Top 102 Most Active Angel Investors In India For Startups

Top Angel Investors in India: Rightfully as their name suggests, angel investors were probably sent by the heavens. Extremely affluential, these people provide capital for needy but deserving business start-ups in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity. These days many of them are investing online through equity crowdfunding. Organizing themselves into angel networks to pool their capital and provide advice to portfolio companies.

However, the ground zero for active angel investors has been dynamic as the startups have been evolving and riding the tumultuous wave over the years. There have been a few new additions, a few losses in the angel list. But who are the ones that you and your startup should be looking for right now?

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Top 102 Angel Investors in India

Here’s a curated list of some of the most active angel investors in India in 2023 – in no specific order:

1. Rajan Anandan

Managing Director – Sequoia Capital

Managing Director of Google India and an MIT graduate, Rajan Anandan has been one of the most active angel investors in 2017. Currently investing in startups spread across India and Sri Lanka, Rajan is also the co-founder of Blue Ocean Ventures, the first seed fund in Sri Lanka. By his own admission, Rajan prefers to invest in B2B startups owned in partnership. However, he doesn’t rule out serendipity at play either! So try your luck pitching to one of the most promising investors (and an active angel investor at that!) in the country. 

Connect With Him:

  • Twitter: Click Here
  • LinkedIn: Click Here
  • Major Domains He Invests In: Big data, Analytics, Online health care, Mobile commerce, Consumer internet, Digital media
  • Past Investments: Instamojo, Travelkhana, Explara, Social Cops, Letsventure, LBB, PopXo

2. Anupam Mittal

Founder & CEO – People Group

active angel investors Anupam Mittal

The name behind the Founder People Group and the one to bring revolution in the Indian arranged marriage market. With his very successful venture, Anupam Mittal has become a prominent name in the angel investors’ network. Backing up almost 50 startups, including the very lucrative Ola Cabs, Anupam Mittal’s portfolio has jumped 10-old in the last couple of years. What works for one of the most active angel investor here? A big market potential, sustainability, and scalability. 

Connect With Him:

  • Twitter: Click Here
  • LinkedIn: Click Here
  • Major Domains He Invests In: Technology, Consumer Internet, Mobile, Healthcare and SaaS
  • Past Investments: HackerEarth, Drivezy, Kae Capital, Letsventure, Ola Cabs, Truebil, myHQ

3. T.V. Mohandas Pai

Chairman – Manipal Global Education, Former Director, Infosys

A former chief financial officer of Infosys, Mohandas Pai is a prolifically active angel investor. His focus has mostly been on early-stage investments in technology startups. With a conscious choice to make relatively small investments, his strategy has been that of an opportunistic investor. He is also one of the biggest supporters of women entrepreneurs. No wonder, Shraddha Sharma’s Yourstory got in the right way! Currently, Pai has direct and indirect investments in more than a dozen companies.

Connect With Him:

  • Twitter: Click Here
  • LinkedIn: Click Here
  • Major Domains He Invests In: Technology startups, Consumer Internet, Media
  • Past Investments:  Zoomcar, Zimmber, YourStory, FairCent, Kaaryah

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4. Girish Mathrubootham

CEO – FreshWorks

A self-confessed enthusiast of customer support, Girish Mathrubootham is the founder and CEO of India’s most successful Customer support software provider, startup FreshWorks. He is said to have an eye for the right products and is known to have built highly user-centric products.

If you have an idea that falls right in this niche and are looking for an angel investor in India, then we’d suggest getting along with him somehow.

Connect with him:

  • Twitter: Click Here
  • LinkedIn: Click Here
  • Major Domains He Invests In: SAAS, customer support, Enterprise Softwares, Consumer Internet, Education, Content & Listing Platforms 
  • Past Investments: Whatfix, The Ken, Innov8, GoBumpr and iService, Unacademy, Factor Daily, Inkmonk, The Ken, Zarget

5. Rohit Bansal

Co-founder of Snapdeal, AceVector and Titan Capital

Rohit Bansal is an Indian entrepreneur that co-founded Snapdeal, one of the largest eCommerce platforms in 2007 along with his school friend Kunal Bahl. He also co-founded Titan Capital in 2011 and AceVector in 2022. He was born in Punjab and got his Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi. He has received various awards and recognition, some of them including BMA Entrepreneur of the Year 2014, ET Top 50 Entrepreneur of India 2014 and more. He has invested in over 91 startups in 2021.

