12 Cafes in Gurgaon to Work From | Coffee Shops Near Me in Gurgaon

We’ve come so far away from conventional professions and workspaces today. Like the global citizens that we are, we no more have a desire for a fixed designation or space. We love having the freedom to move at our pace.

And as more and more of you are breaking the barriers to choose to do what you love and love what you do, your neighbourhood coffee shops have become your best friend in your journey to the stars.

Well, as someone who’s been checking out a plethora of work cafes with her MacBook and journal in the town since last two years, here’s my quick roundup of must-visit, most-loved work cafes in Gurgaon.

myHQ Coworking Space

12 Best Work Cafes to Sit and Work From in Gurgaon

Listed below are the top work cafes in Gurgaon:

1. Cafe Soul Garden

By far my favourite spot to hang out with a cup of coffee and my favourite book, Cafe Soul Garden has recently opened its door for coworking. With a beautiful inspiring garden seating and gorgeous food spread, working here will never be dull. Bonus, you get to meet a number of exciting people with even more exciting profiles. Self-employed? You know what I’m talking about.

Cafe Soul Garden

2. Social Cyber Hub

Dive into the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and extraordinary ambience of Social Cyber Hub which is available at 3 different locations in Gurugram. Experience a highly productive day and munch on your favourite snacks without going heavy on your pockets.

Social Cyber Hub

3. Bruxie

The work cafe Bruxie, adored for its beautiful bricked wall has been in Gurgaon’s list of most loved cafes for a while now. Situated in DLF Phase, this one is a perfect cafe to work out of with no music, accessible location and most affordable menu.


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4. Dribble

The place offers luxurious interiors echoing with its subtle wooden interiors. Dribble, with amazing WiFi speed, it’s a paradise for those who are looking for a comfortable, huge space to work out. Ideal for big teams, this lounge operates as a wonderful co-working space for all workaholics. Couple that up with their refreshing mocktails and finger-licking food to hit your work day a perfect ten.


5. Tangy House

Located in Sushant Lok, Tangy House is one of the most pocket-friendly multi-cuisine outlet. With a great ambience, it’s an enthralling space to get your laptop, your notepad and your hustle vibes to. Best part? They have a separate area exclusively for coworking away from the hustle of regular dining.

Tangy House

6. Roots

Picturesque cafe rooted right in the middle of a park with a Wifi, this one cafe is a haven for creative souls. Chirping birds and soothing greens make up for a perfect company as you binge on some delicious breakfast here. This is undeniably a perfect space to work from if you plan to start your day super early. On a crisp winter afternoon, I can already imagine weaving some lovely ideas in my head with a warm cup of rose tea. I think this one should be perfect for daydreamers!


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Do you love waffles? Well, me too! Work + Waffles make a perfect combo for the foodie entrepreneur in you. Located in Galleria Market, WAFL will make your work fun and effortless. With every food served in a waffle style, this place can be your new happy place!

myHQ Coworking Spaces

8. Motozeil Cafe and Brewery

When your spirit belongs to the road but work is important, relax and work in a cafe that is based on biker theme. Fun postcards turned frames, a collection of biker helmets and a classy wooden setup that matches your biker spirit is all you need. Motozeil Cafe and Brewery can accommodate a large number of people and come with an exclusive area for important client meetings.

Motozeil Cafe and Brewery

9. Cafe Di Ghent

With its rustic wooden interiors, Di Ghent is a book lover’s old school paradise. Recently this Belgian themed quaint cafe has become workaholics’ buzzing hub. People are seen flocking here with their laptops to spend hours coupled with some delicious mocha and waffles.

Cafe Di Ghent

10. Wanderlust Cafe

With a lovely eclectic fusion menu spanning over six continents, Wanderlust Cafe is a small little cafe nestled in Galleria market. Decked up with river pebbles and cozy hammocks, this cafe truly lives to its name. While you are here working your way through this wanderlust vibe, indulge in their famous luscious shakes on a hot day.

Wanderlust Cafe

11. Cafe StayWoke

A wonderful new entrant perched right in the South Point mall, Cafe StayWoke has quickly escalated to become everyone’s favorite. With intrinsic quirky interiors, this modern cafe has a perfect sunlit ambiance for creative writers and doodlers to pause, breathe and create. With a refreshing menu of global cuisines with Indian influence, each dish here is uniquely delectable. This cafe is undeniably perfect for those uninspired sluggish days to give you a quick boost of creativity.

Cafe StayWoke

12. AM PM Cafe

Set up in Galleria for a long long time now, AM PM Cafe has recently caught workaholic’s attention in Gurgaon. Swarming with laptop holders, this cafe is a real treat to work in (read: aroma of fresh waffles in the air). With clean and crisp interiors, working here is a no-nonsense business. Its extraordinary beautiful shakes have become a matter of conversation in the past few years, while its central location has made it the perfect pick for in-between meeting work spots.

AM PM Cafe
myHQ Coworking Spaces

Did this help you in finding your perfect corner of creativity? Let me know in the comments below if any of these cafes could bag that spot of becoming your sweet workspace.

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