Top 12 Books To Read Before You Start Your Own Business

Ideally, you should go to business school if you want to start your own business. However, many successful CEOs were never at business school, yet they are one of the most recognized people in their industry and business. To learn more about the ways to start your own business, you can take a grassroots approach by reading the words of people who were already on an entrepreneurial journey.

You’ll need advice about starting a company, what the falls are to be expected, and how best your time and money can be used to get your project off the floor. Whereas courses, workshops, and training are the most widely taken route, books are the most inexpensive and accessible way to learn. Remember, no company book on “How-to” or “How-I” contains all the knowledge you need to start your successful business. However, a set of good books will help you gather crucial inspiration for you to immerse yourself in it.



12 books to read before you start your own business

Do you want to become a technology entrepreneur or a craftsman who wants to sell your work? Then, these are some of the most informative books you can read before you start.


1. The Art of the Start: Guy Kawasaki

The Art of the Start how to start your own business

The Art of the Start  Guy Kawasaki is a perfect substitute for every textbook you use to learn for business ownership. The book provides insides on a number of subjects, from raising funds to inspiring workers, cover all stages of the start-up process. Kawasaki provides a lot of golden knowledge such as how investors see you, which helps those looking for external financing.


2. The Fire Starter Sessions: Danielle LaPorte

The Fire Starter Sessions Danielle LaPorte how to start your own business

If you are tentative to get into entrepreneurship, the book of Danielle La Porte gives you the impetus you need to get along with it and start your company. This beautifully written book, which contains 16 elaborated start-up sessions full of personal stories and inspiration goodies, will shake action from you. This is a fun, self-help reading that certainly has to be considered if you want something to get you on your business trip forward.


3. Lucky Or Smart: by Bo Peabody

Lucky Or Smart by Bo Peabody

By the late twenties, Bo Peabody had co-founded five independent firms in different sectors and was an Internet multimillionaire. Was Peabody fortunate or wise that at his age he had accomplished this feat? In his novel, he discusses this topic and makes us understand how chance and intelligence work together. Peabody states that he was at least wise enough to know when he became fortunate. He also teaches us how to develop the same perception and profit.


4. Will It Fly?: Thomas K. McKnight

Will It Fly Thomas K. McKnight

One of the biggest problems facing the founders knowing whether their new business model is effective before they start entrepreneurship. Is the business idea going to start or fall off? McKnight provides a 44-point checklist focused on his huge company launch experience to assist you in testing your new business ideas. Also, this book will help you assess your personal attitudes towards your current business plan. In reality, you can see your chances of succeeding.


5. Start Run & Grow a Successful Small Business: Toolkit Media Group

Start Run & Grow a Successful Small Business Toolkit Media Group

This is one of the best guides if you’re looking for an all-in-one entrepreneurship guide. The book will cover the whole process of creating an enterprise, from the planning to accounting and personnel with convenient checklists, case studies, and business models, to help you start and develop your business. Also, you can learn effective management techniques for human resources like accounting, compensation, and recruiting.


6. Million Dollar Consulting: Alan Weiss

Million Dollar Consulting Alan Weiss

Many people call Million Dollar Consulting the consultant’s business bible. The enviable tag of “Rock Star Consulting” was won by Alan Weiss from this book. Remember, this is your book if you sell yourself in a C-suite. This book covers the basics from the development of the office to plans and job transfer and efficient networking and pricing strategies.


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7. The Business Start-Up Kit: Steven D. Strauss

The Business Start-Up Kit Steven D. Strauss

Steven D. Strauss, a writer for the small business and one of the nation’s leading small-scale companies’ experts, surely knows his game. Strauss offers in this book a compendium of useful data for each aspiring creator, who wants to begin and succeed. Also, he describes what works and what does not work in start-ups and provides comprehensive tips and advice on choosing a company and why one’s passion is relevant.


8. The Barefoot Executive: Carrie Wilkerson

The Barefoot Executive Carrie Wilkerson

Wilkerson’s own tale is inspirational and inspiring about how circumstances of life have made her work from home. This book is for you if you intend to start a business at home or online. This book covers topics such as identifying your target market, designing successful marketing strategies and creating your brand easily understandable, and following charts and tables. This is good reading for all those interested in soft services for example internet marketers, consultants, and other service providers.


9. Escape from Cubicle Nation: Pamela Slim

Escape from Cubicle Nation Pamela Slim

This book is for you if you want to start your own company and be your own boss. This book is also for you if you left your company recently to start your own business. Pamela Slim describes what you need to know about beginning a company before and shortly after you take a step away from finding customers to receiving insurance. Also, she provides useful advice and inspiration to reinvigorate and improve your dedication to leaving the corporate job for good.


10. The Business Planning Guide: David H. Bangs Jr.

The Business Planning Guide David H. Bangs Jr.

The Business Planning Guide is one of the leading reassuring books for the unknown waters of businesses. Bangs Jr., a former banker, and contractor draws on his extensive experience and offers expert advice on many aspects of starting up a new company including how the business’s strengths, vulnerabilities, prospects, and existing market dynamics need to be evaluated. Also, some people consider this book to be an important “compass” and “map” for anyone who embarks on a business trip for the first time.


11. The $100 Startup: Chris Guillebeau

The $100 Startup Chris Guillebeau

The $100 Start-up is a book that you would like to read for both its enjoyment and its worth. Guillebeau offers an incredible opportunity for innovative thinking and the way you can (and should) create a flourishing business on your natural talent or loved hobby. It gives convincing case studies to enthusiastic entrepreneurs, who founded companies with very modest budgets of $100 or less. This book will tell you how to start up a small business that will allow you to handle a feeling and a desire for an independent place.


12. The E-Myth Revisited: Michael Gerber

The E-Myth Revisited Michael Gerber

Michel Gerber is responsible for the fundamental difference between working “on” and “in” your business. You have to pick up this understated bestseller and see if you know what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. The job will take you throughout the entire life of a company from the beginning of a business to the troubled pains of your business youth and the gentle stage of your business maturity. With the aid of this wonderful book, you will learn how to grow a profitable business.


Final words

The launch of a new business is a tough and exciting journey. There are many factors to consider before you start your own business. So, it is necessary to carry out your research and educate yourself as much as possible. The information in these books and the validation you receive will help you to escape many monsters as you progressed towards business success.

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