8 Best Examples of Viral Marketing Campaigns To Learn From

Viral marketing is described by messages that spread, like a virus, quickly and from person to person, as the ability to create an interest in a brand or product, as well as in potential sales. Social networks, because of their speed and ease of share, the natural habitat to this form of publicity. The most common examples of viral marketing are the development of emotional, shocking, humorous, or unusual YouTube videos, which are then posted on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Social media and Viral Marketing

Social media has changed dramatically in the last few years. As a marketing channel, social media has matured significantly. People now use social media to chat, shop and connect with brands. People spend the majority of their online time socializing, and social media is the most influential medium for motivating purchases.

Although other platforms continue to impact customers, social media is an important component of a marketing strategy’s overall success. Everyone wants its content whether it’s a social media post, blog, or, video to be viral.



8 Examples of viral marketing

Just a small number of brands will have a viral video campaign, but we can learn a lot from the ones that have already done so. Let’s take a look at eight different viral video marketing strategies and how they achieved their brand’s desired viral status.


  1. Dollar Shave Club

examples of viral marketing

If you want a video about your actual product to go viral you need to make it really fun to watch. Dollar Shave achieved this by speaking about its product and brand with a sense of humor. They do, ironically, go beyond the hard sell by sharing brand effect and purpose.

Video marketing is costly, but it can generate a lot of interest. Dollar Shave spent just $4500 on this film, and within 48 hours of its release, it had received 12,000 new orders. This demonstrates that to go viral, you don’t need a well-known brand; all you need is the right content and delivery plan.


  1. Budweiser’s Some Waits For You At Home

examples of viral marketing

People value brands that care to make the world a better place, and this announcement sends a strong, tragic message of the dangers of consumption and driving. The video entices viewers with a cliffhanger on whether or not the owner will return, and it fully exploits the human-animal relationship for maximum emotional effect. It’s a supportive message that reaffirms the company’s commitment to healthy, responsible drinking so you can still return home to your family. This improves the image of the company and is a strong reminder.


  1. GoPro’s Fireman Saves a Kitten

examples of viral marketing

This video presents a true story wherein a burning building a firefighter with a GoPro is. He comes across a tiny kitten who is suffering from smoke inhalation and brings it back to life by giving it oxygenated water. He saves the life of the kitten and you can see him comforting in his closeness in the end.

With a heartbreaking beginning and a happy ending, this video is extremely emotional. The video is based on a true story, which adds to the emotional impact, and it blends in well with GoPro Hero’s tagline, “Be a Hero.”


  1. Always’ #LikeAGirl

Always’ #LikeAGirl

Has a mostly female audience, and they use this video to make a strong emotional effect that almost all women can identify with. There are children and adults featured for emotional effect, focusing on how they are handled and how the word “like a person” is used in such a derogatory way, which we’ve all felt the sting of. Outside of the product, it sends out an optimistic, inclusive message. This message is significant for the brand, and it establishes an emotional bond.

This campaign was also produced with the aim of going viral. They were even more inspired to “rewrite the rules” and to post more examples on social network sites, with #LikeAGirl as their hashtag in the video.


  1. Cricket Wireless’s John Cena Loves the Internet

examples of viral marketing

John Cena, a well-known famous person who helped the video performance, but there were other things involved that made it viral, was featured on Cricket Wireless’s viral video. Even if you aren’t a fan of John Cena in general, Cena came across as sincere, and it was truly fun to watch.

John Cena thanks “the internet” for linking us all and allowing him to have the career he does in the feel-good video. Even though it’s obviously an ad, he “thanks” the internet, and it’s a touching message. Cricket Wireless has a final hashtag slide in the commercial, and its URL helps to make the campaign viral.


  1. Extra Gum’s The Story of Sarah & Juan

Extra Gum’s The Story of Sarah & Juan


This video employs effective storytelling to tell the story of a couple as they move through their relationship, along with all of the all-too-familiar ups and downs. It’s a heartfelt love tale that tugs the heartstrings.

This video includes the product, but naturally and unexpectedly. As ridiculous as it might sound, it seems that the gum is a part of the love tale.

This had a seamless product tie-in that is very brilliant. And it really makes you think of gum as a romantic gesture, which is bizarre.


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  1. The Old Spice Man

The Old Spice Man-examples of viral marketing

Is it possible to have a viral video marketing campaign roundup without including the Old Spice Man? The fast-paced action, imagination, satire, and message were all well-received. While Old Spice advertisements aired on television, they went viral on social media.

Old Spice has maintained the campaign and hasn’t given up its traction. They made several videos and even ran a campaign in which you could tweet the Old Spice Man and he’d respond with brief micro-videos tailored to specific people. People were extremely engaged, and the brand received a lot of exposure as a result.

What’s the takeaway from this? Don’t be afraid to develop unique characters, and remember to consider your target audience when deciding how to communicate with them.


  1. Google Android’s Unlikely Animal Friends

Google Android’s Unlikely Animal Friends

It is the most shared advertisement of all time and one of the best examples of viral marketing. They keep viewers interested long enough to get their point across by using old, feel-good music and people’s love of cute animals playing together.

They just end the video with the message of the company: “Be together.” They simply end it with the message “Be together” after watching different species of animals play together, wind up around fields, and collapse together.

This is another video that doesn’t need to show off their product to raise brand awareness; the message is straightforward, and it’s delivered in an adorable, irresistible, must-see format.


So, What are the characteristics of a viral video marketing campaign?

Approximately half of the videos on this list would lead you to believe that “cute animals” are the key to a successful viral video marketing campaign. Even humorous campaigns are worthwhile because they have the desired effect. They make you feel something strong enough that you feel compelled to express it.

Viral video marketing campaigns have another facet that goes beyond brilliant, emotional ideas. That is how the video is publicized. The advertising tactics for both of these promotions were slightly different. A few got some TV time, while others used PPC and large social media followings to get things going.

No matter whether you have a large or small social audience, a combination of social sharing and PPC videos will be an excellent option for most companies. This will offer your campaigns an initial exposure. The goal of the announcement is to bring as many relevant members of the audience as possible so that shares gain traction.



It can seem impossible to make a viral video. The viral video marketing strategies mentioned in the above examples of viral marketing demonstrate that it’s something that any company can do. You will have a successful viral campaign if you can make fun, emotionally powerful videos and then market them effectively. There are many variables that go into developing a viral campaign. However, many other companies have done it before you…why not you?


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