Start Coworks – The Affordable 24 Hour Coworking Space In CP

Coworking spaces, the flexible work heavens that allow your team’s creative juices flowing along with seamless productivity, are sensitizing the work culture all across the globe. Working out of coworking spaces solves the cruces of inefficiencies like long travel time, de-motivating work environment and lack of amenities at conventional offices while keeping it pocket-friendly.

When it comes to startups and budding ventures, that cannot procure all the facilities including a stimulating ambience, a network of like-minded individuals and most importantly, the flexibility needed, coworking spaces offer the perfect solution.

As a testament to this highly beneficial platform, there are a number of startups that set sail from coworking spaces and have reached unprecedented heights of success by now. With locations at prominent corporate hubs, working along with seasoned professionals, the coworkers get to network their skills among opportunities lying in wait. To scale your skills or to market them on a broader platform, a coworking space offers exponential growth in the lifecycle of a professional.

Talking of those who can make the most of this, there can be a host of ventures that may reap off benefits from these efficient offices. Also, winning over times like these, when social distancing has become the new normal and a segregated presence of work-force is mandated. Such a facility can ensure absolutely seamless operational flow for your business.

Start Coworks, a name that pioneered and concocted this concept at the right time, is a well-recognised coworking space in Connaught Place, which is the melting pot of all commercial activities in the heart of Delhi. Strategically connected to almost every corner of the city at minutes of drive or a comfortable metro ride, Start Coworks can be the perfect choice for you to expand your business overseas or within the country, as they are open 24×7.

Head out and let the steam off with the colonial charm of CP or unwind with your peeps at the verdant expanses of Central Park, the location of Start Coworks is all things inclusive of work, fun and rejuvenation for your senses. Working at such a perfect location, with world-class amenities, a motivating ambience and while you share the same roof with skilled individuals from almost every domain possible, there’s no limit to new opportunities and unexplored horizons up for grab.


Start Coworks: 24 Hour Coworking Space In CP

Start Cowork - 24 hour coworking space

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From chic wall decor to art deco styled mix-to-match furniture and European cafe inspired architecture, the look and feel of Start Coworks would make for a huge reason to head for work every day. Clandesant yet soothing lights, clubbed with colours speckled around every nook and cranny, there’s not a second dull or drab at this workplace. The dedicated staff would help you slide into this new work environment with a warm smile on their face. Undeniably, there aren’t many workplaces that stand in the race along with Start Coworks in CP.

Adding to the benefits of working at such a space, Start Coworks is also a 24 hour coworking space in CP. May it be for late work hours or for the nocturnal mindsets who start working when the stars light up the sky, the round the clock work option would allow more efficiency to your existing work culture. So get ready to scale your operations to different time zones across the world and never let an opportunity go away at this beautiful and affordable 24 hour workspace.

Those with overseas clients, marketing individuals who work on a tight schedule or business owners running a BPO or call centre, this is the perfect workspace.  Businesses which require operational strength throughout the day would benefit working from this well-cultivated space in CP.



Located in the heart of Delhi, the 24 hour coworking space, Start Coworks has definitely the best connectivity, which makes the commute easier for you and your team.

55, Panchkuian Marg, Bharat Nagar, Connaught Place, New Delhi – 110001 (Get Directions)


Amenities Offered:

Start Coworks offers seamless work experience with premium work amenities. As a coworker, you get everything that your business needs:

  • High-speed wifi
  • Unlimited tea and coffee
  • Access to stationery, printers and scanners
  • Open 24×7 along with strict security
  • Meeting and conference room availability



Start Coworks is definitely one of the most affordable workspaces, given the central location.

Flexible plan: INR 200 per day

Hot Desks: Starting at INR 4499 per month

Dedicated Seats: INR 7999 per month

Private Cabins: INR 8999 per month


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Safety Precautions Against COVID-19

What about hygiene amidst the COVID-19 spread? We took care of it beforehand. To say the least, our spaces are as safe and hygienic as your home, more if not the same. Regular sanitization (after every 3 hours) with hospital-grade disinfectants, coupled with surprise audit checks and strict guidelines for the housekeeping staff to maintain world-class safety and hygiene standards place us higher in the ladder of suitable coworking space in CP during the COVID-19 crisis.

There are several intelligent social distancing measures deployed at our space, we have procured fool proof thermal tracing mechanisms at entry and exits, PPE kits have been arranged, touchless sanitizers are being installed and WHO certified isolation and containment strategies are being inducted for contingencies.

When you come to Start Coworks, the 24 hour coworking space in CP, you know that your safety is the prime concern and your productivity tops our priority always.


So if you’re done working from your home or that dull, de-motivating office space of yours and need a game-changer to upskill and upscale your productivity, then Start Coworks can be your perfect choice. Book a visit today and unleash the best, most creative and more productive side of you to the world.


Q) Is there an affordable 24 hour coworking space in CP?

Yes, Start Coworks is one of the most affordable and safe 24 hour coworking space in CP. It is a perfect choice for BPOs, call centres and businesses who work with international clients with different time zones.

Q) Which is the preferred coworking office for call centre in Delhi?

If you are running a BPO or call centre, Start Coworks should definitely be on top of your priority list. The space, with its 24×7 availability and central location, makes it a preferred choice. It is easy for your employees to commute and the area is safe round the clock. If you are looking for a call centre office space near CP, your search ends here.


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