eCommerce was already changing our lives before the pandemic swept across the globe. Some of the best Ecommerce platforms for startups had begun exploring the promising Indian market. The USP of e-commerce platforms is that with a few simple clicks a consumer can order items of their choice. E-commerce platforms offer the convenience of delivering right at their doorsteps.

Additionally, e-commerce platforms generally offer products at a reduced cost. The costs are low compared to the prevalent market rates. Yet, the changing dynamics of new normal has pushed the scope of e-commerce to get integrated into our daily lives. After the nation-wide lockdown, e-commerce sites became the most reliable and convenient resource. While the fear of community transmission of the virus and strict curfews made conventional commercial enterprises halt, e-commerce platforms for startups and SMEs flourished.


Role of Ecommerce Platforms

Ecommerce platforms play a crucial role. They help in digitizing Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and startups in India. They support in areas such as customer engagement, discoverability, and digital transactions. Research tells that SMEs in India invested 14–16 billion USD on digital technologies in the year 2019. And this number is only expected to increase over the coming years.

Through digitization, SMEs can enhance efficiency by reducing production costs and time. They can meet international quality standards. They can also strengthen their position as competent suppliers for the global market. After entering into a simple vender contract, manufacturers or sellers can sell their products on these platforms. These platforms will help cultivate profit from massive digital outreach.

For instance, Shopify is a Canada-based e-commerce platform that helped vendors set up their online stores. Shopify helped to connect with potential customers. Today, Shopify India has many international business ventures vying for its services, including Raymond, John Jacobs and KYLIE, also to many SMEs.

The future of marketing is going digital, and you can join in this revolution by becoming a part of the e-commerce fraternity.


Here are some of the best Ecommerce platforms for startups and SMEs to sell products:

1. Amazon India

Amazon best ecommerce platform for startups

American e-commerce giant Amazon has an audience reach of 89% in India, according to Statista.

The site generates an estimated 322.54 million monthly visitors. Thus, making it the highest performing site in the country by a long shot and one of the best e-commerce platforms for startups and SMEs.

Besides its range of original products, Amazon is an online selling platform for electronics, fashion, home, grocery, sports, automotive, and more. Amazon makes the process of becoming a vendor very simple. It allows vendors to sell any consumer goods on their website. Amazon also provides them with targeted advertising that can boost their product sales.

A coveted bonus is the global consumer base stemming from Amazon’s presence in over 180 countries. In exchange, a small percentage of the selling price gets charged for the services rendered.

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2. Flipkart

Flipkart best ecommerce platform for startupsFlipkart is THE indigenous e-commerce giant of India. Founded in 2007, Flipkart has since become a burgeoning e-commerce giant with services comparable to Amazon and boasting traffic of 1 billion consumers.

It allows the online sale of most consumer goods on its website, ranging from electronics and home essentials to fashion and beauty. It is gaining huge popularity amongst budding businesses and is definitely the best ecommerce platforms for startups and traditional businesses alike.

Becoming a seller on Flipkart is quite easy. Regardless of whether you have an entire line of products, you can launch your venture on Flipkart. One product and a couple of documents are all it takes to become a vendor, according to their official website.

Similar to Amazon, a seller can advertise their product with ease with help from Flipkart’s team of experts. With a staggering consumer reach and compatibility with the limited product range of startups and SMEs, Flipkart is the best e-commerce platform for startups and SMEs.

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3. Myntra

Myntra online selling platforms

One of the most iconic fashion startups to come out of India. Myntra became the best one-stop online destination for the fashion needs of an evolving Indian consumer base.

Myntra provides an exhaustive catalogue of items for men, women and children, ranging between luxury-wear to loungewear. Becoming a seller on Myntra pays enormous dividends in terms of market statistics and accessibility. Myntra’s in-house team of technicians and experts analyze the latest fashion trends for the entrepreneur.

They also provide sales support, right from managing your store, cataloguing, to end-to-end supply chain management. As a budding entrepreneur, you can focus on your brand and quality, while Myntra takes care of marketing and sales.

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4. IndiaMART

Indiamart free ecommerce platforms

Founded in 1999, IndiaMART is the largest online business-to-business marketplace in the country, with around 60% market share. It is one of the oldest and best e-commerce platforms for startups to list their business & generate leads.