His main areas of investment include Consumer Products, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Payment Platforms, Real Estate, Community and Lifestyle and more.

Connect With Him:

  • LinkedIn: Click Here
  • Major Domains He Invests in: AI-Enabled Healthtech, Payment Platforms, API, AI Driven Chatbot, Community and Lifestyle.
  • Past Investments: Sanfe, Ola, Bira, Razorpay, Beardo, ANS Commerce.

6. Harshil Mathur

CEO & Co-Founder at Razorpay

Harshil Mathur

Harshil co-founded one of the most valuable fintech startup, Razorpay Software Private Limited, in 2014. Harshil Mathur did his B.Tech from IIT Roorkee and has made headlines for investing in new-age startups. He understands the difficulty in securing the initial round of seed capital and hence, has helped multiple fledgling startups.

He invested $2.1 million in Volopay, $2 million in Newtown School and more. He has made 14 investments overall, and his latest was Contlo in 2022.

Connect With Him:

  • LinkedIn: Click Here
  • Twitter: Click Here
  • Major Domains He Investments In: Fintech, Edtech, B2B cross-border trading platform, Assisted eCommerce, Payment Platform, Coworking Space.
  • Past Investments: BHIVE Workspace, BharatX, Birky App, GlobalFair, Volopay.

7. Sandeep Tandon

Co-founder – FreeCharge

Alumni of Harvard University, Sandeep Tandon is the Co-founder of mobile wallet FreeCharge and the managing director at Tandon Technology ventures and Infinix Healthcare.

In 2017, he invested in 23 startups including in online lending platform ZipLoan and the fashion and store discovery platform Fashalot.

Quite an active Angel Investor in the community, he also serves as a mentor to various technology start-ups.

Connect With Him:

  • LinkedIn: Click Here
  • Major Domains He Invests In: Internet Services, FinTech, Healthcare, Education
  • Past Investments: Razorpay, Inc42, Tablehero, Unacademy, Fabelio, Remitware Payments, Pocket Aces, Ziploan

8. Anand Ladsariya

Founder – Everest Flavours

Founder of chemicals maker, Everest Flavours, Anand Ladsariya is as an ex-Chairman of CHEMEXCIL.

He holds a reputation in the Indian chemical market and holds dominance to tap Mumbai Angels and Indian Angel Network in search of a disruptive idea.

While making decisions and investments, he mostly looks for a strong team while making any additions to his portfolio of more than 90 startups. With such a wide list of investments in his kitty, he’s an applauded angel investor.

Connect With Him:

  • LinkedIn: Click Here
  • Major Domains He Invests In: location-based services, customer support tools, content discovery, social media, games, web design sectors
  • Past Investments: Asiatic, Oyo Rooms, Myntra, Appsdaily, Tonbo Imaging, Uniphore, and Assured Risk, Mobiquest

9. Sanjay Mehta

Founder, MAIA Intelligence

active angel investors Sanjay MehtaMAIA Intelligence’s founder Sanjay Mehta is an investor member of the Indian Angel Network, Venture Nursery & Mumbai Angel network groups.

With a core interest in technology, thanks to his background, Sanjay’s areas of interest have been social, mobility, analytics & cloud. He admits that he mostly invests in any startup for 5-7 years, before looking for exits. Sanjay assists his portfolio companies to help make a connection with the CIO, CTO community and also advises them about advertising, PR, branding & marketing. 

