Earn from home: 11 Home Based Business Ideas You Can Try Out This Quarantine

Whenever we think of a business, it’s an image of a building with glass tinted windows and high ceiling that we first see. But do we really need big buildings and huge capitals to start a business? One of the world’s most famous billionaires, Jeff Bezos actually started his bookstore from the garage of his parents- the bookstore we now call Amazon (yes, it sells more than books now) – but that is just one example.


With the massive growth in technology since the last decade, the culture of working from home has not only gained currency but it is also gradually becoming the preferred mode of working. In the Indian market where both capital and office space are in limited availability, home-based business ideas are gradually trending and for good reasons. Keeping aside options like photography, blogging and content writing which we are already familiar with- here is a list of 11 other home based business ideas in India that you can give a shot-


1. Jewellery Making

A convenient business venture that requires little capital as well as space, jewellery making is one of the top trending home based business ideas in India. For the idea to work effectively, it is important to choose your genre-the kind of jewellery you want your brand to reflect. The very concept of jewellery has long grown out of the obsession with precious metals and stones- instead the fast paced world of today opts for materials like threads, textile or even bead work that make for catchy and bright jewellery that not only look chic but also happen to be super affordable, for both those making it and those wearing it. With Instagram and Facebook, promoting your business is another problem you already have solved for you.



2. Pet Kennels

If you have the space for it (and of course, love for animals), consider starting a pet boarding kennel for dogs/other pets. Although slightly exhaustive for a home-based business idea when it comes to capital investment-you would have to invest in accommodation arrangements, toys, medicines and other legal permits-the kennel business is fast booming in India, simply because there is a very high demand for reliable kennels that working professionals can trust with their pets when they leave for that urgent office trip or the long-awaited vacation.


3. Homemade Food Services

A perfect home-based business idea for the Indian market, homemade food delivery service can be a labor-extensive venture, considering that you might need to hire helpers or delivery executives. However, the immense demand for ‘ghar ka khaana’ also makes it very profitable as a service, thanks to the scores of working professionals migrating to other cities who either do not have the time/energy to cook or a taste for the locally available food. You can offer options that suit a wider group of people, supply to a specific community if you have the skills for it, or even take a slightly different route and offer only healthy options for the calorie-conscious millennials.


4. Organic Soap Making

If you are thinking about how you can make money and have fun at the same time, organic soap making is a great home based business idea that will let you do both. The capital investment is not too much apart from sourcing raw materials for the soaps and you also do not need a lot of space. Investing in high quality raw materials will ensure a steady customer base, not to mention that there is already a growing a demand for chemical-free, organic skin care products. You can also experiment with different variants of soap bases such as essential oils and goat milk.


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5. Graphic designing

If creative technology is your forte, graphic design is another trending home-based business idea you might want to consider. The work will largely be online so reliable Wi-Fi and a good computer capable of handling graphics-related workload is an absolute necessity, but that is pretty much all you need. Graphic designing needs creative capacity and involves pretty much everything designing business logos, advertisements or even invitation cards for various events. There are also a considerable number of graphic design courses you can take online to understand how best to maximise your skills, before you decide to launch your business venture.


6. Network marketing

Network marketing/referral marketing is considerably new to India and makes for a very effective home-based business idea since a computer connected to the internet is all the capital you need. It is basically when companies use a network of independent distributors/representatives to promote their products, and such representatives mostly work from home. While this business needs a lot of time and energy in the initial stage- the profits are solid and allows you to set your own hours. You can also set up your own network of sub-distributors or sub-representatives, earning from your direct profits as well as commissions.


7. SEO consultancy

Another convenient home-based business idea if you are well-versed with technology and marketing trends, SEO consultancy promises steady profit considering how every business, big or small, has been compelled to reevaluate their marketing strategies. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in current times goes beyond simply knowing a few keywords to help your ranking- it involves multiple factors to help with the overall performance of the website in question. With the top search engines constantly updating their algorithms, companies needs expert advices on how to improve and maintain their rankings and if you have the necessary skills, it is safe to say that you won’t be running out of a job any time soon.


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8. App Development

It is not difficult to see how app development can be a great home-based business idea for those with the required skillset for it-considering how pretty much every product and service you can possibly think of, has an app for it. While the market has enough competitors, there is always room for growth, in fact surveys note that the mobile app development industry records over 40% growth per year! Opting for online app development courses and scoping out your target areas such the kind of apps you want to develop and the platforms you want to develop them for would also help you to get an edge over your competitors.


9. Stock Market Trading

While this requires a specific skillset, stock market trading has immense potential if you are considering home based business ideas. Stock market operate a lot differently than regular markets, obviously, and if you are not well-versed with the norms- consider investing in online classes to learn the ropes before you jump into it. While the market risks can obviously be a deterrent- this is something you can easily do from home if you possess the required expertise.


10. IT Security Consultancy

As much as internet has helped businesses grow, it has also exposed them to the risks of hacking and other cyber frauds. IT security consultancy is thus a very lucrative business and of course, one that you can do from home – provided that you have the necessary expertise. Data breaches are almost an everyday occurrence in the corporate world and depending on your skillset and reputation, you have a range of options from freelancing for multiple companies on a commission basis to working for specific companies and helping them build cyber resilience as per their requirements


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11. Data Entry

Data entry as a home-based business idea is perfect for almost everyone with basic education and access to a computer. It needs almost little to no capital and minimum skills since all you need to know is how to type. While it can be slightly monotonous, it is a great way to earn money whether you are doing it part time or full time. You can start by working for other agencies and gradually work up to launching your own and hiring freelancers.


We are long past the era where home based business ideas were meant for earning pocket money while people looked for ‘real jobs’ or worse, ‘just a hobby to pass the time’. In times where technology has advanced in terms of light years and there are newer, better ways to put it to use- home based business ideas can effectively be your ‘real job’- not only you will earn more than your pocket money, you will also be earning it doing something you genuinely enjoy- all without the hassle of traffic hours, or the anticipation of salary day!


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Q. On average, how much can I earn money from home? 

A. Depending on the projects at hand, you can earn anywhere from 20k to 1.00 Lacs per month.


Q. What are the common issues people face while earning money from home?

A. From irregular payouts to less security in terms of stability, there are a number of issues that you may face.


Q. People claim to earn thousands in a day while working from home? Is it true?

A. Well, some of these people might be earning a lot of money, however, one should realise that most of these things are fraudulent and to make that amount of money through unconventional modes like remote working, one needs to have a good amount of experience at the same.

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Startup Handbook: Build A Business From Scratch
Get instant access to this ebook on building a business from scratch worth $19 absolutely FREE!
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