IndiaMART connects manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters via the platform, and covers every possible category, right from construction, industrial machinery, apparel, electronics, to even chemicals, dyes, and solvents.

The biggest advantage of becoming a seller on IndiaMART is the assurance of genuine products and services, verified by their team. This negates the possibility of faulty items being delivered, an issue that persists with conglomerates like Amazon.

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5. Snapdeal

Snapdeal top e commerce site

Snapdeal is a popular online variety shopping platform. While the largest category shopped from Snapdeal is electronics, the online store offers a plethora of product categories, including home and kitchen, fashion, toys, beauty, health, and books.

Selling on Snapdeal is simple. One just needs to register and get their GSTN (a requirement for most e-commerce vendors) and create a product catalogue that they want to market. Snapdeal assists with packaging, shipping and advertising. It also provides low-interest and collateral-free loans to vendors to help them expand their business, making it an ideal platform for SMEs.

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6. BookMyShow

Bookmyshow best ecommerce platform for startups

BookMyShow India is the top online ticket vendor in India. Since its launch in 2007, the platform has expanded to provide ticketing services in five other countries- the UAE, Sri Lanka, West Indies, and Indonesia.

Selling tickets for movies, events, plays, sports, activities, and even monuments, alongside selling fan merchandise, BookMyShow is India’s one-stop juncture to delve into the world of entertainment.

Interestingly, the COVID-19 pandemic has not deterred BookMyShow from conducting business. Though entertainment venues are shut, this pandemic has been a boon for virtual gaming, e-sports and “stay-at-home” activities, which BookMyShow has stepped up to facilitate. To schedule your event on BookMyShow, you must go through their customer service. If you are looking to start an event-management venture or break into the world of e-sports and need a proper audience, BookMyShow is your perfect mentor.

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7. 1mg

sell online on 1mg

1mg is an Indian online selling pharmacy store which aims to make healthcare accessible and affordable for its consumer base. Not only is the site an e-commerce platform to purchase medicine and other healthcare products, but it also acts as an information portal to better understand or verify medication prescribed.

1mg provides a host of services including online consultations and lab tests. As a formidable e-commerce platform, its product range spans across nutrition supplements, healthcare devices, personal care, alongside indigenous medication such as Ayurveda and homoeopathy products. Selling products on 1mg requires strict background checks and many approvals from governmental agencies- which is laudable considering the nature of the products.

However, once the required approvals are gained and the necessary paperwork is done, 1mg provides the seller with a large market base to sell their products to.

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8. Nykaa

Nykaa beauty best ecommerce platform for startups

Nykaa is an Indian-founded beauty brand which has almost created a monopoly and is one of the best ecommerce platforms for startups in beauty segment. The brand had its humble beginnings as an online store selling beauty items across various categories.

Nykaa has since expanded its range, bringing onboard more luxury and exclusive international brands, as well as introducing its very own extensive line of cosmetics and skincare. Beginning as an e-commerce platform, Nykaa went on to open a brick-and-mortar outlet in the Indira Gandhi International Airport in 2015, and many more following thereafter.

To sell your products on Nykaa, you must contact their customer service as they do not have an online vendor apparatus.

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9. Paytm

Paytm best e-commerce platform startups

Paytm is an Indian e-commerce firm that began as an e-wallet and e-recharge service. Over the years, it has diversified into an e-commerce setup, providing its users with a wide array of services.

Paytm users can now use the application to pay their domestic bills, book tickets, and avail a wide array of e-commerce services which include buying and selling consumer goods.

Becoming a vendor on Paytm is an easy 5-step process. This also gives you access to perhaps the largest indigenous e-banking and e-commerce venture to come out of India. Paytm offers several lucrative credit options, including their flagship Paytm Bank services, which are an immense help to startups and SMEs.

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The world was changing long before the pandemic took hold of it. Ecommerce, a concept that was on the rise, might well become the norm in the post-pandemic era, owing to its convenient nature, lucrative services and easy-to-use user interface. Digitization is not going to slow down for us and soon our marketplaces will shift from the streets to websites. Make the right calls and ensure you are in business with some of the best e-commerce platforms for startups and SMEs in the country. And then you will be all set to rock the market.


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