Connect With Him:

  • Twitter: Click Here
  • LinkedIn: Click Here
  • Major Domains He Invests In: Clean technology, Enterprise Softwares, Consumer Internet and Healthcare
  • Past Investments: Loginext, Lawrato, OYO, Box8, Orange Scape, Fab Alley

10. Gokul Rajaram

Caviar Lead – Door Dash, Founder – Chai Labs &, Ex-Product Director- Facebook

An ex-product director at Facebook, Gokul Rajaram is the founder at Chai Labs and while.

Currently a Caviar Lead at Square, Gokul is rightfully known as a consummate product and technology stalwart. A graduate of MIT, the University of Texas and IIT Kanpur, he has been consistently investing and advising since 2008  in early-stage technology startups. Nonetheless, the calibre and vision of the team is the single-most determining factor for his investments

Connect With Him:

  • LinkedIn: Click Here
  • Major Domains He Invests In: Saas, Internet Services, Analytics & AI, Media & Entertainment
  • Past Investments: LivSpace, Edu Fire,, Buffer, Loop, Flipora, Whatfix

11. Ratan Tata

Ex-Chairman – Tata Industries

Chairman- Tata Industries, and a vivacious industry leader, is also an active angel investor in India.

He has mentored and profiled a number of startups, ventures and businesses with investments, advice and much more.

With names like Urban Clap, Xiaomi, Moglix and Snapdeal under his hat of expertise, he is touted as one of the major players in the angel investment community.

Connect With Him:

  • Twitter: Click Here
  • LinkedIn: Click Here
  • Major Domains He Invests In: Technology Sector, E-commerce, Affiliate Sectors, etc.
  • Past Investments: Xiaomi, Urban Ladderm NestAway, One97 Communication, Snapdeal, UrbanClap, YourStory, Tracxn, Abra,, Moglix, Teabox, ClimaCell Inc., GOQii, Lybrate, Crayon Data, MadRat Games, Cashkaro, Qikpod, Bombay Hemp Company, DogSpot, Invictus Oncology, Bollant, MUrgency, Idea Chakki, Printline Media(ThePrint).

12. Amit Somani

Managing Partner, Prime Venture Partners

Amit has more than 20 years of experience in the technology and internet industries and is also deeply engaged with the early-stage ecosystem in India. In his previous role as the Chief Products Officer for MakeMyTrip, Amit led the entire online product portfolio. He was a part of the leadership team that took the company public on NASDAQ in 2010. He has also been the head of various teams focusing on search, mobile and advertisement products at Google. Making him a perfect folio for those who seek angel investments for their budding ventures and startups in India.

Connect With Him:

  • Twitter: Click Here
  • LinkedIn: Click Here
  • Major Domains He Invests In: Travel Industry, Consumer Internet
  • Past Investments: Qikwell Technologies India, Advises Phone Warrior Inc,,, and MindTickle.

13. Vijay Shekhar Sharma

Founder & CEO, Paytm

Vijay Shekhar Sharma is the Founder and CEO of Paytm. He holds a degree in Electronics & Communications from Delhi College of Engineering and knows everything about building great mobile companies. He’s super-connected and given the prospect of angel investment, he will be as passionate as you are about building your business. Highly recommended as an advisor and investor, his expertise, industry knowledge and resources can scale your enterprise with new ideas and capital support.

Connect With Him:

  • Twitter: Click Here
  • LinkedIn: Click Here
  • Major Domains He Invests In: Consumer Internet, FinTech, Ed-Tech
  • Past Investments: Unacademy, GOQii, Flyrobe, sourceeasy, InnerChef, The Ken, Milaap

14. Sachin Bansal

Co-founder, Flipkart

Sachin Bansal served Techspan for a few months before joining India as a Senior Software Engineer in 2006. Sachin & Binny initially thought of starting a comparison search engine, but soon realised that the market for E-commerce in India was very small. Hence, after leaving Amazon in 2007, they founded Flipkart as an E-commerce company. Coming from a similar phase of struggling for investments, his role as an angel investor was no surprise to the world. In the days ahead, he invested in more than 14 startups and budding firms. If you’re looking for someone with a passionate approach to turning your idea into reality, then Sachin Bansal can be the hand you need.

