10 Delicious Healthy Snacks To Keep At Your Office Desk

Whatever field you may be in, whatever kind of job you may have, chances are it’s probably interfering with your need to have a healthy lifestyle. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a computer software professional or even a dance teacher, those darn hunger pangs will easily get in the way and crumble your card castle of success.

When we are well aware of the fact that everything works in tandem for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, why lose out? So many people not only go that extra mile of gaining all the knowledge for maintaining a healthy lifestyle but implement it as well. However, most of them lose out due to small mistakes and errors and give in to those small moments of indiscipline at their work space. But we’re here to help you put a stop to it and say no more!

Whether you’re working hard out of a cafe or office, hustling hard or doubly hard, there’s no reason to let your office schedule or hunger pangs ruin it all! Instead of munching on crispy-but-fried potato chips, here are 10 quick ideas to prepare healthy snacks for work: 

1. Seeds & Nuts

This has to be the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind when they think of healthy snacks for work. Whether you follow Ayurveda or a health blog, almost every single source will mention nuts. They’re easy to carry, high in nutritional values and easily fill you up. For the most ideal snack, ensure to create a mix of a few different types of seeds, such as – pumpkin, sunflower, cucumber, watermelon and melon seeds.

2. Peanut Butter + Fruit

This always fills every food lover with joy as if they’ve found a loophole! Peanut Butter is usually considered to be heavy in calories and avoided by most, if not all. While it is considered to be heavy in calories, it is also considered highly nutritious! So of course, the best way to enjoy this, is as a spread on apple (green apples, preferably) or sandwiched between a sliced banana.

3. Dark Chocolate

Who knew being healthy could be so delicious and fun? Dark chocolate is known to have a multitude of health benefits and among them, is it’s ability to be a filling snack. Take care to consume only a small square at a time, though! We don’t want your boss discovering you in a food coma, covered in chocolate (which, while amusing to your boss, could be counter-productive for you!).

4. Popcorn

Air-popped popcorn is another popular snack that everyone loves! Popcorn is another kind of snack that has people divided on whether it’s a healthy snack or not, but that depends upon how you prepare it. Hence, the emphasis on “air-popped”. Another key to ensuring it’s nutritional value is to season or flavor it with cumin, cinnamon or any other herbs as such (no butter!).

5. Fresh fruits / Dried fruits

I mean, it really does not get any easier, quicker or better than this guys. Fresh fruits are the easiest snacks since they are extremely high on their nutritional properties and more importantly are naturally sweet. So they act as an incredible substitute if you get those sugar cravings in the middle of the office. In case fresh fruits become a difficulty in packing or storing for any reason, simply switch over to dried fruits. They’re easier to carry and have almost the same benefits as fresh fruits. Almost.

6. Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

Want to join the health-freak bandwagon but also feel fancy at the same time? No problem! We’ve got you covered for that as well! Toast whole-grain bread, add a teaspoon of hummus and thinly cut cucumber slices in between and cut into small, tiny triangles. (Raising your pinky finger in the air while eating sandwiches to feel extra fancy? Optional)


7. Roasted Chickpeas

Chickpeas are the secret weapon that you want in your pocket (literally) when it comes to staying faithful to your healthy lifestyle. Consumed in a variety of different ways (eg. plain channamasala channa or channa chor garam) these tiny-but-mighty healthy snacks offer a fantastic serving of protein and energy blast, which is much-needed during the afternoon slump. Makhane can be clubbed and found here as an alternative. Season them at home or buy them ready-made and seasoned, makhane are another excellent source of protein and energy.

8. Spicy Corn

Everyone must have had this while out shopping and fallen in love with it at least once. Boiled corn made with some masala of your choice and some lemon juice makes for an incredibly healthy snack. You can also simply have boiled corn without any dressing or seasoning on it as well (try to abstain from using butter, though). It’s filling, tasty, juicy, easy to pack, healthy… the list goes on!


9. Baked Indian Snacks

While the heading here is a bit vague, let us clarify – when we say baked snacks, we don’t mean simply switching over from potato chips to baked chips (although that does count to a small extent, we admit!). Here, baked snack refers to good ol’, Indian snacks like khakra, ragi chips, soya katori chips or baked soya sticks.

10. Sprouts

Aaaah, sprouts. A snack every mother has tried to feed her child at one point, in most cases – unsuccessfully. The other reason for ending up with sprouts was forgetting that you had soaked lentils for a few days (hey, it happens. No judgement!) But sprouts can be customized to each person’s tastes and needs and can be made delicious. Just chop up some fresh, add some lemon juice and spices of your choice and voila! A healthy snack for work that’s ready to eat (or pack!) is born.


Hungry for more? Did we miss out on your favorite healthy and office-friendly snack? Let us know in the comments below!

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