One of the best things to have happened to the world of work in recent years is the mushrooming of coworking spaces. Coworking as a culture has been slowly, yet steadily evolving in India, especially in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai.

This shift towards a more flexible work lifestyle has also resulted in more spaces being curated to match the needs of those who freelance, work remotely or are regular office goers looking for a change of scene. Whatever be your reason for opting to co-work, we’ve got you covered.

While coworking as an option of work is coming up quite intensively in Delhi NCR as a whole, Connaught Place (CP) in central Delhi is one of the most favoured hubs. Location and access are two factors that help coworking spaces in CP thrive.

So what is on the list of top 5 coworking spaces in CP? Take a look:

1) myHQ

coworking spaces in CP myHQ

myHQ is building a chain on work-friendly spaces and with more than 100 coworking spaces and work cafes, it is one of the leading workspace providers in the capital. Also, unlike other coworking players out there in the market, myHQ work plans are very affordable and flexible.

With a single myHQ subscription plan, you can work out of any coworking space at just INR 200/day – no monthly commitment, pay per use model. You even have the option of purchasing a dedicated seat or cabin via them and they guarantee the best price in the market.

Try out myHQ spaces in CP here

2) Innov8

coworking spaces in CP Innov8

Priced slightly on the higher side, but they know what they’re doing. Open 24/7, this energy infused coworking space is the perfect remedy for a productivity or creativity block. High-speed internet, exclusive work zones, power back up and comfortable seatings are the basics and Innov8 has got you more than covered on this.


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3) Darzi Bar & Kitchen

coworking spaces in CP The Darzi Bar

Whoever said coworking had to be done only out of regimented office spaces could never have been more misplaced. The Darzi Bar and Kitchen is one of the best coworking spaces in CP which facilitates a seamless work session during the day and turns into a hip bar for you when you decide to pack work up.

Try this space out and get 1+1 free on tea/coffee and amazing food discounts. Amazing place for client meetings, regular day long work with some serious creativity push.

Book your free day trial here

4) Flyp

This uber cool coworking space is quite the hit amongst millennials who need a casual work setup. The USP of this space is that you can listen to music while working. The urban-chic design of the coworking space with lots of color, quirky designs and comfortable seating make this one of the most sought after coworking spaces in CP.

Book your free day trial here

5) Awfis

coworking spaces in CP Awfis

“Where work meets life” is their tag line, and indeed this coworking space in (not just) central Delhi provides access to a vibrant and efficient work space. Whether you need flexible seats, meeting rooms, cabins or fixed seats – they have all of this and more on offer.

What the evolution of the work culture has taught us is that we need not be chained to our word desks from 9 to 5, with a name tag around our necks, often plunging into an existential crisis due to the utter lack of creativity around us.

The evolution of the coworking culture has brought us closer to making those wild, once impossible dreams come true, and more than anything else, to foster a sense of community. To make it felt that we are not alone in what we seek, but there are other dreamers too.

So the next time you feel like you need a change to get your creativity and productivity going, and meet like-minded people, head over to any of this coworking spaces in CP!

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