Connect With Him:

  • Twitter: Click Here
  • LinkedIn: Click Here
  • Major Domains He Invests In: Saas, Internet Services, Analytics & AI, Media & Entertainment, Online Commerce
  • Past Investments: Tracxn, Unacademy, Inshorts, Ather Energy, Sigtuple, SpoonJoy, Plabro Networks

15. Kunal Bahl

Co-founder & CEO, Jasper

Kunal is the co-founder and CEO of Jasper, India’s largest couponing company which runs the leading group buying portal in India, SnapDeal. He graduated from Wharton School of Pennsylvania. Among his other passions towards handling operations and keeping a tab on prevailing market trends, he loves backpacking through remote parts of the world.  Savouring and studying development politics in India, he’s been an ardently active angel investor all this while.

Connect With Him:

  • Twitter: Click Here
  • LinkedIn: Click Here
  • Major Domains He Invests In: Fintech, Consumer Internet, B2C Marketplace
  • Past Investments: Ola, Bira 91, Snapdeal, UrbanClap, Razorpay, Rapido, Belong, Supr Daily

16. Binny Bansal

Co-founder, Flipkart

Binny along with his partner and associate Sachin, initially thought of starting a comparison search engine after realising that the market for E-commerce in India was very small. Hence, after leaving Amazon in 2007, they founded Flipkart as an E-commerce company. Utilising this acquired expertise in the startup culture, they took it to the market and mad investments in a number of worthy ideas. Coming ahead in the race, he had made more than 30 investments till date.

Connect With Him:

  • LinkedIn: Click Here
  • Major Domains He Invests In: Online commerce, Health Tech, Consumer internet
  • Past Investments: Flipkart, CureFit, Avail Finance, Roposo, Nymble Labs, Sigtuple

17. Kunal Shah

Founder & CEO, CRED

Kunal Shah graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from Wilson College in Mumbai and briefly pursued MBA from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies before dropping out. He started his career as a junior programmer at a business process outsourcing startup. Kunal Shah’s first startup venture was a company named Paisaback, which provided cash-back promotions for organised retailers. His profile as an angel investor has been prolific and dynamic all this while. His ability to understand and foresee market trends ahead of the eventualities made him a perfect connoisseur of ideas.

Connect With Him:

  • Twitter: Click Here
  • LinkedIn: Click Here
  • Major Domains He Invested In: Coworking Spaces, Consumer Internet, Education Tech, E-commerce
  • Past Investments: Inc42, Razorpay, Unacademy, Innov8 Coworking, ShaadiSaga, Pianta, Cookifi, Bharat Bazaar.

18. Naveen Tewari

Founder, InMobi

Naveen is the founder of InMobi. His philosophy of constant innovation and disruption is embedded deep into the DNA of InMobians and resonates in the nook & cranny of InMobi. His dream is to re-imagine advertising in a truly ‘user-first’ way and unlock the true potential of the mobile ecosystem. He has a Bachelor’s degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IIT) and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Harvard Business School. Using first-hand experiences and knowledge, he can understand the limitations and prospects of angel investments in any given startup.

Connect With Him:

  • LinkedIn: Click Here
  • Major Domains He Invested In: Coworking Spaces, Online Games, Technology
  • Past Investments: Wooplr, Springboard, Razorpay, LetsVenture, Indus OS, Mettl, Zimmber,
    ZAPR, Mango Games.

19. Zishaan Hayath


Zishaan Hayath is the Co-founder of and an emerging name as an Angel Investor of Startups in India.

Prior to this, he worked as VP Product at and was also the Co-founder and VP Product of Chaupaati Bazaar.

He served as Associate Consultant at Opera Solutions. He also served as Assistant Manager at ITC Limited.

