Ever had that one lazy day when working out of your cosy bed or home office isn’t giving you the feels? I guess we do have days like that when we just need to get out and find a change of environment to kickstart our brain. For those lazy days, we put on our investigative gear and scooped up information on some yummy and inspiring coworking spaces in South Delhi.

1. Qahwa

Ah, My heart! That old-school wooden bench vibe going on just makes this one of my favourite coworking spaces in South Delhi. It is the perfect combination of yummy food, calm ambient environment and outdoor seating (winter paradise) and all the basic office requirements. Got to put in those extra work hours? Don’t worry, they’re open till 11 pm.

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coworking spaces in south delhi Qahwa

2. Publiq Bar and Kitchen

Want a chill workspace with coffee away from the fast paced world outside? Head to Publiq Bar and Kitchen in Green Park for a zero disturbance peaceful workday! Created as a place to collaborate and accommodated in the heart of the city, Publiq Bar and Kitchen has an easy going ambiance with natural lighting and plants combined with a well-equipped office space. Add these brilliant podcasts to your entrepreneurial pandora to keep yourself up to date.

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coworking spaces in south delhi publiq

3. myHQ

myHQ has tie-ups with various coworking spaces, cafes, bars etc which provide you with all the basic workspace necessities with exciting deals like discounted co-working menus, free beverages, noise-free work zones etc. myHQ strives to create an ergonomic working environment for the new generation of hustlers where they can brainstorm, connect and create.

myHQ work plans are affordable and flexible – visit based plans with zero security deposit and no monthly rental. With myHQ, you can work from multiple cafes and coworking spaces.

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coworking spaces in south delhi myHQ

4. Wolk Coworking

Wolk has created a space perfect for the ever-growing freelancing and startup culture, from cabins and meeting rooms to individual dedicated seating they’ve got it all. It has well equipped and colourful interiors in prime locations for the modern workforce with good connectivity for easy commute.  Check out this article to help you start your own private limited company.

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coworking spaces in south delhi Wolk

5. 2Tree Coffee

One of the most unique coworking spaces in South Delhi, they do something super cool – when you have a coffee, they plant two trees! Along with being eco-sensitive, they have a beautiful space with two small indoor waterfalls and a soothing ambience. Located at old school PVR Anupam Market, this one is an ideal go-to cafe for all things productive.

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coworking spaces in south delhi 2Tree

6. ArtBuzz Studios

This creatively inspiring bubbling space is the ideal spot for art students and professionals to find a common space to create, innovate and work together. Fashioned with artsy furniture and decor, this place will get your creative juices flowing!

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coworking spaces in south delhi Artbuzz

7. ABL Workspaces

The perfect amalgamation of huge corporate offices and the freedom of freelancing, this workspace is all kinds of right! Created with the view of providing a place for small startups to individuals they have everything from bays, cabins, common spaces and meeting rooms with projectors. Aesthetic and friendly ambience with pocket-friendly deals.

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coworking spaces in south delhi ABL workspaces

8. Wondrous

This clean space provides the perfect reset button for pushing you out of the slump. This Manhattan style workspace with clean white interiors is home to a brand marketing firm whose owner is an exceptional artist and a Creative Director (you might just run into him). All your basic supply needs are sorted here.

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coworking spaces in south delhi wondrous

9. Cafe Untold

A warm and cosy workspace with comfortable armchairs and stocked with basic offices supplies. This place has a specially curated co-working menu along with other offers on food and beverages. Oh! They have a tree growing right in the middle of the cafe.

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coworking spaces in south delhi cafe untold

10. Let’s Cowork

Away from boring cubicles and closed spaces, head to this fun little place overlooking the Hauz Khas lake has brainstorming areas and bays as well, maybe head down to let your hair down after the busy work day! Head here for a seamless work environment with a beautiful view.

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coworking spaces in south delhi let's cowork

We, at myHQ, are always striving to provide that perfect workspace for all kinds of moods and to suit everybody’s needs check out our curated list of coworking spaces in South Delhi and attractive deals for myHQ patrons, Shalom!

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