A coworking space has a certain atmosphere that separates it from a normal workplace. In essence, a coworking space is a workspace used by various individuals with different jobs and from different businesses. Young businesspeople, freelance entrepreneurs, and startup owners were already a significant part of the coworking industry. But now significant businesses are being increasingly attracted by the rising shared space trend. While availing of shared space will improve your business growth; the selection of the wrong coworking space can become harmful for your business. Therefore, one concern that may come to your mind is: how to choose a coworking space?

All relevant factors must be thought carefully in order to prevent the selection of incompatible coworking spaces.



7 Mistakes People Make When Looking For A Coworking Space

how to choose a coworking space

As described earlier, digital nomads and young entrepreneurs typically face the dilemma of how to choose a coworking space. There are some basic factors you should carefully inspect while searching for a coworking space. For the sake of your success and even the work itself, the lack of these things signifies a red flag.

Here are seven strong coworking space commandments that you really should pay attention to in your search:


1. Quick and Secure Access to the Internet

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The fast and reliable internet is one of the most critical factors while you select any coworking space. Most of the works you do in a remote working model needs the use of the internet as you do all research and share all reports using it. Therefore, you should have an incredibly strong internet connection at par with the best while finding a decent coworking space.

While you navigate your options you shouldn’t get settled for anything less.


2. Check out the Availability of all Equipment and Facilities

how to choose a coworking space facilities

There should not be a shortage of equipment such as printers, scanners, shredders, and others in a coworking space. Also, before taking any equipment check whether the equipment is working as per your expectations. As insignificant as this might sound to you, your efficiency may be influenced by the quality of seats in a coworking room.

You can believe that sitting on a fitted desk seat would make you more efficient than sitting on wooden or plastic chairs. Maybe before you pick a coworking space, you want to think about it.

Very significantly, when searching for the right coworking space, you can make inquiries about the availability of meeting rooms. Imagine yourself as a new entrepreneur and eventually securing your startup for an investor. You might take the investor to another building on the block in the absence of conference rooms for discussions. That doesn’t leave a strong impression, so use the on-site conference rooms for coworking spaces.

Also, you need to have access to different amenities and services while booking a coworking space. Flexi seats, cabins, and conference rooms may be on offer in the shared space. You need to ask if all these services are included in your plan, and if not, if you want to book one, what additional costs will be incurred. So, before you reserve a coworking space, review all the facilities in your budget that you can use.


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3. Development of Community

shared workplaces near me

Just when you think of the question of how to choose a coworking space, search for spaces that facilitate community living that include beneficial networking, exchanging ideas and information, or even forming a merger. A shared co-working space will literally change your life. A community-focused coworking space organizes hang-outs, webinars, dinners, and everything else that will facilitate connections that build enduring and life-changing relationships.

Interactions are one of the famous sales points of coworking spaces. However, it is not feasible to use every form of networking to develop your business. Therefore, the atmosphere of a future coworking space should be known, if it meets the need for networking that you are searching for. Instead of just socializing, the value of quality networking must be remembered for you and your team.

Seek out what little things you’re considering an ideal location for coworking, such as the vibrant and meaningful art on the walls and fascinating magazines that you read. Remember, distraction can not be removed, but you can look for spaces with minimal and regulated distractions that allow you to focus and further increase your productivity.


4. Convenient Location

coworking space location

The location of a coworking space is the most important factor to look for.  You do not book coworking spaces for workers in a remote area. For many factors, a good location is important – an easier route attracts future workers and impresses customers. The place should be accessible easily by public transport, parking and walking distance from all facilities.

These tiny, added advantages help build an atmosphere that works well. Multiple parameters make it easy for different people to find a location, make sure you find what makes it easier for you, this is something you would be pleased to have taken into account.

For example, a freelancer who just wants to get on his feet may find a place near his home. It would have been a better choice for him to locate a nearby location to avoid spending 25% of your income on bus and train tickets. Before reaching a choice, you must weigh a variety of factors.


5. Cleanliness

how to choose a coworking space-cleaniness

Make sure you settle for coworking spaces that are high on cleanliness and hygiene. Not only can the cleanliness of places like restrooms and other facilities impact your health, but it can also affect your efficiency. Look out for simple items that indicate how much good hygiene is important for a coworking space.

These products can include working taps, a clean kitchen, ample paper towels, plenty of toilets so people don’t have to wait, etc.


6. Safety and Security Measures

coworking space communities

Multiple persons might avail the same coworking space. This raises the concern of whether your files and other stationeries will be safe in a coworking space. In a coworking space, theft is an uncommon event, but it is important to take into account whether the particular coworking space considers safety as its priority.

Check the gate or the reception for biometric check-ins and guards. CCTV cameras are a must and it is also suggested to even ask people in the coworking space whether there has ever been an incident that hinders their safety.

You should check the context and ensure the room is secure when choosing the right coworking space. A good 24×7 coworking space should have safety measures and should provide its members great security.


7. Economic Efficiency

shared space financial terms

When selecting a coworking space, questions about extra charges are frequently ignored. You may also need an additional cabin; maybe faster internet speed or seat availability for a few hours, etc. Before choosing a coworking room, these criteria must be addressed. Several coworking spaces offer a lock-in of at least one year.

However, some coworking spaces have shorter contracts. You should also invite your team for a month or two to use the coworking space and understand the working environment. When you and your teammates settle in the coworking space, you can extend the lease term according to your convenience.


Summing Up…

Several coworking spaces are designed to cater to all unique business needs. Therefore, while you think about how to choose a coworking space, you need to understand whether the atmosphere is ideal for your company. The numerous businesses you will work with need to be considered, as competition should not be present in close proximity.

While the above commandments are for people to fulfill their search for a perfect coworking space, you should always pick a trusted coworking space provider. There are coworking spaces like offered by myHQ that are far better than ordinary working spaces and having all the latest facilities and amenities.


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