Connect With Him:

  • Twitter: Click Here
  • LinkedIn: Click Here
  • Major Domains He Invests In: Ed Tech, SaaS Products
  • Past Investments: Shadowfax, SquadRun, Wealthy, Qyk, AdPushup, Orobind Fitness

20. Sakshi Chopra

Managing Director, Growth Investment Team of Sequoia India

Sakshi Chopra, Principal of Sequoia Capital India has previously worked with Deutsche Bank in India and Germany. She was actively focusing on mid cap clients global transaction banking.

Sakshi has worked on various job roles with Deutsche Bank Group such as Executive Assistant, Member of Management Board, Head of Private and Business clients etc.,

Prior to this Sakshi also worked with companies like McCann-Erickson and Mudra Communications.

Connect With Her:

  • LinkedIn: Click Here
  • Twitter: Click Here
  • Major Companies Sakshi Invested in: Purplle, Ladies Who Lead.

21. Varun Alagh

Co-Founder of Manaearth and Co-Founder and CEO of The Derma Co.

Before establishing the company Mamaearth, Varun Alagh worked at Coca-Cola as a Senior Brand Manager. He has made many investments and penned down various articles which has been published in multiple business magazines. He also featured on the cover of Forbes India Magazine. Varun Alagh’s prominent investment areas include Adertising, Artificial Intelligence, Business Support Services, Consumer Products, Community and Lifestyle, Health-Tech and more.

Connect With Him:

  • LinkedIn: Click Here
  • Twitter: Click Here
  • Major Investments: Nestasia, Almabetter, Early Steps Academy, Shiprocket, Skye Air Mobility, and more.

22. Sujeet Kumar

Co-Founder of Udaan

Sujeet Kumar built the operations, supply chain, and logistics that accounted for more than half of Flipkart’s sales, before he established Udaan. He played a key role in creating the foundation of India’s e-commerce distribution network. He has made over 50 investments, and some of prominent investment areas include Software, Business-in-a-box Platform, Cafe chains, Real Estate, Professional services, Sales and Marketing and more.

Connect with Him:

  • LinkedIn: Click Here
  • Major Investments: Kofluence, Parentlane, Unacademy, Third Wave Coffee Roasters, Ximkart and more.

23. Gaurav Munjal

Co-Founder and CEO at Unacademy and Founder at Flatchat.

A graduate from NMIMS University, Mumbai, with a degree in B.Tech, Gaurav Munjal worked as a software developer at Direci. To this date he has made over 30 investments. His prominent investment areas are Information technology, Celebrity management, Enterprise Software, Games and Gaming Enablers, Health-Tech, Sales and Marketing and more.

Connect with Him:

  • LinkedIn: Click Here
  • Twitter: Click Here
  • Major Investment: Trinkerr, NFTically, Bhanzu, Hoggy, Up and more.

24. Ritesh Agarwal

Founder and CEO of OYO Rooms

Ritesh Agarwal was titled the youngest billionaire in the year 2021 in India. At the age of only 27 he has received Business World Young Entrepreneur Award. He has made a lot of investments, his prominent investment areas being Content and Publishing, Manufacturing, Transportation, Agritech and Farming and more.

Connect with Him:

  • LinkedIn: Click here
  • Twitter: Click Here
  • Major Investments: Agrowave, Unacademy, Josh Talk, Vetic, Pepper Content and more.

25. Ajeet Khurana

Founder of Reflexical

Ajeet Khurana is the Former Head of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Committee and Former CEO of Zebpay. He has over 20 years of experience as a business consultant and formerly held the position of CEO for the Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE, India). He has made investments in more than 20 firms as an active angel investor. He is an active member of Mumbai Angel and also a lecturer at the University of Texas, Austin. His prominent investment areas are Blockchain Network, Bitcoin stacking, Advertising, Community and Lifestyle, and Consumer Electronics and more.

Connect with Him:

  • LinkedIn: Click Here
  • Twitter: Click Here
  • Major Investments: Zorro, Leaf Studios, Sportzchain, Faaya and more

26.  Anand Chandrasekaran

Director – Facebook

active angel investors Anand ChandrasekaranHe is the former Product head of Snapdeal and is currently the Director at Facebook. Yahoo!, Bharti Airtel and Wynk are few of the big names he has worked with. A Stanford graduate, he made six angel investments in 2017 and twenty in 2016.

