7 Out Of The Box Fiverr Gig Ideas To Earn Free Money In 2020

For the newbies, Fiverr is a globalised marketplace which is helping users in showcasing the best they have to offer that too free of cost. But before I mention few of the best Fiverr gig ideas for you to work on in India, let me explain what exactly is a Fiverr gig? 

While Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for digital services, Fiverr gigs are the service that is offered on the platform.

As a freelancer, you have to attract potential buyers on Fiverr so as to buy your service aka gig and in turn, they pay you for your work.

The biggest advantage that Fiverr offers and what attracts potential buyers is the large variety of gigs that are offered on the platform.

As a freelancer, your job is to stand out from everyone else and offer something so unique that they constantly turn to you for such jobs.

Moving on to these Fiverr gig ideas, let me mention few that will not only make you stand out among the millions but also earn you a good amount of money.

Here are 7 out-of-the-box Fiverr gig ideas that you should definitely try: 

1) Gigs on basic designing & writing

fiverr gig ideas image1

While these might seem few of the most saturated online gig to offer, it is also some of the most sought out gigs.

The fact of the matter is online platforms are at its peak, and in this day and age, there is hardly any company that doesn’t have an online platform.

By offering your graphic design or writing services, you offer potential buyers an opportunity to make their logo, presentations, projects, designs etc. that they would need to use for the long run but not enough to hire a full-time graphic designer or writer over.

Similarly, as a website designer, you would be able to create and designs websites for these potential buyers that would help them build an online presence and a platform where their consumers or clients can contact time.

Further, these jobs might seem short term, but the fact that they would need an upgrade or expansion in the future will work to your advantage as they will think of you first and others later.

But why would they approach you and not someone in their own city, you might ask?

Simple, Fiverr gig offers them the potential to hire people in different part of the world and for a client living in the US, asking price of a person working for India would be much cheaper than a person working in the US or Europe. Your asking price might be on the higher end in India but would still be cheaper for a client in the US.

So let your work do all the talking and don’t forget to pitch in even one of the most saturated field and work to an international client.

2) Sell your diet plans and offer diet advice

fiverr gig ideas image2

Have the perfect body and a comprehensive fitness and diet regime to go with it? Then why not use your expertise to help someone actually benefit people who are seeking exactly what you have to offer.

While your audience might be limited in India (we just love our street food and can’t live without them), you have a huge audience on the global front as healthy food and weight loss is a common problem that is seen in almost all the countries.

You can accomplish this by uploading a stunning picture and/or a video on Fiverr where you are explaining your diet and fitness plan. Just by showcasing perfection, you will be able to attract the diet conscious males and females and they would certainly give it a serious look or watch to your video.

Give this a shot and it might further brighten your success prospects on Fiverr where you can also give fitness lessons and diet advice.


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3) Tips on enhancing social profiles to attract more audience

fiverr gig ideas image3

Creative and popular on social media? Well, you can now use your knowledge and popularity to not only impress your followers but also to earn some extra cash.

Fiverr offers you the opportunity to showcase your creativity and make it count big time. Just create a few simple videos with tips on how-to.

For those of you who are good at creative picture editing and familiar with such tools, here is your opportunity to make it count big time.

Today, every internet user has accounts on various social media platform be it formal media platforms or informal social media websites.

Many of them, be it for professional or personal reasons, want to be popular and are looking for ways to attract more people to their social media accounts and garner more followers.

You can either take care of their profiles and expand their presence or offer them that much of a chance to thrive on this phenomenon.

Just showcase your best sample picture that can potentially attract the users and how to go about it, or few apps or editing tools they can use to get an edge above others.

These simple advice can work wonders for you on Fiverr and in the process help you make a good amount of money.

4) Offer personal and/or relationship advice

fiverr gig ideas image4

A qualified psychologist or a person who everyone seeks when they need to get their relationship sorted, Fiverr offers you the opportunity to sort other people’s problem out and in the process earn good money.

While you might just start this on a small scale on Fiverr, with time you can increase your price and with satisfied customers get more referrals and turn this into one of the profitable Fiverr gig ideas.

While a trained psychologist would cost thousands of rupees for a small session, with Fiverr you get the opportunity to earn every time someone logs in and seeks you.

The biggest advantage this platform offers is that a person doesn’t need to spend thousands to speak to you and just a quick session might put him/her at ease,

On the other hand, if they love your advice and like what you have to say to them they will keep coming back and even ask others to seek you if they need any help.

The best part, you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home to speak to people and they themselves would be more at ease thinking they can approach you whenever they feel the need and at the comfort of their home.

5) Become a gaming expert

fiverr gig ideas image5

Have spent hours if not days playing PS4 or Xbox and now you are at the top of your game? Don’t think there is any stage of a game you can’t clear or cheat you don’t know. The Fiverr is just for you as you can earn hundreds of dollars just helping someone out in a game and if nothing else getting him to finish a stage he never thought he would clear.

Believe it or not, there are thousands of people willing to pay for gaming and any advice they can get to be at the top.

While the thriving PSP and Xbox industry might just show you how popular the gaming industry is, the fact of the matter is people on this platform are equally competitive and just hate being on the losing end.

They are thus willing to pay to be the best and if nothing else earn an online pal while doing so.


6) Offer Online Lessons

fiverr gig ideas image6

Be it mad math skills or killer Guitar skills, you can money on all on Fiverr. Just set up simple online lessons video and wait and watch. While the price of $5 – $10 per lessons might seem too high in India, for a person sitting in US/ UK its cheap and they are willing to pay for it.

Even basic high school math skills can earn you a lot of money as many struggles to clear the subject and are willing to pay a good amount of money to be able to crack their SATs.

7) Become a fashion and image consultant

fiverr gig ideas image7

Not quite the brainiac to be able to give tuitions or music lessons? Don’t worry, even small things like helping style people based on their body type or skin tone can earn you money.

This one has a huge potential to shine because everyone has a unique way of styling and choosing clothes.

While few might seek your advice because they are clueless about what to wear, others will seek you just because your styling sense is in huge demand on Fiverr or just matches their personality.

Simple things like a stylized handkerchief, shirts or jumper will get admirers to anxiously wait for you to tell them where they can get it or other who would have such items and cut you a certain share just so you help them sell their stuff.

The big thing is good style is always in great demand and it would thus always bring you new clients and retain the old ones.

So just grab the tools and get started with one of these Fiverr gig ideas. To know more, you can have a look at the official Fiverr guide.  Don’t forget Fiverr is the place to be for people who have something unique and valuable to offer. The skills you have might be common for you, but for others it’s priceless and they would thus pay anything from $5 or above.

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