Office Chairs in India Below 5K for Long Work Hours  

As the global pandemic rages on, Work-From-Home (WFH) has transformed from a choice, into the norm. Whereas only a fraction of the global workforce was operating from their home offices before 2020, once the pandemic struck, there has been a sharp increase in the number of people resorting to working out of the confines (or comforts) of their own residences. Research surveys and media reports both corroborate this overwhelming support and preference for WFH- both from the employers’ end as well as the employees’.

As you can see, the WFH culture is becoming a full-fledged global movement that is virtually unopposed by all parties involved, however, it can be a lot for your body to handle. The tables and chairs of our homes are not exactly built for hardcore office-work. 



Why is a Chair so Important?

You are sitting in your home office that is decked out with everything that you could possibly need- a coffee dispenser to keep you focused on the job, a beautiful mural gracing the walls that gives you a much-needed creative re-jig, a cute desk-plant to soothe your eyes and lungs, and so on. While you have thought of most of the usual culprits that hamper optimum productivity, it probably skipped your mind to take into account one very important factor- the comfort and ergonomics of your chair. Failure to pay attention to the chair you are working out of can lead to cramping up, migraines, fatigue, and developing an overall bad posture.

The best office chairs in India, or anywhere in the world, are the ones that allow us to stay seated comfortably and keep any body aches at bay.


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How Can We Select the Perfect Chair?

Well, it is rather simple really- some of the best office chairs in India are carefully designed to address a few key issues that everyone faces with their office interiors. When selecting an office chair for your home office, keep in mind the following factors:

1. Adjustability

Some of the best office chairs in India boast the fact that they are highly adjustable, both in terms of their height and their backrest. Height adjustments are a no-brainer; finding the exact posture in which you can unlock your maximum working potential lies in a chair that can be easily adjusted to match your work screen’s line of sight. An added bonus is when you can even adjust the backrest of your chair to perfect your posture!

2. Lumbar Support

A sure-shot way of determining whether the chair you have bought is in the same league as the best office chairs in India is to check how they are structured. A contoured backrest that matches the natural shape of your spine is ideal for lumbar support, as the slightly arched design gives your lower back a respite from slumping and gives much-needed support to your lumbar discs.

3. Mobility

A chair is only as good as the purpose it serves, and in an office environment, you are never just sitting at a specific spot. Therefore, it only makes sense that your chair should be mobile as well, allowing you to wheel around and navigate your setup with minimal effort. Chairs with the right kind of swivels and casters add to their usefulness as they save an enormous amount of time and energy that can be spent being productive instead.

4. Material & Design

The best office chairs in India pay a lot of attention to detail. The ideal office chair should be deep and wide enough for your body to fit in it comfortably. It should also allow you to optimize your posture. The material of the chair should be breathable and the chair should also have sufficient padding. The goal is to ensure that when you get up after a long day’s work, your body does not feel sore all over.

5. Armrests

This small little detail has a deep impact on how comfortable your neck and shoulders are. Armrests give you a respite from having to maintain the same posture, hunched over your laptop with your fingers typing frantically across the keyboard, throughout the day, and allow your arms to get the much-needed support they need at regular intervals.


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What are the Types of Office Chairs You Can Buy?

best office chairs in IndiaMuch like anything in the world nowadays, office chairs come in a plethora of different shapes and sizes. With every brand coming out with a host of designs and functionalities for their office chairs, if you are on the lookout for a new chair to invest in, you would definitely be spoilt for choice.


To make matters simpler for you, here are some of the 7 main categories of office chairs listed below and some of the best office chairs in India you can find under 5K:

1. Executive Chair

The crème de la crème of office chairs, executive chairs typically include some of the best office chairs in India (and across the world). They incorporate casters & swivels, have higher back support, abundant padding and lumbar support, are replete with extra ergonomic features and sport superior upholstery. The overall design and functionality truly sets these chairs a class apart, truly making them the executive-class of the best office chairs in India. One of the best executive chairs in the market that you could consider investing in, would be the Vijay Enterprises’ Executive Office Chairs.

2. Ergonomic Chairs

Most of the best-selling and most comfortable office chairs in India typically fall in this category. Designed according to the scientific principles of ergonomics, these chairs have just the right kind of padding, lumbar support and adjustability functions that give you the perfect balance between maximum productivity, comfort, and well-being. A coveted example of an ergonomic chair includes the SAVYA Home’s Apex Chairs Delta.

3. Task Chairs

Available at a comparatively affordable price point, task chairs give you a moderate comfort level and basic adjustment facilities. As the name suggests, these chairs are particularly suitable for task-oriented work, since prolonged sitting on these chairs can make your body stiff all over. Consider a task chair when your job requires you to sit for a stipulated period to complete high-focus tasks, and then be off. A prime example of this sort of office chair is the Coirfit’s Task Chair.


different home office chairs

4. Guest Chairs

The ideal chair for providing just the right amount of comfort and hospitality to your visitors, guest chairs are usually made to support a normal sitting posture with a properly padded body and armrests to keep your guests comfortable and engaged. You could consider the GTB’s Octave Visitor Chair as a great option for guest chairs.

5. Stacking Chairs

The definition of mass-produced chairs, stacking chairs provide only the basic functions of a chair- that is, sitting. They are uber-affordable, lightweight and often made of plastic, and they can be easily stacked one on top of the other for storage purposes. Stacking chairs are typically meant to be used on a mass-scale, such as in large-scale team meetings, and so on. In a pinch, they can also make do for personal and rough-use. Nilkamal’s Novella is a trusted and durable option if you are looking to increase your inventory of stacking chairs.

6. Conference Chairs

A cross between the executive and task chairs, these chairs are specifically created for the high-focus, high-energy conference room environment where comfort takes a backseat to the agenda on hand, and yet appearances must be maintained. The Vivan Interio’s Fabric Office Chair is a great buy in this category.

7. Tall or Petite Chairs

As the header suggests, these chairs are specifically designed to match the frame of an individual. Having all the features of a good ergonomic chair, these chairs are tailored to suit the size of an individual for the best possible support. Examples in this category include the DZYN Furnitures’ Premium Director Chair (for Big and Tall) and the Vizolt’s Royal UB Mesh Chair (for Petite).


Which are some of the Best Office Chairs in India?

best office chairs in IndiaWhen you are looking for quality office chairs, the brand factor is an important consideration. While there are a variety of brands, all offering a multitude of options, available in the market when it comes to the best office chairs in India, there have been some prestige brands that have cemented their position over the years.

Listed are some brands that make quality office chairs- which have stood the test of time when it comes to customer trust and revamped and reinvented themselves to keep up with modern research:

1. Savya Home

Best Product: Apex range Ergonomic Chairs

2. Nilkamal

Best Product: Novella range Stacking Chairs

3. Seat Chacha

Best Product: Noble series Task Chairs

4. Bharat Furniture Mfg. Co.

Best Product: INNOWIN series Ergonomic Chairs

5. DZYN Furniture

Best Product: Executive Chairs

6. GTB

Best Product: Conference Chairs

7. Da Urban

Best Product: Tulip series Guest Chairs

8. ACE Furniture

Best Product: Leather Executive Chairs

Whether or not the pandemic is here to stay, the way we work has definitely changed for the long haul. Now that we have experienced WFH for over a year, both its comforts and failures, it will remain a viable option for both employers and employees in the years to come. In keeping with the shifting work culture, we need to adapt ourselves- not only in terms of our perspective and online tools, but also the tangible aspects such as our chairs, desk, organizational units, and so on, to maximize productivity in this new normal.    


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