As of now, he has made a total of 30 investments in the marketplace, bringing him credibility and recognition as one of the most active angel investors in India.

Connect With Him:

  • LinkedIn: Click Here
  • Major Domains He Invests In: Consumer internet, B2c and p2p Marketplaces, Fintech and SaaS
  • Past Investments: LetsVenture, Fynd, InnerChef, Instalively, NoBroker, Wooplr

27. Dheeraj Jain

Director – Redcliff Capital

Dheeraj Jain is the director at London-based Redcliffe Capital and made some value investments last year in almost 7 startups.

With no interference from any other angel network, his strategy has been to go deep into existing portfolios and monitor their growth up close instead of writing a lot of cheques.

Connect With Him:

  • LinkedIn: Click Here
  • Major Domains He Invests In: AI, Internet of Things, Virtual reality, Big data analytics, Healthcare, Biotechnology
  • Past Investments: Mappr, Burger Singh, Shaadisaga, Qdesq, JustRide, Deyor Camps, Yumlane

Other Active Angel Investors List in India

Here are some honourable mentions of Active Angel Investors in India:

  1. Ramakant Sharma
  2. Jitendra Gupta
  3.  Lalit Keshre
  4.  Sanjay Bansal
  5. Sahil Barua
  6. Ashish Gupta
  7.  Ashneer Grover
  8.  Suhail Sameer
  9.  Pulkit Agrawal
  10.  Brijesh Agrawal
  11.  Ashish Goel
  12.  Gokul Rajaram
  13.  Ankiti Bose
  14.  Ashish Hemrajini
  15.  Ankur Warikoo
  16. Gaurav Gupta
  17.  Renu Satti
  18.  Shrishti Sahu
  19.  Umang Vohra
  20.  Arpan Seth
  21.  Anuj Srivastava
  22.  Dilip Khandelwal
  23.  Nimesh Kampani
  24.  Simant Sinha
  25.  Anshoo Sharma
  26.  Giridhar Malpani
  27.  Sadashiv Nayak
  28.  Sharad Sharma
  29.  Krishnan Ganesh
  30.  Nitin Gupta
  31.  Aloke Bajpai
  32.  Abhishek Rungta
  33.  Aprameya Radhakrishna
  34.  Anuraag Srivastava
  35.  Pradyumna Agrawal
  36.  Ashish Mittal
  37.  Sameer Mehta
  38.  Aman Gupta
  39.  Rohit Chanana
  40.  Firoz Meeran
  41.  Navas Meeran
  42.  Sandeep Nailwal
  43.  Rohan Bhansali
  44.  Ritesh Malik
  45.  Akshay Chaturvedi
  46.  Ravi Bhushan
  47.  Umang Kumar
  48.  Nandu Nandkishore
  49.  Chakradhar Gade
  50.  Vikas Taneja
  51.  Alok Mittal
  52.  Phanindra Sama
  53.  Peyush Bansal
  54.  Roman Saini
  55.  Harsh Jain
  56.  Vikram Kailas
  57.  Rajesh Sawhney
  58.  Nipun Mehra
  59.  Beerud Sheth
  60.  Surojit Chatterjee
  61.  Namita Thapar
  62.  Ghazal Alagh
  63.  Shirish Nadkarni
  64.  Amit Lakhotia
  65.  Siddharth Puri
  66.  Krishna Bhupal
  67.  Saurabh Jha
  68.  Ashutosh Dubey
  69.  Abdul Paravengal
  70.  Rohit Kapoor
  71.  Uday Shankar
  72.  Dhruv Gupta
  73.  Asit Oberoi
  74.  Sandeep Singhal
  75.  Anand Shah
  76.  Shariq Plasticwala
  77.  Gaurang Jhunjhunwala
  78.  Nikhil Bhandarkar
  79.  Aditya Kulkarni
  80.  Dinesh Advani
  81.  Ranjit Yadav
coworking space in bangalore

How To Find Angel Investors For Your Company?

