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When the COVID-19 outbreak struck upon us, the speculations of a new normal came rushing in. In no time, we observed that the world needed a safer, intelligent and completely hygienic workspace solutions.

The need for better work amenities, safer environment and more productive workspaces never really fell short during this time. While work from home seems to be the only viable solution to the much needed strict distancing measures, intelligent and highly hygienic workspaces would still be needed going forward.

Working in the new normal, we felt that this wasn’t a chance to opportunities and reap off the helplessness, but it is our duty to provide for such needs of the community with workspaces that are safer than ever against the COVID-19 spread.

Let’s Connect, one of the finest coworking office space in Noida is leaving no stone unturned to ensure a safe work environment for coworkers.


Let’s Connect: A Safe Coworking Office Space In Noida

let's connect - coworking office space in Noida

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Noida being one of the most prominent corporate hubs in the NCR region, spaces like Let’s Connect are in high demand because of the cost & seating restructuring currently under process in every company. Located in Sector 59, this affordable coworking office space in Noida is seeing great traction from both early-stage businesses and bigger corporations who are looking for smaller distributed workspaces.

Let’s Connect, a premium coworking office space in Noida, is all set to provide the budding ventures and professionals with the much needed productive workspaces. With spaces near to your home and safer than your conventional offices, you can continue with your journey to success even in these harsh times of economic ups and downs.

And remember, only the amenities quantify for a premium grade, the price tag it comes along is still pocket friendly and a fraction of what a conventional workspace would require to be safe enough in the prevailing times.

Website: https://www.letsconnectindia.com/


About Let’s Connect:

Let's Connect coworking logo

It is never the same old day at Let’s Connect coworking in Noida. The bright open space provides just about the perfect setting for workaholics in the city. Brush up and paint your creativity on the canvas or crunch numbers like no one else, you’re in for a more productive and efficient work culture here.

The idyllic location helps those working out of Noida and nearby areas with better connectivity and easy commute, the ambience and the amenities make for better operational strength and the workplace satisfaction works for a better employee life cycle for your team.



Let’s Connect is located in Sector 59, one of the busiest business hubs in Noida. The space is at a walking distance from Sector 59 metro station on the Blue Line extension.

D-41, Sector 59, Noida – 201301 (Get Directions)


Amenities At Let’s Cowork:

From refreshments to daily basics like tea and coffee, and unparalleled office facilities like unaltered high-speed internet, you get it all at Let’s Cowork at Noida, without compromising on your health and hygiene.

a) Coffee and beverages

Enjoy unlimited coffee and healthy beverages to replenish your body while a tiring day at work. A nice brewed coffee works as a reason enough for a number of individuals to be at someplace and which adds substantially to the workability of this coworking office space in Noida.

b) Wifi and connectivity

Another prerequisite of seamless productivity is unaltered high-speed internet and connectivity. At Let’s Connect, you and your team get access to internet services and all the other technology enabling networking needs at a fraction of cost implied by conventional ways.

c) Meeting & Conference rooms

More often, you may need to attend or conduct meetings with your employees, teams and clients. To procure a break free interaction among these, the Let’s Connect Noida offers meeting rooms and conference rooms equipped with video conferencing tools and technology. Over here, we maintain strict social distancing policies and sanitise the entire section after every meeting or conference.

d) Other facilities

Apart from basic amenities, as a coworker, you also get access to printers, scanners, personal drawers and every other small office complementaries. In case you feel exhausted, you can use the recreational area to refuel your mind and body.

e) Parking

At Let’s Connect, there is no dearth for parking space. There is enough space for 4-wheeler and 2-wheeler parking.

f) Multi-cuisine Restaurant

Now, this is a deal-breaker which most of the coworking spaces do not have. Let’s Connect also serves delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, starting at just INR 69.



Let’s Connect is definitely one of the most affordable coworking office space in Noida, with state-of-the-art amenities.

Flexible plan: INR 200 per day

Hot Desks: Starting at INR 4499 per month

Dedicated Seats: INR 4999 per month

Private Cabins: INR 6299 per month

In case you need a serviced office space for you and your team, reach out to Let’s Connect.


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COVID-19 Safety Measures At Let’s Connect Noida

COVID Safety - coworking office space in Noida

Major safety measures have been undertaken at this coworking space in Noida amid the COVID-19 outbreak. From containing the spread to keeping the staff, employees and clients safe from any contamination, a number of precautionary measures have been procured.

a) Regular Sanitization

The first step in the long battle against COVID-19 spread is to properly sanitize all the surfaces, along with regular (hourly) sanitisation of common surfaces with hospital-grade disinfectants. All sanitisation measures are being conducted with WHO guidelines in mind.

b) Sanitizers & Temperature Checks

To ensure the safety of everybody, foot-operated sanitizers have been placed along with disinfecting wipes and toothpicks. The space also ensures body temperature checks at the entry.

c) Realigned Seating

The next pivotal step is to maintain 6ft social distancing at all places. Hence a new alignment of seating arrangement is put into place, keeping in mind the blind spots where people, unknowingly, can come in close contact with each other. Posters and flyers educating employees about other measures have been placed strategically.

d) Containment & Isolation Zones

For medical emergencies and COVID related contingencies, there are special containment and isolation zones set up. Additionally, the staff is being trained on safe isolation practices of patients and those infected with COVID-19. Regular dry runs and drills are conducted to ensure no further contamination is spread from these incidents.

e) Trained Staff With PPE Gears

PPE kits, N95 masks and other protective equipment are provided to the housekeeping staff to prevent further contamination if any. Regular temperature checks and COVID-19 tests are and will be conducted for these individuals to maintain the safety of clients and the coworkers.

f) Touchless Technology

Further, touchless technology is being considered to minimise contamination from common surfaces. Touchless sanitizers, sensory gates and other touchless equipment to minimize human contact with surfaces are being installed at Let’s Connect Noida.


Let’s Connect is working hard to empower businesses by providing them access to affordable and fully-furnished workspaces. From pricing the most competitive numbers to offering the best in class amenities with the safest and hygienic workspace to our clients, they aim to present the new normal in a more productive and stimulative manner.


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