We get what it feels like to find that right space to work in, the vibes, facilities, food, ambiance etc. When all of it fits right, tada! That’s what dreams are made of! So we’ve searched for and curated a list of those very perfect coworking spaces in Noida.

Check out these awesome coworking spaces in Noida for that perfect workday:

1. myHQ

myHQ uses already established cafes, lounges, coworking spaces etc and adds on all the required facilities to create the perfect workspace for freelancers, entrepreneurs and creative professionals. myHQ offers affordable and flexible visit-based plans without any security deposit and monthly rental. You can work out of multiple myHQ coworking spaces in Noida at just INR 200/day. At myHQ, a user gets all the essential work amenities along with access to a vibrant community of hustlers and free benefits worth INR 2.5 Lacs.

Apart from coworking spaces, they also give you the flexibility of working from some of the most beautiful cafes and coffee shops in town. If you are working alone or just have a small team, myHQ should definitely be on top of your priority list.

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coworking spaces in Noida myHQ

2. Amigo Office

Amigo, took their name quite seriously and created one of the best coworking spaces in Noida for the gen-now! The Noida office is the pilot branch and is centrally located. They are an amalgamation of a creative hub and a coworking space that offers an extremely conducive environment for people from all kinds of fields to get together under one roof and make big ideas.

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coworking spaces in Noida Amigo Office

3. Vatika Business Centre

A space that has been made with “efficiency” as the key objective, top-notch office spaces which can accommodate groups of any size with different kinds of seating available to suit everyone’s needs and a conducive environment to get your work-wheels churning. Vatika Business Centre has two branches in Noida which offer flexible plans for all kinds of business needs.

Book your Free Day Trial at Vatika Prius (Sec 125) and Vatika Okaya (Sec 62)

coworking spaces in Noida Vatika Business Centre

4. ABL Workspaces

ABL just launched it’s Noida space and we’re mind blown! Stocked with state of the art office amenities, this space can be availed as Private workspaces, meeting rooms, group work desks, virtual office etc.

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coworking spaces in Noida ABL


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5. SpringHouse Coworking

If you’re looking for a chilled out vibe kind of coworking space, you’ve met your match! Springhouse offers dedicated seats, private cabins and meeting rooms, it is designed for the modern workforce to brainstorm, interact and run their daily business needs with ease. They are open to lending their space for various events for startups and entrepreneurs.

Book your Free Day Trial at SpringHouse Noida

coworking spaces in Noida SpringHouse

6. Qbicals

As a startup or a freelancer it is very essential to have the basic amenities to get started initially, Qbicals gives you the ideal space to save the time and effort to get cracking on the work and not worry about the setup and cost by providing an ergonomic workspace with flexible membership options to give you a helping hand as you start your business.

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coworking spaces in Noida Qbicals

7. Eccosphere Coworking

From hourly packages to multiple flexible individual and group monthly plans, Eccosphere has it all. Apart from all basic facilities like fast wi-fi, printer/scanner, cafeteria etc, this space is available 24*7, late-night brainstorming sessions won’t be a problem now!

Book your Free Day Trial at Eccosphere here

coworking spaces in Noida Eccosphere

Noida is known to be a commercial hub of multinational companies and corporate giants, in the midst of these high rise buildings we hope that these peaceful and stress-free co-working spaces will give you the perfect environment to get your ideas and creativity flowing!

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