Top 10 Agritech Startups in India Helping Farmers in 2023

India still has a fantastic position in global agriculture despite having faced so many challenges. Numerous agritech startups have been established in India to improve the situation of Indian farmers, agriculture, and related industries. Below are some of the Top 10 agritech startups in India Aiding Farmers.

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Top 10 Agritech Startups in India

Listed below are the top ten agritech startups in India:

1. DeHaat


DeHaat is a digital platform that connects farmers to sellers and buyers. An online marketplace is available for farmers to benefit from various agricultural services and products.

Shashank Kumar founded DeHaat to offer comprehensive agricultural solutions to small farmers in rural areas of India. The goal is to empower farmers via whatsoever means possible to maximize their productivity, profitability, and overall livelihood.

2. Ninjacart


Bangalore-based Ninjacart runs the largest fresh produce supply chain. In June 2015, Ninjacart was established as a B2C hyperlocal food delivery business by Thirukumaran Nagarajan, Kartheeswaran K K, Ashutosh Vikram, Sharath Loganathan, and Vasudevan Chinnathambi. 

To address the issue of the fresh agricultural product supply chain for farmers and merchants, it was developed into a B2B agri tech firm. As a result, farmers have benefited from this end-to-end supply by receiving high crop returns.

3. KhetiGaadi


Agri-tech firm KhetiGaadi is situated in Pune and is developing an online platform. The ‘full-service Agri solution’ guarantees end-to-end servicing. On its online platform, KhetiGaadi connects thousands of farmers. The website comes with a function that lets you choose your preferred language.

As an agri-e-commerce marketplace, it links farmers, tractor manufacturers, contractors, dealers, brokers, service centers, and agricultural experts. 

The purchase, sale, and rental of farm equipment have become simpler for Indian farmers and other agricultural professionals thanks to this agri-tech business. Examining the entire area of the farmer’s property, the crop he is growing, and other parameters make recommendations for the equipment and tools needed for the farmer’s farm.

4. Bombay Hemp Company


Agritech company Bombay Hemp Company was founded in Mumbai to conduct research, produce, and promote industrial hemp. The research, cultivation, harvesting, processing, manufacturing, trading, wholesaling, retailing, innovation, marketing, and promotion of Indian industrial hemp both inside and outside the nation are all handled by Bombay Hemp Company.  

Bombay Hemp Company uses public-private partnerships, contract cultivation, and processing. The industrial hemp ecosystem seeks out subsidiaries and methods for cooperative research to boost it. Boheco is reimagining agriculture’s future while educating people about hemp’s capacity to support India’s agriculture.

5. BharatAgri


Agritech firm BharatAgri, located in Pune, wants to educate farmers digitally to assist them in advancing their farming methods. The BharatAgri firm offers advice on soil analysis, pesticide knowledge, and key weather. They do cost analyses on an ongoing basis to guarantee the highest production yields. 

With offline and online technology like In-App chat support, Interactive voice response (IVR), and WhatsApp, BharatAgri supports farmers at every step of farming.  It has recently shifted to a B2F (business to farmer) model to supply services to farmers.

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6. CropIn


A Saas-based agricultural platform, CropIn, offers farm management on the go. Krishna Kumar founded CropIn to develop a unified agricultural ecosystem wherein all farming-related decisions are data-driven and optimized. The various services offered by CropIn to farmers include real-time data, crop monitoring, predictive analytics, and advisory services. 

7. Intello Labs


Agri-tech firm Intello Labs aims to give total transparency to the food and agricultural supply chains. To save losses and increase consumer happiness, Intello Labs assists food industry traders, retailers, and food service providers, among others. It evaluates the quality of food items using AI and computer vision. 

According to Intello Labs, it targets international markets rather than being confined to India. Reliance Fresh, Dole, Ocean Spray, and several of the top e-grocery businesses in China and Southeast Asia are just a few of Intello Labs’ well-known clients. Intello Labs’ overarching goal is to digitize food quality to eliminate food loss and waste.

8. Crofarm


Through an online tool called Crofarm, farms, and businesses now have a digital supply chain. The business asserts that it uses AI-enabled unique digital technologies for supply chain management and logistics optimization to make its application perform more quickly and simply. 

With the use of digital connectivity, it makes it possible for the fruit and vegetable store to buy fresh products straight from the farm. It gives farmers advice on the qualities of products that have the potential to command greater prices in the market. Our technology-enabled solution delivers farmers full value for their goods at the proper moment and more quickly using digital methods.

9.  Stellapps


The agricultural technology start-up Stellapps has effectively digitalized the dairy supply chain. It is an Internet of Things startup with a machine learning and data collecting focus situated in Bangalore. Dairy producers and cooperatives may increase their revenues without expending excessive effort thanks to Stellapps’ SmartMooTM. 

Utilizing the SmartMooTM platform, milk production, milk procurement, and cold chain management are digitized and optimized, providing quantifiable information for livestock insurance. The data is gathered via sensors built into milking systems, animal wearables, milk chilling equipment, and management software for dairy farms, cattle, and logistics.

10. FreshoKartz


FreshoKartz, with its headquarters in Jaipur, specializes in offering farm-fresh fruit and soil advice services online. Farmers may purchase items like pesticides, seeds, fertilizer, and other farm supplies through FreshoKartz, an online marketplace. The farmer receives instant payment for their goods thanks to its direct connection to the market.

This Agritech Startup has a distinctive identity thanks to the transparency of its weighing and immediate payment system. Additionally, it provides financing options for farmers during the harvest. Freshokartz strives to end intermediaries’ independence in selling fresh vegetables. During certain seasons, it offers credit and financing for agricultural equipment.

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FAQs on Agritech Startups in India

The frequently asked questions on Agritech Startups in India are given below:

Which Indian agro-tech businesses are the best?

The Top 10 Best Agri Fintech Startups in India in 2023 are Jai Kisan,, Samunnati, Farmart, Unnati, Whrrl, ApnaGodam, aggregator, Gandhi, & Hesa.

How many startups focused on agri-tech are there in India?

More than 1,000 agri-tech firms are based in India, and various venture capital funds, loan funds, and angel investors have long supported these businesses.

What causes agri-tech businesses to fail?

The founder’s and key team members’ visions are what propel the majority of companies. The ability to manage a team, a company, and a brand is far more crucial than having a fantastic concept. Another common reason why businesses fail is a lack of a clear vision and effective leadership.

Which Indian agriculture business is the most lucrative?

One of the most lucrative agricultural business ventures is dairy farming. All year long, there is a huge need for organic dairy products, including milk, cheese, curd, and so much more.

Why has agritech prospered?

The epidemic accelerated the use of technology in agriculture, which led to an unheard-of growth in the Indian agri-tech industry in 2020–21. Leading local and international investors have injected new cash into agri-tech due to the record investments made so far.

Only a few agritech startups achieved unicorn status. It means they were privately valued at a high level before the recent downturn in India’s startup sector. These startups are preparing for the long-term effects of the downturn and are determined to weather the storm before conditions improve.

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