Investors primarily invest in the company with their own wealth, in exchange for equity. The process of getting in touch with angel investors highly depends on the founders. A few ways through which you can approach an angel investor for your company are:

Learn and Network

  1. Attend as many events and conferences related to startups as you can, because these events usually hold networking sessions where you might be able to find and talk to potential investors.
  2. Online forums and discussion groups are a great way to learn and make connections with other entrepreneurs and investors.
  3. Use personal and professional connections to link with potential investors. For example, ask friends, family and coworkers if they know any investors that might be interested.
  4. Following fundraising, news is also a great way to learn about your options and scopes, though they may not disclose the size of the deal but they do drop names of the investors.

Reach out to Angel Networks or Investment Groups

Some of the Angel Networks are:

  1. Mumbai Angels Network
  2. Indian Angel Network
  3. AngelList India
  4. LetsVenture
  5. The Chennai Angels
  6. Hyderabad Angels
  7. BITS Spark
  8. ah!Ventures
  9. Calcutta Angels Network
  10. Lead Angels Network

Startup India

You can find angel investors through the Network Page available on the Startup India website. Once you fill in information about your startup through the filters, a suitable list of investors will be available below.

FAQs on Active Angel Investors

The frequently asked questions on Active Angel Investors in India are given below:

What do angel investors mean in simple words? 
Wealthy private investors are known as angel investors as they specialise in funding start-up companies in exchange for equity. Many of them now make online stock crowdfunding investments.

What is the difference between an angel investor and an investor? 
While venture capitalists (VC)  work for a risk capital company and invest other people’s money, angel investors are wealthy individuals who put their own money into young businesses.

Where can I connect with angel investors for our new venture in India?
One can simply browse through social media channels like LinkedIn, or specialist apps like Angelist, Lestventure, etc.

Why do they call it angel investing? 
Angel Investors are wealthy individuals who often invest their money in risky and young startups, and help them grow their business ventures, as other sources of funds such as bank loans, and formal venture capital is not accessible to them. 

How do angel investors get paid? 
Angel investors gain profit by making investments in very initial-stage businesses they deem viable. In return, they get an ownership stake in the business and anticipate profits if it is successful.

Who are some of the active angel investors for startups in India? 
Some of the Angel Investors India are given below:

  1. Rajan Anandan (Managing Director of Sequoia Capital)
  2. Anupam Mittal (Founder & CEO of People Group) 
  3. T.V. Mohandas Pai (Chairman of Manipal Global Education) 
  4. Girish Mathrubootham (CEO of FreshWorks) 
  5. Anand Chandrasekaran (Director of Facebook) 

For more information read the article. 

How does one get angel investment in India?
Well, there’s a wide range of investments that are usually made according to the specific venture it’s being put in. From anywhere between 60,000 USD to 500,000 USD for equity percentages.

How to describe angel investors examples?
Angel investors are typically high net worth individuals who provide capital to early stage companies in exchange for equity. They often provide valuable mentorship and guidance to founders, and they typically focus on investing in industries they have knowledge in. Examples of angel investors include Mark Cuban, Richard Branson, and Ashton Kutcher.

Who is the best angel investors in India?
India has 26500+ Angel Investors and each angel investors views on business is different. But there are a few angel investors who are very keen and active on investing. Hence some of the best angel investors in India are given below:

  1. Girish Mathrubootham
  2. Sanjay Mehta
  3. Gokul Rajaram
  4. Ratan Tata
  5. Amit Somani
  6. Anupam Mittal
  7. Anand Chandrasekaran
  8. Sandeep Tandon
  9. Naveen Tewari
  10. Rajan Anandan

How much do angel investors make in India?
Angel investors make somewhere between 5 Lakhs to 2 Crores rupees. Also at times, the amount would even vary from expected value. Most of the Angel Investors doesn’t invest more than 5% of their portfolio amount for one single company alone.

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