Don’t Settle For Just Free Wifi – Get FREE Tea/Coffee At These 10 Amazing Cafes

Who doesn’t love sitting at a fancy coffee shop and working freely while sipping a warm latte, but we all know that as fancy as it looks on our Instagram feed it’s just not feasible for our pockets! With our millennial workstyle, ease of ordering in food at any time of the day and consuming umpteen amount of coffee has become a routine for us. To make this lifestyle cost-effective, we need to find a coworking cafe that not only pumps us up with creativity but also has some best food offers and discounts.

myHQ with it’s more than 90+ locations across Delhi NCR region has some premium cafes, lounges and restaurants that not only provides you with insta-worthy workspaces, free fast wifi and all other work amenities but also some of the best food offers and discounts – BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) on coffee/ tea, a discounted coworking food menu with 15%+ discount on your bill during coworking hours.

Here’s a list of 10 pocket-friendly coworking cafe that will make you look forward to having a productive workday.


1. myHQ Work Cafes

coworking cafe Tangy House

With myHQ, you can work from 100+ beautiful and creative cafes, coffee shops, and lounges in Delhi NCR. As a myHQ member, you get access to all the work amenities like free 20 Mbps wifi, stationery, comfortable seats with guaranteed plug points, and more. And that’s not all. You also get 1+1 free on tea/coffee and a 15% discount on food.

myHQ work plans are affordable and visit-based with lifetime validity. With one subscription, you can work out of any myHQ work cafe and these visits get deducted only when you use the space.

To make working affordable, you get –

Up to 25% cashback | BOGO on coffee/tea

2. THouse Cafe

workspace Images

If you’re someone who feels productive in a bright, vibrant, and spacious environment, then this cafe is just the right space for you to spend your working days.

This cafe also offers you to work from its open garden sitting arrangement for those days when you feel like soaking the sun and sipping a refreshing cup of iced tea while working.

Apart from proving an awesome space to work from, THouse offers a sumptuous snack menu to take care of the hunger pangs you experience throughout your workday.

To make working affordable, you get –

15% cashback | BOGO on coffee/tea


3. Bruxie

workspace Images

Bruxie in Ambience mall is a rustic-themed cafe that flaunts bricked wall interiors with shades of bright yellow and orange used for the seating.

This cafe is perfect for anyone who is looking for a quiet work cafe that serves delectable food at affordable prices.

To make working affordable, you get –

25% cashback | BOGO on coffee/tea


4. Cafe Soul Garden, Gurgaon

cafes to sit and work in Delhi Soul Garden
Folks in Gurgaon, don’t you worry, we’ve got you covered. If you’re afraid of missing out on great options of cafes to sit and work in Delhi because of inaccessibility, you’ve got quite a few options in the hood as well.

This beautiful coffee house has got you covered with internet accessibility, a beautiful garden cafe (of course, you work inside too!), and the best coffee you need to do your business! Calm and quiet are quite the USP of this place as you will often spot adorable turtles, dogs, and cats wandering around you. You definitely cannot miss this one!

To make working affordable, you get –

10% cashback | BOGO on coffee/tea


6. IHOP (Cyberhub) 

coworking cafe IHOP

When we think of a place for good pancakes the first place we are reminded of is IHOP. There literally cannot be a sweeter place for you to work out of, located in two of Delhi NCR’s bustling regions ie Cyberhub and Saket it is the ideal place for you to have a deliciously productive day. What makes the place even more alluring is it’s discounted coworking menu along with special coworking area and all work amenities like easy plug point access, free wifi etc.

To make working affordable, you get –

15% cashback | BOGO on coffee/tea


7. Social Offline

Social is perhaps one of the best things to have happened to millennials. Each one of their venues is quirky in a different way, with the familiarity of a great menu.

The social outlets offer you the perfect space and amenities to co-work from and become your playground to unwind soon after work.

To make working affordable, you get –

10% cashback | BOGO on tea/coffee and other beverages


8. Wakhra Swaad (Sector 11, Noida) 

coworking cafe Wakhra Swaad

As the name of the work cafe suggests, this place is not just different but has some really wonderful Indian delicacies as well. With fairy lights twinkling from its beautiful white walls this place has a nice and rustic feel to it courtesy of the wooden interiors. Located in Noida this space is one the most pocket-friendly coworking cafe in the Delhi NCR region.


9. Pearl’s Eatery (Green park)

Located in one of the prime locations of South Delhi, this coworking cafe is just perfect for having a productive day of work without any disturbance from the rest of the world. The exclusive work area has all the work amenities that you can require from free high-speed internet to east plug point access. 


10. Tippling Street (Rajouri Garden) 

coworking cafe Tippling Street

It’s located in one of the most bustling areas of West Delhi, this space not only has the perfect work atmosphere with its exclusive coworking floor and all work amenities but also a really great coworking menu that has a very eclectic mix of food items from around the world.



So let go of the hassle of finding spaces to work out that do not hamper your budget. myHQ has more than 90+ locations across Delhi NCR and has many more such amazing coworking cafes with some lip-smacking food and beverage options. Make the smart choice by working from these beautiful spaces by just booking a free day trial.


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