In Spite Of Having An Office, Here’s Why You Need Cafes For Work

I have been one of the rarest few who can safely admit of loving their job more than the pay check it gave. It was interesting and fun. More so, it was my first and so naturally, I was enthusiastic and perked up much more than any of my colleagues were.

Yet, Mondays and Thursdays had the same effect on me as it has on someone who absolutely despises their job. Snoozing off, I’d lie in my bed dreading yet another day of monotony.

And so one day I decided to break the monotony, and find cafes for work. Well, it ended up telling me a lot more than I expected. Here’s my take away from it:


1. My anonymity in the cafe gives me the DND board I’ve been craving for in the office

Even while offices have been structured to yield 100% productivity, more often than not, they do not. There are unnecessary long coffee breaks and brainstorming sessions. Even when we do retire from these obligations, we’d still have some colleague hanging out at our cubicle in less than an hour, while there will be few others asking us for favours in the next.

Sometimes you might find it harder to concentrate and would want to move to a secluded conference room, but you’d first have to make way through cold gazes across the department. “Are we disturbing you?” Well, yes.

Where does that take us? Pending assignments, crumbling deadlines and late night hours.

Finding cafes for work once in a while will balance out your crumbling productivity. Your anonymity will give you an unsaid privilege of ‘’Do Not Disturb’’ as you go checking away the To-Do’s effortlessly.


2. Breaking the monotony with cafes for work

Even if I have the most exciting job in the world, it’d be a dreadful sight to watch the same pale wall everyday. And so most of the times, what you are dreading in the morning, is not your job. It is your cubicle.

If you fix your cafes for work days in a week, you’d not just break the monotony but would look forward to the day with great exuberance. A nice tucked-in corner with some fresh coffee will give you a much-needed change alongside setting the tone for the coming next days in the office. You’d be indeed surprised to find yourself looking forward to office and the same bunch of colleagues you’d have been sulking at before your café days.


3. When and How do I take a break should be up to me!

We all have that one person in our office who would unabashedly stand behind our desktop and see what we’re up to. Sneaking out a tab of Facebook, Netflix or YouTube isn’t unheard of. Yet when we see our boss walk around we shut down all tabs as if we are back to school and were caught cheating. Aren’t we adults who are capable of making our own schedules of work and play?

Visiting cafes for work- you would feel the taste of freedom. You know better when you have to take a break — and more importantly how — than any schedule in your company.

cafes for work

4. Creative Inspiration for Creators

I am a creative writer and I am always on a lookout for something new and inspiring. A creative job is unlike the ones demarcated by a 9-to-5 clock. Sometimes creativity seeks us, but most of the times deadlines ask us to seek it. A regular office cubicle can hardly provide us with creative inspiration and alternate perspective we constantly need for our work.

And so, heading out to cafes for work before a crazy deadline is a good plan to get the ideas — and the adrenaline juices — flowing.

According to a study, mental effort is contagious. A coffee shop has the one of the liveliest of environments with noises that of chattering, hustling, cutleries, coffee machines and even breathing. With an ambience of bustling activity, there’s a psychological effect to think, focus and work harder.


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5. I see People, I see Network, I see Opportunities

In this day and age, it doesn’t matter what your profession is when it comes to networking. When you decide to venture out in a cafe to work, you’d be surprised to find how many people are doubling up cafes for work; especially so from ‘myHQ’ cafes/co-working spaces. There are writers, designers and budding entrepreneurs from dynamic fields to open a sea of opportunities and ideas for you.

With more and more organizations adopting this lifestyle, working from a coffee shop won’t be a novice concept anymore. Fix your cafe days and go ahead with myHQ cafes as you score in more creativity, productivity and connections.



How to find cafes for work?

Know more on how to do it better without spending a bomb in coffee shops every time. You can also directly download myHQ app and take a free trial at any of myHQ co-working/cafe spaces. AndroidiOS

Happy Working, guys! 🙂

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