11 Fun Online Multiplayer Games To Play With Your Team During Quarantine

Undeniably, online multiplayer games can’t match the time when as kids we all went around the block with our peeps and spent the entire day frolicking and playing games. But given the need of the hour, when people stay indoors, these online team games make for a perfect substitute for outdoor fun.

Even for teams, now that everybody is working remotely, we hardly get time to interact with everybody unless we are working on projects together. These online multiplayer games are a good way to reconnect and have fun at the same time.



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From digital versions of classic board games to iconic names that we grew up playing, this list has it all.

Play these 10 online multiplayer games with friends & colleagues:

1) Psych

online multiplayer games - psych

An online game that’s fun, interactive and revealing, is what Psych is all about.

It’s a combination of 4 games, each on a different theme, wherein you can get to submit answers to anonymous questions along with your friends, check their knowledge on things and which can be spiced up if done right. A game primarily purposed to played on party nights can also be perfect while practising social distancing measures.

Download it here: Google Playstore | Apple Store


2) Tambola

online multiplayer games - Tambola

Most of the Indian households have played this game at get-togethers, family functions, etc.

But the latest online version is equally fun and engaging in the recent events. Enjoyed by all age groups, Tambola, an Indian version of Bingo is one of the best online multiplayer games to play.

Easy, interactive and surprising, Tambola has a distinct niche of followers and fans across the nation.

Download it here: Google Playstore | Apple Playstore



3) Catan- Online multiplayer games

play Catan with friends

The online version of the famous board game is all things fun for all.

Play it with your friends and family or with unknown individuals, you won’t know when it’ll be hours playing the game.

Catan is also a globally acclaimed board game, known especially in the circle of people who like strategy games. Available for free across multiple platforms, this is one of the easiest yet intriguing gameplays ever.

Play it here


4) Angry Birds

online multiplayer games - Angry birds

Angry Birds has come back with a yet another story, new modifications and an online mode, voila.

All you need to do is download game and enjoy the feathery gore all day long. It’s an addiction to say the least, people playing the game get hooked up and never get out of the loop.

So be advised before you get to it, it causes serious detachment issues once you’re on it.

Play it here: Google Playstore | Apple Playstore


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5) Monopoly Online

play Monopoly online

Many of you may know it as Business or Life, but the real deal is Monopoly.

The online version of this widely enjoyed board game is exactly the kind of fun the offline version is.

Make properties, earn rewards, collect rent, and make way through a day’s earning every once you pass across GO, every memory attached to this game is sure to come alive with its Online version. This definitely gets to the list of best online multiplayer games to play with friends and colleagues.

Play it here: Google Playstore | Apple Playstore



online team games - PUBG

Player Unknown’s Battleground or PUBG, has been quite a muse for gamers all across the world.

Browse through any social media, video depositories or gaming channels and you’d find something or the other around PUBG.

From the concept to modifications available, PUBG can be crowned as one of the most frequented online multiplayer games ever. Play, chat, converse and kill, the game allows moreover everything you can think of. Drive a car, a bike or para-glide your way to the target, you won’t ever get bored of PUBG.

Play it here: Google Playstore | Apple Playstore


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7) Mini Militia

how to play Mini Militia

It was quite a rage among online gamers when Mini Militia was launched.

Easy but interesting gameplay for all age groups, this online game is what keeps you going through a day of nothingness.

Sit back and enjoy the game at your place while levelling up the difficulties one at a time, you’ll not feel bored of this even after ages.

Play it here: Google Playstore | Apple Playstore


8) Scrabble

play scrabble online

A game for the love of vocabulary or just for fun, there’s very less a difference while you play Scrabble.

The competitive gameplay makes it one of the top online games to play in 2020.

With online versions available, you won’t even need to head out for a board version, and you can enjoy this with your friends and family from where you are. Play with words or your opponents, it’s fun for all.

Play it here


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play ludo online

This one deserved a podium spot for there wouldn’t be many kids who don’t recognise the word LUDO.

As an amateur a game you may feel it is, it is equally nostalgic and still fun to play even after ages we’ve been doing so.

Sitting pretty at a perfect spot among the top online team games to play, download LUDO King for an online version and enjoy endless sessions with your friends.

Play it here


10) Poker

online games to play - poker

Keeping up with a poker face won’t be a problem here. It’s online and no one can make out your bluff with a digital avatar.

The same madness and fun of playing poker, with the ease of your home and comfort.

Online poker is recently gaining a lot of buzz around the gaming industry as more and more people are getting to it. Play it with real money involved or just for an experience, fun is guaranteed.

There are a lot of online platforms like Pokerbaazi, adda52, Pocket Aces etc where you can start a new table and play with your friends.


These top online games to play would definitely keep you miles away from boredom. So go ahead, download them all and a good time is guaranteed your way.

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